29 Cozy Roof Deck Ideas With A Spectacular Views

ROOF DECK IDEAS – If you’re looking to create the roof deck of your dreams, you’re in the right spot. Here you’ll find 29 fantastic options to help you design the look and feel that you knew you wanted. Or perhaps, something entirely different from what you came here looking for in the first place.

The great thing about designing your roof from scratch is that you can make it into whatever you want it to be. You can explore all of the options and really take a look at what is available to you so that you can create a look that will help you see your home for the beauty that it is.

You have a deck option on your roof, that’s more than a lot of people have available to them. So, make it into a dining oasis with all of these options, and you’ll see just how much use you’re going to get out of it when you use it correctly.

Before you know it, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood, all in the best way possible, and you’ll have everyone coming around hoping to get some tips and tricks from you on how to transform their own roof space.

1. Lounge Deck Funiture

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With a big comfy couch in muted tones and minimalist seating everywhere else around, this is going to be all about getting your comfort on.

You’ll be able to transform the space into the perfect spot to have a coffee or a glass of wine with family. Perfect for the cozy atmosphere that you’re looking to create for yourself.

2. Wooden Deck

tectum roof deck
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Simple yet elegant, this is great for those summer dinner parties when you’re looking to really make use of your wooden table and chairs. It’s great for matching the natural tones around you in nature, too, bringing it all together perfectly.

It creates a clean and fresh look that will keep you cool in the summer. Perfect for barbecues.

3. Modern Deck Ideas

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For the home that is trying to keep everything modern and fresh, this is a great idea that will keep it all together.

Minimalist seating and table with white washing and even a cozy fireplace that will be the perfect match for most lifestyles that are going to be using the space for entertaining. Perfect for yoga, too.

4. Sun Worship

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For the sun lover who just wants to lounge in the sun all day long and enjoy the time hanging out and working on tans, this is the ideal relaxation spot for you.

It’s all about absorbing what the sun has to offer each day. With a couch for those who are looking to enjoy a cool drink, it really offers a great spot for those of all lifestyles.

5. Tiny House Roof Deck

flat roof deck
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The fire pit in the middle of this rooftop design is perfect for all those who are looking to create a cozy spot for the after dinner tea or coffee, or just enjoy a drink and have a great time in the open air.

With different kinds of seating that make it the best spot for all kinds of people, there’s a great way to enjoy the space for everyone out there who is looking for a great area to settle into.

6. Hidden Oasis

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For the lover of quiet spots that you need for your “you” time, here is a great hideaway that will give you everything that you’re looking for.

A cozy couch, a tucked away table, and a quiet fence for your privacy, this is a great spot for enjoying some time to relax and recharge for what life is offering you.

7. Natural Roof Deck

roof over deck
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If you need something that is all about embracing nature and what you are going to have waiting for you in the backyard, this is it.

The wood tones blend perfectly with the world around you, and you’re going to be having a quiet and gentle look and feel that is great for entertaining a dessert or meal of your closest friends.

8. House With Roof Deck

flat roof ideas
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Full of clean lines and sharp edges, this offers you everything you’re looking for in terms of holding a conversation and enjoying it for all that it is worth.

This is a great option for enjoying what you can learn from your friends and family in a modern landscape that will show you the way to success.

9. Roof Top With Jacuzzi

deck on roof
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10. Natural Light

roof deck garden
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Natural light is your best friend. Here’ll you’ll find that this is all about letting light into the rooftop entrance and then spilling it out onto the spot that you have available to you.

If you want a cozy spot that’s perfect for blending with nature and the light that comes from all sources.

11. Crisp and Clean

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For some who are trying to impress with fresh colours and fresh looks and feels, this design will give you what you’re looking for as far as the feel of it.

You can see the fresh clean white brick and the crisp seating with the table and chairs that are ready for it all. It’s all about a confident yet comfortable look.

12. Wooden and Light

deck with roof
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No desc.

13. Nature

deck with roof
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For those of you that are going to be in the country and designing a clean space for your entertaining purposes, this is all that you could hope for.

It’s offering a great wooden feel that is rough around the edges and perfect for admiring the view around you in all of the best ways. It’s great for admiration of all kinds, too.

14. City-ready

roof over deck
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With a hot tub, wicker seating, a fireplace, and all sorts of other must-haves, you’ve got the perfect spot for the modern living home in the heart of the city.

