Where Can I Hide My Laundry Area?

Laundry areas are often overlooked in the design department, but with creative thinking and space planning, yours can put the fun back in functional. Whether it’s located in the kitchen, the bathroom or another room of the house, you can have an efficient laundry zone without having it on display.

Here are 10 smart places to hide a washer and dryer in your home while ensuring that they will be accessible when you need them.

1. In a colorful closet

Gorgeous design your laundry room #laundryroomDesign Harmony

2. In a corner

Super design my laundry #laundryroom
Midori Yoshikawa Design Grou

3. In a workroom

Budget-Friendly decorating your laundry room #laundryroom Dream House Studios

4. In a kitchen

Unique decorating laundry room shelves #laundryroom
Tyrrells Architects

5. Behind a bookcase

Best decorating laundry room colors #laundryroom
Lindy Donnelly

6. In a shared space

Pretty dark grey bedroom #laundryroom

7. In a nook

Amazing undefined #laundryroom
Terracotta Design Build

8. In a hallway

Beautiful country bathroom colors #laundryroom
Adams + Beasley Associates

9. Next to a kitchen

Cool compact laundry room ideas #laundryroom
Provincial Kitchens

10. In a bathroom

Awesome closet laundry room design #laundryroom
NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design

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