9 Different Types of Outdoor Fire Features

If you’re looking for a stunning method to warm your backyard enjoyable space, this overview will certainly help you select the best outdoor fire attribute for you.

Outdoor Fire Features Purchasing Overview

An outdoor fire pit, dish, column, or various other feature is a great way to warm your outdoor space in nights and during the chillier winter season.

These lovely features likewise offer a great area for good friends to collect and interact socially. Sit in a circle on your outdoor patio, have a few drinks, roast up some marshmallows, and indulge in the heat releasing from your stylish home heating feature.

As a result of the variety of options readily available, we have actually taken the time to damage each down private feature carefully, listing its advantages and disadvantages.

We check out pits, bowls, columns, as well as tables along with chimineas, outdoor fire places, patio heating units, and also more to help you select the ideal one for your home.

1. Fire Pits


The most preferred type of outdoor fire function is definitely a backyard fire pit.

Fire pits literally come in practically any form, size, and style you could visualize. DIY versions look much like a campfire while high-end, ready-built models are the peak of luxury.

Several DIY pits are developed over ground with rocks. The stones are placed in a circle and also the fire is developed inside. This develops a timeless campfire look.

Naturally, you could take the campfire want to a brand-new level with high-end structure products. Rare and exotic stones keep the traditional appearance while offering it an air of sophistication.

One more Do It Yourself option is to construct an in-ground pit. Think about this like a paved patio room with a hole in the middle for a fire.

Lowes provides a detailed guide on how to construct a fire pit.

Not interested in a DIY pit? The good news is, your choices for pre-fabricated fire pits are virtually endless. These span the range from rustic to modern-day style, from budget plan to developer rates.

Nearly all of these designs are developed for aboveground usage. While some are set up in one location completely, the substantial bulk are portable.

Steel is the most common building and construction material. Not only is it sturdy against regular deterioration, yet it also holds up well to high warm as well as is rust immune. Cast iron, stainless-steel, and also copper are the best selections.

The traditional gas type for a backyard pit is timber. Alternatives besides wood-burning currently consist of propane, gas, charcoal, bio-ethanol, as well as gel. Totally electrical models are additionally offered.

Keep your desired use in mind when checking out your choices. In addition to giving heating, your pit could serve as an area to grill tasty food.

Many thanks to the substantial range of fire pit currently offered, you need to additionally have the ability to find one that matches your outdoor design. These features are just as much regarding fashion as they have to do with feature.

2. Fire Bowls

Eldorado Rock

The distinctions in between a fire pit and a bowl are minor, yet they’re big sufficient to classify each feature separately.

While a pit is normally developed right into the ground or with a ring around an above-ground area, a bowl is extra like a mobile metal dish improved legs that a fire is built inside.

The easiest means to consider it resembles a bird feeder. The bowl is the bird feeder. Other than rather than water, you build a fire in it. And rather than feeding birds, you’re heating up the room around it.

The chief advantage of a fire dish is its transportability. They have the tendency to be much smaller and more light-weight than pits.

Move your dish from place to area as needed. This is particularly useful in an area with exceptionally cold winters months. You can quickly save your dish in your shed or garage instead of leave it outside to face the elements.

Like pits, the style of fire bowls is very variable. Many layouts are offered, from standard or rustic to modern or modern-day.

A just as large series of options is available for fuel type. While some bowls shed wood, the majority are powered by gas or gas.

Fire bowls work in locations with policies that limit pits or outdoor fire places. Due to the fact that they’re self-contained, they’re normally able to obtain around a lot of laws, also a few of those established by property managers.

That does not mean you ought to use them without caution though. Wood-burning bowls, in particular, could be unsafe. Never ever leave your own unattended as well as constantly utilize a screen to limit the variety of sparks and also embers launched.

Look for a fire dish that matches your outdoor furnishings, design, as well as landscaping for a cohesive backyard appearance.

3. Fire Columns


A fire column is an additional distinct outdoor fire feature that integrates the most effective qualities of pits as well as bowls into a trendy bundle.