It’ll give you the look and feel that you want and need, as well as offer you the greatest spot for entertaining that you’ve ever seen.

15. Transparent

patio roof ideas
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Great for those who don’t want their views obstructed, this is all about getting the look and feel that you need and the comfort of modern views.

This is a great spot for those who want dinner with a view, and it’s got the space for everyone to spread out and enjoy the comfort of getting the right mood going.

16. Oriental

deck with roof
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With red tones that give a European feel, this rooftop space is all about exploring the fantastic world that centers around embracing nature.

With a fire pit, an array of great seating options, and more, you’ll get what you’re looking for out of this fantastic rooftop space. The best part is, it’s great for small crowds and big ones.

17. Forest

patio roof ideas
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For those who love nature and plants, this is a great rooftop garden that is all about exploring the world that is around us.

It makes you feel like you’re a million miles into nowhere, but all with the creature comforts of your rooftop that makes you feel the happiest. Great for those who love to garden, too.

18. Best Of Nothing

chicago roof deck and garden
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If you have limited space and a garage like the one in the photo, you can make yourself a little space that is going to really impress you in big ways.

You’ll love all that you can do to explore and it’s going to offer you a little way to keep an eye on the neighborhood while also enjoying a quiet and safe space that you can really enjoy.

19. Wood

deck roof cover
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Like some of the ones that you’ve already seen, you’re going to really like the contrasting wooden and brick tones of this one.

It’s got all sorts of creature comforts and a nice look and feels that make it a great spot for having guests over. Nicely laid out, too, to make perfect use of the space you’ve got.

20. Roof Deck Tiles

building a deck roof
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There’s nothing like a quiet little space to help you make the most out of your home in all of its ways and forms.

This roof deck ideas with a little spot is tucked away into the back of your home with all of the designs that you need and the comfort that you’re craving. Still with plenty of space for your dinner guests, though. Awesome!

21. Open Deck

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For the family who wants to really enjoy an open space concept and explore what it can offer for all those who need a way to keep all things separate, this is it.

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Perfectly laid out to give everyone their own space, but still keep you in the same room, this is great for all those looking to really enjoy all that family time has to offer.

22. Fancy

deck with roof
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Fantastic for the household that wants to keep everything just so, this is a clean and fancy rooftop space that can allow everyone to really enjoy everything that is available while making sure that the high standards to the look and feel are kept up.

Great for those who take a lot of pride in making their home just so.

23. Bright

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With the color and look that you need to see that you are in the best hands, this is a space that is all about style, look and feel.

You’ll be able to really enjoy everything that you can find waiting for you in this comfortable space that is about embracing the world and enjoying the view that you have with you.

24. Spa

adding a roof to a deck
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For a look and feel that is going to present the overall attitude that you’re looking for this sauna-like space is perfect for the lover of all things relaxation themed.

This is a great spot for anyone that needs an escape from their daily lives but wants to do it perfectly in style.

25. Relaxation

roof over deck
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With a large hot tub thrown in to make it the ideal place to relax and enjoy the comfort of the relaxing water.

This is a great look and feel that will present a fantastic world to all of those who are in need of a gentle soak to melt the day off of themselves.Great for those with high-stress jobs and kids.

Great for those with high-stress jobs and kids.

26. Garden Spot

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Perfect for the person who is going to be looking for a spot to grow all sorts of plants and other goods.

This roof deck is a cute hideaway that could really transform the space into something that is all about you and what you want to do with it. Great for those with a green thumb, too.

27. Central Park Roof Deck Styled

roof deck furniture
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A perfect getaway that mimics the fine tuning, look and feel of New York City’s Central Park, this is a fantastic creation that will give you a great spot to explore the world around you in a big and small way.

Perfect for those who want to really enjoy all that can be gained from a quiet little spot that will entertain all those interested in it.

28. Sunset Ready

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For all those that are looking for a way to really enjoy everything that comes from the comfort of a sunset, this roof deck is perfectly designed to go with the natural beauty, as well as make it the perfect spot for a dinner group with a series of people that you care about.

29. Classic

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For a great combination of bench areas, seating and open space to wander and converse, this is a great location for you to be able to enjoy all that is going to be waiting for you and your life. It’s got the classic tones of roof deck ideas.

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