9 Tips for Getting a Dining Room Rug Just Right

Finding a dining room rug that is both practical and stylish is no easy feat. Fluffy pile can permanently trap every crumb from the table. Too-small rugs can trip up chairs.

But a good rug can bring color, texture, warmth and style to the dining room — making the hunt well worth the effort. Read on for 10 tips for choosing the just-right rug for this hardworking room.

1. Pick a flat weave or short pile rug

Amazing wooden dining table designs photos #diningroom #livingroom
Sutro Architects

2. Match rug shape to table shape

Beautiful white dining table decor ideas #diningroom #livingroom
Kyle Schuneman | Live Well Designs

3. Look at the larger space

Cool white dining room furniture #diningroom #livingroom

4. Feel before you buy a natural fiber rug

Awesome white dining room decor #diningroom #livingroom

5. Choose easy-clean materials

Inspiring white dining room #diningroom #livingroom
Logan Killen Interiors

6. Avoid light hues

Great white centerpieces for dining room table #diningroom #livingroom

7. Try carpet tiles

The best what to put on dining room walls #diningroom #livingroom
SHED Architecture & Design

8. Match rug shape to room shape

Check what to put on dining room table for decoration #diningroom #livingroom
Leverone Design, Inc.

9. Err on the side of too big

These what to put on dining room table #diningroom #livingroom
allee architecture + design, llc

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