As the name implies, this function is simply a column with room on top of a fire. Like bowls, most columns aren’t timber burning. They’re powered by propane or gas rather.

A fire column is very just like a dish. The only actual distinction is the form. Bowls are generally round while columns are usually square or rectangular.

Columns have the additional benefit of a slim design. They use up much less room compared to a bowl, so they’re best for small patio areas.

A lot of fire columns are created from timber or stone products (with the exception of the interior which is steel). This enables you to add an authentic, natural aim to your yard area.

Unlike pits as well as bowls, most of columns are designed for home heating as well as design just. They’re not the most effective option for barbecuing or food preparation food.

4. Fire Tables

The Outdoor Great Space Business

One of the most distinct types of outdoor fire features is undoubtedly a fire table.

These specially made tables are created with both function as well as fashion in mind. They’re entirely useful as a table while additionally offering the home heating advantages of a fire pit.

The center of among these tables contains a tiny fire, usually gas powered or electrical (and also nearly never ever wood burning).

The little fire gives plenty of heat while the table around it is a great location to establish products.

You have a lot of various choices when it pertains to fire tables. They range from end tables to coffee tables to eating tables to bar tables.

Select the type that ideal matches your demands. Bear in mind that the smaller sized the table, the extra mobile and also simpler to relocate will certainly be.

Possibly the most significant advantage of this style of table is its form. The fire at the facility of the table is a centerpiece which draws in everyone’s eyes.

These tables are offered in an endless range of styles. Though rustic as well as typical models could be discovered, the huge bulk seem to be developed in the modern-day or contemporary style.

A fire table is a best means to blend fashion as well as feature in your outdoor home entertainment area.

5. Chimineas


You have actually probably seen a chiminea before, but you might not have actually known exactly just what it was.

Spanish for smokeshaft, these special fire features are frequently seen across Mexico along with in the American Southwest, though they’re lately becoming popular all over else.

Typically, chimineas were created from terracotta. Versions built with this initial material are still available, though those made with modern products (particularly steel) are currently far more typical.

The objective of a chiminea is much the same as other fire attribute: to provide warmth for those kicking back it.

The distinction is that chimineas look like a fireplace. In other words, the real fire is covered with only a small opening in the smokeshaft.

This protected style not only maintains rainfall from dampening the fire, but it likewise makes the most of the amount of heat generated. The open front door of a chiminea helps guide this warmth right out into the resting area.

Better yet, the chimney on a chiminea directs smoke from the fire upwards. Unlike with regular backyard fire pits, your visitors won’t ever be directly in the smoke’s means.

The encased nature of chimineas also makes them the safest option. They’re terrific for residences with youngsters and also pets (although safety precautions need to still be taken).

Many chimineas are still wood burning. The most effective sorts of timber to utilize are hickory, mesquite, and also cedar, although any kind of type can be used.

If you’re not a follower of the wood burning selection, gas and lp powered chimineas are also offered.

Like any other sort of fire function, an almost countless selection of chimineas are sold. A lot of still look rather conventional (assume American southwest design), yet you have a lot of alternatives for dimension and also sort of materials.

One last point to keep in mind about chimineas is they’re not made for cold weather use. If your location gets very chilly in the wintertime, it’s ideal to keep your chiminea in your garage, shed, or basement.

6. Outdoor Fireplaces


An outdoor fireplace is best for you if you want the high warmth output of a chiminea, the open fire of a fire pit, and also the utmost in security and also cleanliness.

Very much like an interior fireplace, the major difference between the outdoor and also interior selection is merely the location.

In addition to its outdoor location, an outdoor fire place should additionally be weather immune. Also those developed underneath a covered patio location must be designed to stand up to considerable temperature level variant along with direct exposure to extreme elements like rainfall and also snow.

When it pertains to outdoor fireplaces, you normally have 2 options. You could opt for a built-in fire place or a portable fireplace.

An integrated fireplace is, as its name indicates, built-in to your outdoor location. It’s created to stay in one place permanently.

