40 Clever Ways to Reinvent Wooden Pallets

Wood pallets are simply amazing. They can be used to build almost anything and are used worldwide for indoor and outdoor projects. With wood pallets, the options that you have are simply limitless and you can be as creative as you want to, it all depends on you.

If you want to initiate the passion of using wood pallets for various DIY projects then the best approach for you is to contact your local hardware store and ask for some pallet stocks. Acquire them and start working without a second of delay. Oh, and before you start working on your latest addictive hobby, check these amazing new ideas in which you can reinvent wooden pallets:

1. Outdoor Three-Piece Setting for Your Balcony or Courtyard

Image Source: chrisandmalissa.com

Want to work on a conscientious project?  There is no better way than creating a setting that can be used on the balcony or in the courtyard.

Even though it will require some extra work but the end product is what you need to strive for. You can use a pallet as the base of the table and another pallet’s halves can be used to make bench chairs.

A recycled wood can be utilized to make the table legs and palings from a spare pallet can be used to fill out empty spaces on the seats and table.

The end result would be a brilliant three-piece outdoor setting complemented with aged pallets. Keep in mind to sand the pallet to avoid any splinters or damage to the wood from external elements.

You can use paint but it is recommended to keep the three-piece outdoor setting raw and untouched.

2. Table Unit for Your Living Room

Image Source: Kuda Photography

If you love drinking coffee in your living room then instead of buying an expensive coffee table, you can stack two to five pallets to make a suitable coffee table height for your living room.

If a pallet-made coffee table for your living room sounds crazy then have confidence in the power of pallets because the end product will be unique and attractive to everyone.

You can also use it to store DVDs and books or whatever you like.

One thing can be said with absolute certainty that pallets can complement any home décor. Let it be contemporary or even a classic style, pallets can give a distinctive and appealing look to any place.

Image Source: TomMarkHenry

If you think that it’ll be too heavy then you can use apple crates – they will be lighter in weight and can achieve the same effect as well.

You have to keep in mind that pallets offer you endless options and this means that you can even use one pallet and prop it up with the help four milk crates (one at each corner).

The best innovative option for you is to use castors on the base of table unit. It’ll make it easier to move the table unit around and also provides a more industrial aesthetic to the living room.

3. A Pallet Wall Facade

Image Source: Amanda Ayres Interiors

The wood paneling trend never really stopped and that is why you can use pallets to provide a rustic look to your wall. Find some distressed and recycled pallet wood (yes, you’ve read it right), it is because you have no idea how much rich and rustic quality they bring to the party with them.

You can add dimension to your wall by keeping the palings as they are or you can also randomly lay them around. While you are at it, you can also create shelf-like sections as well.  Keep in mind that you can achieve desired thickness by simply adding up the palings.

4. Give a New Dimension to Your Bed

How can you do that? Well, by simply reinventing the base of your bed!

It all depends on your decision of extending the base but you can use four to six pallets to provide a needed level base. There is no need to color the pallets and it is best to keep them raw because it can provide a rustic feel to your room. However, you can add colors to space by simply using paint.

In order to ensure that the mattress is protected from the pallets, you can use a foam-like fabric in between the mattress and base.  It will provide essential gripping to avoid any unnecessary movement towards the extended pallet base.

5. Covering the Kitchen Bench

Image Source: Auhaus Architecture

By simply fixing the palings from the pallets in a vertical fashion, you can provide a timber paneling effect to your kitchen bench. You’ll be amazed to see that it is utterly textual, contemporary, and streamlined. You can give a captivating new look to your kitchen by making this slight change.

If you want to make sure that the covering of the kitchen bench is clean and streamlined then simply look for pallets that are of similar color. Another tip of you is to use timber pallets and even though they are not used commonly, they can provide an individual look to your kitchen.

6. A Swing Seat or Freestanding Outdoor Bench in Your Backyard

Image Source: RedAgape Blog

If you are looking for a romantic swing seat for your backyard then there is no better option than a pallet wood made swing seat.

Take a standard pallet and use its half as your swing seat – you can use the other half to fill in the gaps of the swing seat. It is imperative for you to sand the pallet wood to prevent any injury or from outside elements. Make the swing more enticing by coloring it or throwing in some pillows, it is entirely your call.

If you are not that much interested in having a swing seat then you can also use pallets to create an amazing freestanding outdoor bench for your backyard. You can use three to four pallets for the base and some for the back support as well. When you are done with it, buy foam seats, put them on the bench and enjoy a cup of coffee while comfortably sitting on it.

7. Beverage Storage

Image Source: Robin Victor Goetz

This cost-effective way can help you in storing beverages without going through much hassle. You can store drinks and other beverages in the basement by simply making a storage space with pallets.

Stack the pallets on top of each other and store the beverages in the natural spaces of pallets. The end result is a beautiful looking, beverage storage space. You can use this beverage storage in your home, basement or garage.

8. Give Your Wall Shelving a Rustic Look

Image Source: Lucy Call

This has to be one of the best ways you can utilize pallets. Simply split the pallets into quarters and halves to create an amazing looking system of shelving for various objects and decorations. With wall shelves, it is all about how creative you are and how you want to give a finishing look to the ends of shelves. It is best to have a spare pallet because you might need it to fill any gaps etc.

This technique is not only suitable for homes, you can even use it in your shed or garage as well. It is wonderful, pleasing to the eyes and inexpensive technique that requires only your creativity.

9. A Small Pallet Frame to Hang your Memorable Moments of Life

Image Source: Sarah Greenman

A pallet can be used as a feature panel to hang memorable moments of your life on it. You can color it but a raw pallet can give a more countryside look. If you really do want to color it then it is best to dry brush ivory color paint on the pallet. You can also use it for your kitchen to hang important notes or recipes.

10. Build a Shoe Rack

Image Source: Luci D Interiors

With pallets, you can be as creative as you want to be and there are absolutely no limitations to your creativity. Given the fact that pallets can be used in so many projects, why not use it make your own shoe rack.

The pallets are already designed in a way that they provide a great base to hang or keep your shoes. With a single pallet on the wall, you can hang your shoes on it. You can also place the shoe rack in or outside your home.

11. Cushions For A Bed

Image Source: Pablo Veiga

Wood pallet. Introduced in the early 1920s, the humble wood pallet evolved with the forklift, making it easier to hoist goods. And while they’re still used as intended today, they can also be repurposed to elevate a mattress or cushions for a bed or sofa.


Image Source: Emma Lewis

Just add wheels – Create your own coffee table from an old pallet. Try places such as hardware stores and builders’ merchants or online sites such as Gumtree to pick up pallets for free. Then simply sand, wax or paint, and add wheels. Here, a pallet coffee table makes a quirky centrepiece in an elegant living room.

All in all, it can be said with certainty that pallets offer you endless options to test your creativity. Give a new dimension to DIY by using pallets for so many inspiring projects. Needless to say, you can give a characteristic look to your home by simply using pallets.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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