9 Ways to Create a Kid-Friendly Living Area

When it comes to creating a space well-suited to both children and adults, safety and practicality are both top priorities. There is, however, no need to forgo the interior look you love to make your home kid-friendly.

Take a look at these inspiring rooms for tips on how to strike the perfect balance.

1. Built-in storage

Built-in storage
Lisa Burdus Interior Design

2. Versatile seating

Versatile seating
Katie Martinez Design

3. Baskets galore

Baskets galore
CK Architects

4. Luxe touches

Luxe touches

5. Crafty corner

Crafty corner
Klopf Architecture

6. Fun factor

Fun factor
Studio Stamp

7. Extra-long sofa

Extra-long sofa
Horton & Co. Designers

8. Rounded corners

Rounded corners
Nexus Designs

9. Easy-clean surfaces

Easy-clean surfaces
Andrew Howard Interior Design

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