The built-in selection should be built by a professional. DIY construction as well as setup are feasible, but the fact that they’re often constructed from square one indicates a specialist touch is called for.

A mobile fireplace, on the other hand, doesn’t require installment. Simply take yours out of package, location it where you want it to be located, and you’re good to go.

This way, portable outdoor fireplaces are quite just like fire pits and also bowls. The major difference is that they tend to be enclosed.

Still an additional alternative for an outdoor fireplace is an insert. If you have an old wood burning outdoor fire place, you could modernize it with a gas or propane powered insert.

Styles of outdoor fire places differ significantly. If yours is constructed from the ground up, you could tailor it to your details choices.

Pre-built variations are readily available stylishly ranging from tidy, streamlined, and straightforward to ornate as well as embossed to simple and traditional.

Particular outdoor fireplaces are likewise offered in tabletop variations. Unlike real fire tables, the fireplace isn’t built into the table. Instead, it’s a separate item that’s established on top of the table to give warm for guests.

7. Outdoor Patio Heaters

Though not technically an outdoor fire feature, patio area heating units accomplish similar point.

A patio heater is a tool that produces warm for an outdoor enjoyment space. Countless models are available, consisting of those that rest on the ground in addition to wall-mount, ceiling, as well as tabletop versions.

Acquiring a patio area heating unit offers all the home heating benefits of a fire without a real flame. They’re mobile, power reliable, and also extremely safe.

Actually, the majority of portable heaters featured built-in security features. For instance, they have a button that shuts off immediately if the tool topple, preventing severe emergencies.

Though patio heating units were when eye sores, today’s versions are beautiful. They’re available in a range of dimensions that fit virtually every size and design outdoor room.

8. Fire/Water Features


If you want an attribute that few other people have, it’s worth taking into consideration a mix fire and also water function.

These features usually combine a little fire place with a small water fountain. The water fountain has no real benefit besides adding a touch of classy style.

Of course, a fire/water attribute will work as the centerpiece of any outdoor space. Include one to your outdoor patio and also it makes certain to be a visitor fave at your next backyard celebration.

Fire/water kits are additionally offered that allow you to transform a fire place or pit you already have a fire/water combination.

9. Campfire


Wish to get the exact same home heating advantages of other outdoor feature without investing all that loan?

Take into consideration a plain old campfire. Collect some huge rocks, position them in a ring, as well as remove a little hole in the middle.

That’s all there is to it– you currently have your personal fire pit! Sure, it’s rustic, but it finishes the job and also has the rustic setting of the outdoors.

A. Style Options

Multiple design choices enable you to personalize your outdoor fire attribute to your choices.

Though we briefly went over several of the above, it’s worth entering into design, materials, dimension, as well as fuel type in slightly even more information.

Remember to think of the style as well as decor of your yard when looking at features to discover one that functions finest for your outdoor room.

Here are the most essential style factors to think about:

  1. Design— One of the most typical designs of outdoor features include traditional, rustic, modern, modern, Victorian, as well as southwest.
  2. Materials— The majority of outdoor features are built from material for their fire-resistant buildings. Usual types consist of cast iron, stainless steel, as well as copper.
  3. Size— Outdoor features range in size from tiny hanging patio area heaters approximately full-blown wall-sized outdoor fireplaces.
  4. Fuel Type— Wood burning, lp, natural gas, ethanol, gel, and also electrical are the most common power sources.

If you cannot locate a function that matches your demands or choices, remember that tailored options are available.

Though they set you back far more than a pre-built feature, you could customize them, so they look as well as execute specifically just how you such as. This course is most usual with outdoor fireplaces yet can be taken with any type of function.

Along the same lines is constructing an outdoor fire attribute yourself. Purchase the private parts, no matter the kind of feature you’re building, and also assemble them specifically just how you such as.

