Tiffany Lamp Shade

The name Tiffany lamp was coined from the inventor of the lighting equipment. His name was comfort Louis Tiffany and his Style was a lamp designed with glass shades. Following his invention, many interior decorators and homebuilders soon began to demand for then especially after the first batches were sold.

Tiffany lamps were first introduced in the 19th century but ever after more than loo years, the lamps are still very much in vogue.  Today we have several types of Tiffany lamp shades. That appeal to many people. A list of them is highlighted below.

Galicia 16 inch Tiffany Table Lamp


This Tiffany lamp has a total height of 28 inches including its shade but when with its chain, it can be extended up to 46 inches (116m). It can accommodate up to two sixty-watt bulbs for maximum illumination. It comes with a dark brown base which complements the colour of the shade.

The dark brown base is a metal alloy which means it has the tendency to last for a very long time without getting spoilt. The Price of the lamp shade varies depending on the point of purchase. However, be aware that it is cheap and commands great respect in any home where it is found.

Tiffany Galatia lamp shade is best applied on a dining table or hung on the ceiling when it is intended to be the major source of light. Tiffany Galicia light can be ordered any time of the year for prompt delivery to any part of the world.

New Bankers Lamp Tiffany Table lighting


This is an extremely affordable light Shade from Tiffany. It has a height of 42 cm (17 inches and a diameter of 10 inches or 25 cm. The bulb that is recommended for this one is 40 watts. The shade is made of glass material while its base has a metal alloy or an antique bronze finish.

The Tiffany Table Lighting has what it takes to make your table look nice it is the ideal thing for decorating tables at dinner nights. The banker’s table lamp also comes in different shapes and designs and their prices are also affected by this.

Several bankers lamp shares try to look like the original by following the first design which was made with a green shade. The shade is frequently found among piano players and in arts galleries.

This means that major universities and music enthusiasts across the globe understand its value and therefore place large orders of it regularly. Even when it is not equipped with a bulb to give its light, the lamp on its own is a beautiful piece that can be used to improve home decoration.

Memphis Dragon Fly 16 Inch Tiffany Lighting Table Lamp


This lighting table lamp is 23 inches in height and 16 inches in diameter. These correspond to 58 and 40 centimetres respectively. It has a space for two 60W bulbs and providing such makes it work at its maximum efficiency. The material used in making the shade is glass.

One can obtain this piece of equipment for about 140 pounds while some others of the same species cost much less than this. It all depends on the design of Memphis Dragon fly lamp shade you are buying. The shade lamp offers more than its purchase value and you can easily see that by merely touching it.

The body is made of unique material and one may not hesitate to call it a medal unless he is very close to it. It has a support base where it is enabled to stand on a side stool. Placing it at the dining table at night over a meal creates a nice environment for friendship.

If you would like to have the Memphis Dragonfly 16 inch lamp, it will be nice to order from only trusted companies or websites because it is possible to obtain fake ones since many people are in a rush for it. It will be a nice gift item for your loved one as you also approach the New Year.

Tiffany Glass Base Table Lamps


The glass base table lamps have a support that is made of glass. There are over 21 different designs of this lighting equipment so buying one today does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy another the next day. In fact, the beauty of having the glass base lamp is in having more than one of it as purchasing more means having more items for beautification.

One of the glass base Tiffany light is called Aztec Glass base lamp. Aztec has a length of 60 cm (24 inches) and a diameter of 14 inches (36 cm). They come in different capacities as well.  You can see some supporting up to 120W and another supporting only 40W.

Each of the different types has its use and importance. It will be awful to set the 120W lamp on a dining during a dinner date instead of the 40W type. Similarly, the living room would look better with the 120W type if it is large because of the need to illuminate it properly. Kids will also need a well illuminated room to be able to read and perform some basic functions as well.

Tiffany Figurine Lights


These are a wide range of Tiffany lamp shades that are designed in animal shapes.  If you want to give your room a unique appearance and make it look much different from your neighbor’s, this one is exactly the kind of thing you need. The Tiffany lamp shades come in the form of frogs, horse, parrot, puppy, owl, swan and different species of butterfly including Acros butterfly, Jaen butterfly and Amante butterfly.

