7 Sophisticated Blues for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Despite the predominance of white as the favorite color for kitchen cabinets, you can also use blue to evoke an aura of balance in a seemingly dark or neutral kitchen.

Color blue offers a diverse array of shades that can make your kitchen elegant while still delivering a perfect combination of neutral surfaces in white, metal or wood.

The vast array of blue hues can change a traditional or modern kitchen into a melting pot of the home with contemporary features. Here are seven blue colors recommended to give your cabinets a stylish makeover.

1. Navy

Amazing blue kitchen appliances australia
Image Source: By Workshop Wills + Architects

Why it’s effective: Navy blue is a classic and elegant choice that goes perfectly with kitchen cabinets, especially when combined with white countertops. The rich contrast gives the navy cabinets an elegant appearance that makes your whites even more elaborate.

Beautiful blue kitchenaid food processor
Image Source: By Tom Howley Kitchens

On cabinets: Navy is particularly excellent for kitchen island cabinets. The rich color provides an anchor for the space, helping to create a center of attraction in a white-dominated kitchen.

Try with: Partners well with white or pale finishes as well as warm woods. It’s also great when paired with shiny metals such as hardware, accessories, and appliances.

2. Blue Mist

Cool blue kitchen and garden
Image Source: By J. Bryant Boyd, Design-Build

Why it’s effective: This greenish blue is pale and has a calming and astonishingly neutral effect in the kitchen. It is commonly used in the bedroom or bathroom, but when used in the kitchen can provide a sense of serenity and light.

Awesome blue kitchen artwork
Image Source: By Ross Painting

On your cabinets: Due to its pale and reflective characteristic, blue mist is an ideal selection for dark kitchen areas. Its light-reflective nature also makes it a smart substitute for white when you want to give all your kitchen cabinets to a subtle look instead of using it on a section of cabinets.

Try it with: Blue mist can be combined with most tones of white, and any shade of gray, wood, and black. It forms a deep contrast with steel or chrome accessories and fixtures.

3. Cobalt

Inspiring blue kitchenaid toaster
Image Source: By Southam Style Inc.

Why it’s effective: Also known as royal blue, cobalt is a deep blue that can give your kitchen a mesmerizing air of elegance and sophistication, even though it’s not popularly used in the kitchen.

Great blue kitchenaid kettle
Image Source: By Cabico Custom Cabinets.

On your cabinets: Cobalt is a perfect choice for you lower cabinet if you want to create a feeling of brighter and taller upper cabinets. If you want to captivate the eyes of the beholder all the way up, then you can use it on all your cabinets.

Try with: Cobalt offers the best results when paired with gray or white finishes and warm or pale woods. This deep blue also combines well with reflective fixtures and accessories. If you want your kitchen to have a royal look, pair cobalt with copper and gold accessories.

4. Sunny Aqua

The best blue kitchenaid stand mixer
Image Source: By Esther Hershcovich.

Why it works: This light blue will put a smile on your kitchen. While it’s not a sight you see on most kitchen cabinets, it provides a sunny effect that makes it an excellent pair for the warm whites and woods in the kitchen.

Check blue kitchenaid hand mixer
Image Source: By Tammara Stroud Style.

On your cabinets: Even though it’s a pale color, aqua makes a great color for the kitchen. It works best when used as the focal point of the space like on an island base. You can also use it on all your cabinets, and you won’t be wrong.

Try with: Because it’s a well-balanced color, aqua pairs perfectly with pale colors including grays and whites as well as brighter shades of yellows and red. You can also pair with copper, chrome, or brass metals and hardware.

5. Deep Teal

These blue kitchen accent wall
Image Source: By Thomas Davies Kitchens.

Why it works: Deep teal is similar to navy and provides a dramatic effect when paired with white finishes in the kitchen. It also gives the kitchen a polished appeal due to its regal intensity.

Simple blue kitchen accessories uk
Image Source: By Studio Dearborn.

On Cabinets: It is an excellent choice on a kitchen island and creates a rich contrast when used to paint your lower cabinets while the upper cabinets are wearing a pale neutral such as white.

Try with: Deep teal is excellent with pale finishes including white, light gray, and ivory. For fixtures and hardware, deep blue provides a great reflective surface for any metal.

6. French Blue

Elegant blue kitchenaid blender
Image Source: By Alexandra Rae Style.

Why it’s effective: Also known as Cadet blue, French blue has a slightly sunny undertone and a touch of gray. Used in a traditional kitchen, French blue can add a feeling of antiquity to the space while it gives a modern kitchen a contemporary atmosphere with its medium intensity.

Stunning blue kitchen art
Image Source: By SPACE Architects + Planners.

On Cabinets: French blue is perfect for enhancing the details of antique-styled or period-looking cabinets. It gives a modern kitchen a cool demeanor without been too contrasting for stainless steel hardware.

Try with: French blue works best with neutral finishes. It also partners well with wood of all shades due to its medium intensity. Cadet blue also provides a perfectly reflective surface for hardware and fixtures including brushed brass, polished chrome, and every other metal.

7. Wedgewood Blue

Amazing blue kitchen accessories argos
Image Source: By Suggestion Room Style + Design.

Why it works: Wedgewood blue is not a true blue, which is why it changes from one color to another. It has a grayish blue color with smoky overtones that often make it mistaken for gray.

Beautiful blue kitchen apron
Image Source: By Melissa Wyndham.

On Cabinets: Wedgewood blue is a perfect choice if you want your cabinets to have a hint of gray. Its spectacular in both traditional and modern kitchens and can be used for some or all of your cabinetry or wall.

Try it with: It partners well with intense light color and does well with many types of wood including light and dark as well as most neutral finishes. It also perfectly complements hardware and fixtures of all colors, including rose gold.

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