These 10 Things Make Life With Kids Easier

From wrangling backpacks and finding lost shoes before the morning school run to the last kiss at bedtime (and just one more drink of water), life with kids is an adventure.

We can’t prepare for everything, but these 10 small changes can make the time spent at home with our kids a bit easier.

1. Leave washable art supplies within reach

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Susan Brunstrum of SWEET PEAS DESIGN INC

2. Stash kids’ books in the dining room

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3. Invest in adjustable stools

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4. Clear out a “scooter alley.”

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5. Designate a temporary art display space

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Carl and The Wolf

6. Instead of wainscoting, try a kid-height chalk wall

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7. Hang a big wall clock to keep the family running on time

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8. Put a little table in the living room

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9. Install a second row of wall hooks

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10. Choose carpet tiles

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