73 Small Garden Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Enjoying some outdoor space is all well and good, but what if you don’t have very much outdoor space to enjoy? What if you want to really make use of it for entertaining? How are you going to get some gardening done?

Well, we’ve thought of that. In fact, here you’ll find all of the best ideas around that will allow you to try out a small garden that will be useful and still make sure that you keep your space secure for all of your needs to be covered in good time.

Each of these will bring a breath of oppourtunity into your gardening skills sometime soon.

1. Raised Beds

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SOURCE: inspiredbycharm.com/4-steps-to-a-raised-vegetable-garden

If you need space, you can make it to your own custom specifications with a raised bed idea. These can be bought, or you can make it from scratch. Then, you can use the shelf on the bottom to store your tools and other must-haves close by.

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2. Pot It All

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If you don’t think that you can have all of your garden together, consider splitting it all up into a series of pots.

This will give you the option to put the pots where they can fit, giving you working space and the realization that you can move these pots around to wherever you need them to go with no inconvenience to be found whatsoever.

3. Go Vertical

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SOURCE: angelamariemade.com/2017/06/diy-vertical-planter-stand

You can look at a vertical garden by using pots that can be mounted on siding or anywhere else that allows you the option of hanging them for a space saving design. Make them part of your decor without allowing them to take over.

4. Utilize Ceiling Space

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SOURCE: Max Kim Bee

If you simply can’t stand the idea of giving up floor space, than using hooks and hang the pots up so that you can allow your garden to get the light it needs and still make sure that you are losing nothing in order to get it.

5. Hide It

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SOURCE: Lisa Hubbard

If you have a divider, use the space behind it to hide your garden so that it is going to be profitable space, but still make sure that you aren’t giving anything up in your existing entertaining space.

6. Herbify

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SOURCE: Red Cover RM

When you want the look of a garden but have very limited space to do so, using a series of herb planters on a small surface is all you need. It gives the look of greenery, but it will be minimal in its work and footprint.

7. Use an Old Pallet

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SOURCE: Repeat Cratfer Me

You can use a recycled, food-safe pallet laid flat to create an organized and modern garden that is going to help you make sure that it stays organized. This is fun and a great way to upcycle.

8. Allow a Shutter In

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SOURCE: Lila B. Design

Much the same as above, you can use another version of a vertical garden with an old, recycled shutter so that you can make use of old pieces from your home and create a memorable garden at the same time.

9. Fill A Tub

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SOURCE: Buff Strickland

Odds are that you’ve got a galvanized steel wash tub kicking around, so clean it up and use that as a large, movable planter that can offer you the small garden space that you need.

10. Turn The Pallet On Its Head

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SOURCE: Buff Strickland

If you like that pallet idea, than you can make it even more your style by standing it on its side and using it for a resting spot for a slanted or vertical garden. This is easily moved and changed as you want it to be done, too.

11. Try a Small-Scale Garden

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SOURCE: Patrick Moynihan

You can really make some fun with a terrarium, especially if it’s on the smaller side. With this kind of idea, you’ll get a great overall garden that is adorable and miniature and can be put wherever it’ll make a great addition to your decor.

12. Use a Window Box

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SOURCE: Avant Gardens

Whether you’ve got a window box on your window sill, or you want to put it somewhere else, a window box is a great idea for a garden because it will offer the space for the right kinds of plants and it’s contained to one spot.

13. Try a Ladder View

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SOURCE: DK Publishing

If you have a rickety old ladder that is picturesque but not much good for anything else, you can take a look at using it as a holder for different pots and plants that are going to help you enjoy a great design and practicality at the same time.

14. Use A Shoe Holder

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SOURCE: Buff Strickland

We’ve all seen those canvas shoe holders that go on the backs of doors. Well, put one in your garden and you can use it as a huge holder for your plants. It’s convenient, modern, and even washable once you’re done with it. This is a great way to save space.

15. Transport A Bucket

These very small garden design ideas #gardenideas #smallgarden #gardendesign
SOURCE: Buff Strickland

If you’ve got a bucket or a old toolbox or anything else kicking around, put some plants in it, call it retro, and it’ll be perfect as a decoration in your home or backyard as needed. You can even paint it for better design, too.

16. Relly on a Climbing Plant

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SOURCE: Getty Images

A garden can be whatever you want, so use a climbing vine or plant to create the illusion of a plant without having to worry about its maintenance.

17. Make It Part of the Seating

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CREDITS: Today’s Nest

You can find coffee tables with deep hollows or rivets in them, so use these spaces for your garden and it’ll literally become part of your furniture outside and is sure to a popular discussion topic when you bring company over. This way you really won’t lose any kind of space.

18. Mix In Texture

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CREDITS: Marion Brenner

To create contrast and visual vibrancy, situate curvaceous containers on stairs and fill them with interestingly shaped plants, like scallop-leafed geraniums or spiky, serrated agave.

19. Cluster Containers

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CREDITS: Jeremy Samuelson

Grouping pots on the patio or porch is a good way to start gardening. Once a plant starts dying or wilting, you can easily water it, move it, replant it, or toss it altogether. Easy come, easy go.

20. Go Outside

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CREDITS: Marion Brenner

For a fast way to perk up a porch, relocate pots of lush flowers from indoors to out. With a limited palette, like the pink and white blooms here, the collection feels cohesive, not chaotic.

21. Feel A Dresser

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CREDITS: somewhatquirkydesign.com

Paint and plant (and carefully counter-balance) a flea market or yard sale find for an upcycled planter.

22. Make Crate Beds

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CREDITS: Chris Lambton

For backyards with poor (or nonexistent) soil, turn to raised beds for a little help. These simple planters give veggies a little boost that can result in magnificent results.


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