The Transformative Power of Ceiling Trim

We often overlook the ceiling as a place to trim, most likely because we tend to think of the ceiling as something out of sight as we focus on the surfaces directly ahead of us: the walls. But adding some trim to a ceiling can provide a whole new dimension and structure to a room. It can reinforce a focal point, add rhythm and modulation, provide a surface to introduce color and so much more.

And the addition of some ceiling trim can be an economical way to change the character of a room. If you’re a do-it-yourself type with some carpentry and finishing skills, you can add ceiling trim for just a few hundred dollars in materials. If you’re not that type, it’ll cost you more to hire a skilled tradesperson, but the minimal investment will go a long way in making your home special.

1. Park Hill House

Amazing trim between ceiling and wall #decor #indoor #ceiling
Francis Dzikowski Photography Inc.

2. Showhouse Butler’s Pantry

Beautiful beadboard ceiling trim #decor #indoor #ceiling
Carla Aston | Interior Designer

3. Lake Norman Residence

Cool should ceiling and trim be same color #decor #indoor #ceiling
Harrison Design

4. Vallejo Street Highrise

Awesome ceiling support box trim #decor #indoor #ceiling
Design Line Construction, Inc.

5. Western Run-hall to master suite

Inspiring suspended ceiling bulkhead trim #decor #indoor #ceiling
HBF plus Design

6. Powder Room

Great trim ceiling fan blades #decor #indoor #ceiling
dSPACE Studio Ltd, AIA

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