If you have a dog at home, you may also want to surprise it by buying the puppy Tiffany Table Lamp. The parrot table lamp comes with a unique stand to make it real; like a parrot standing on a branch. It has a height of 16 inches (40 cm), a diameter of 7 inches (18 cm) and a shade material made of glass. It can support lighting up to a maximum of 40 W. The parrot Tiffany Table Lamp is a beauty to behold at night. Set it at one of the corners in the room on a small round table and feel the quality of a unique lighting.

Tiffany Ceiling Lamp Shades


The Tiffany ceiling lamp shades are hung to the roof of the building. Even after getting some of the other Tiffany brands, buying this one for the roof still makes sense so as to give your room a complete design that you are worthy of.

Tiffany has made hundreds of the ceiling lamp shades in different designs so it is easy for you to find one that will give you the effect you want. An example of these popular brands is the Hampshire Tiffany ceiling lights which is made of glass shade. The diameter of this shade is 16 inches while its height is 20 inches.

The height is not so much so as to prevent a situation where one’s head touches it. To make up for the downside, the shade is equipped with two spaces for carrying 60W bulb. You can adjust the height of the equipment by using the adjustable chain.  Hampshire also has a smaller brand known as the Semi Flush Ceiling Fitting. This one is designed to fit into rooms with lower roofs as we can see in its short height of 13 inches. Instead of glass, the semi flush lamp shade’s material is made of an alloy metal.

Tiffany Wall Lamp Shades


The Tiffany wall lamp shades is designed to maximize space in the living room. It also minimizes the cost of buying tables since there is no base for it to rest on them. As soon as you switch on the lights, you would love the wonderful appeal you see coming from the wall. It does not require much to set up and they are even among the cheapest Tiffany collections.

Because of their position on the wall, you can be sure of less home accidents and the children will have less access to it since it will be placed at a height above the ground. The wall light shades are available in more than fifty designs. You can have a view of them at most stores selling Tiffany lighting accessories.

One of the least expensive ones is the Valentine Tiffany Wall Light, which stands at a height of 7 inches and a diameter of 12 inches. It produces lighting up to 60W through its glass shade.

Tiffany Floor Lamps


The Tiffany floor lamps need no base like chairs or tables before they can work. Once you buy it, it is easy to set on the floor and light it. It is recommendable where adults live because children may be attracted to the effect especially when nobody is watching them. They come in different styles and designs, and as you would expect, some come looking like plants and flowers. An example of the plant-like designed lamp shade is known as Southwark Tiffany Floor Lamp.

It has a height of 66 inches and a diameter of 16 inches. The shade is made of glass and it houses two bulbs of 60W capacity each. Southwark design itself has up to three different categories in its design. The green coloured lamp shade makes the room look like a small garden especially when two or more are places at strategic points.

As you can see, Tiffany floor lamps have higher heights than the other type. This is because it is expected that the lights should be high above every other gadget in the house which may be capable of obstructing light rays from it.

Replacements for Tiffany Lamp Shade


Tiffany Company understands that there may be need for owners of Tiffany products to look for replacement of their shades. This is much cheaper than buying a new set.

Edmond Tiffany shade light for example has its shade for quick and easy replacement assuming its original shade gets damaged. The quality of the two is still the same since they both come from the same company. The shade is also made of glass and measures 40cm in diameter.

Tiffany Chandelier Shades


The Tiffany Chandelier lights have more than one shade. The shades are cup like and may come in the same or different colors to create a perfect effect in the room. Some of them are designed to look like dragon fly, measuring a height of about 48 inches. This long height means that it is more suitable for rooms with high ceilings since they are designed to be hung on the ceiling.

With its adjustable chain however, you can reduce the height to about 20 inches. The 3-arm chandelier has three shades to carry three 60W lamps. The shades on each arm are made of glass.


Lamp shades are important for any household. Lamps that glow without shades are dangerous to the eye and cause eye disorder under prolonged exposure since the light rays are concentrated on the eye. However, with light shades, only a fraction of it is allowed to reach the eye.

This does not in any way prevent proper illumination in the room. To buy a good lamp shade, it is necessary to inspect the material used in making it. Make sure you are buying shades that are transparent enough to let light rays pass through them

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