7 Tips To Put Your Attic In Play As A Game Room

Whether you want to host family game nights or entertain guests with a rousing game of ping-pong, a game room is a great place for letting loose in your home. If you feel like your home’s layout doesn’t have the space for this room, there could be a place you’ve overlooked: the attic. A transformation on your top floor may be the right way to provide your home with the game you’ve been looking for.

Follow these professional tips to get your attic off the sidelines and onto the playing field.

1. Mix up the lighting

Amazing video game room ideas for small rooms #attic #gameroom
Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

2. Forgo hardwood floors

Beautiful game room pictures and ideas #attic #gameroom
Deepdale House LLC

3. Don’t feel like it needs to be fancy

Cool game room ideas for apartments #attic #gameroom
Pamela J. Jenkins Architect P.C

4. Create a focal point with a feature wall

Awesome game room ideas for toddlers #attic #gameroom
Vicente Burin Architects

5. Simplify your color scheme

Inspiring game room ideas for business #attic #gameroom
Dewson Construction Company

6. Equip it with ample storage

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Barn Light USA

7. Expand light by opening the stairway

The best game room art ideas #attic #gameroom
Jacob Lilley Architects

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