B. Outdoor Fire Accessories

Outdoor fire accessories can boost the style, function, as well as safety of your outdoor attribute. The best products to utilize consist of:

  1. Tools— Pokers, food preparation grates, marshmallow skewers, wood trainers, and tongs are all tools that assist you enjoy your yard fire.
  2. Display— A metal display is crucial for any type of wood-burning attribute. It prevents embers and ashes from leaving the function.
  3. Pads— Area a sturdy fire pad beneath your feature to prevent damage as well as to raise safety and security.
  4. Racks/Carriers— Area visit a rack or service provider so you can conveniently include them to your wood-burning function.
  5. Covers— Cover your function with a sturdy weather-resistant cover when it’s not in use.

Of course, a fire feature by itself isn’t really much fun if you need to loaf it. Purchase a fire-resistant rug and also some fire resistance outdoor patio furniture to spice up your outdoor enjoyment area.

C. Fire Safety And Security

No matter exactly what type of feature you’re using– you have to treat it with caution.

Basic fire security is necessary to secure your house as well as household. This begins with common sense: get rid of all potentially flammable products from near the function. Ensure to stay alert the whole time a fire is melting.

Fire safety extends past wood-burning features to those powered by gas, natural gas, and even electrical power.

Any function that fumes throughout usage postures a prospective hazard. Guarantee that nothing is touching the gadget that could catch on fire.

Maybe essential, do not position your function underneath a low-hanging branch or deck roof covering. Guarantee it’s likewise at the very least 10 feet (otherwise 25 feet) far from any framework.

Environment Information has a wonderful source on backyard fire security.

D. Installment

The difficulty of installing your outdoor fire features depends upon the specific attribute that you got.

As an example, an integrated outdoor fire place is a lot more challenging as well as taxing to set up compared to a mobile fire pit.

Keeping that said, the majority of today’s fire features are pre-fabricated. They come as a single item (or a handful of conveniently set up pieces).

All that’s needed to “set up” them is to slap these pieces together. After that position the feature in the area you want it, as well as you’re good to go.

The only type of feature that likely calls for specialist installment is an outdoor fireplace. If you opt for a built-in model, anticipate to invest hundreds of dollars hiring a specialist to do the job.

Luckily, most other models are ready to go right out of the box. Practically anyone can set up one of these without help.

E. Cost and Spending Plan

The cost of acquiring as well as installing an outdoor fire feature differs wildly depending upon the scope of the project.

The very first aspect to consider is the type of feature. These array from under $100 all the way up to $1,000 and more.

Mobile electrical features are least expensive. They are additionally power efficient, conserving you much more money in the future. Patio heaters are an excellent alternative here.

Fire pits and bowls frequently set you back a couple of hundred bucks ahead of time. They’re additionally very power efficient, paying themselves off in the long run. Apart from the cost of wood, the wood-burning versions are extremely cost effective.

One of the most pricey mobile function is undoubtedly a standard chiminea. These are handmade from terracotta, thereby their high cost.

Of course, every kind of function has both spending plan versions as well as high-end models. Luxury versions that include high-end materials set you back much more than budget plan designs. The very same chooses tailored features.

With that said said, Fixr.com approximates the ordinary expense to mount a fire pit is $700. They note the typical range from $300 right approximately $1,500 as well as higher.

Regarding price goes, the outright most pricey choice is an outdoor fire place. Also portable versions consistently cost between $500 and $1,500 (installment not consisted of).

Built-in long-term fire places cost much more. These usually call for professional installment (unless you’re a very knowledgeable DIYer with a lot of devices).

Anticipate to pay a minimum of $1,500 for a professional to install an outdoor fireplace. However, ImproveNet mentions you’re more likely to pay someplace in the ball park of $5,000.

State-of-the-art outdoor fire places have the tendency to kick back $10,000 to $15,000. It’s easy to invest even more, harmonic to $20,000 or $25,000, for a personalized fireplace though.

Simply put, there’s an outdoor fire function to fit all budgets. Establish a budget you fit with beforehand and afterwards consider features that match your cost variety.

You’re sure to locate a version that satisfies all your needs without damaging the financial institution.

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