15 Sweet and Most Romantic Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is a place in the house where we rest our mind and body and recharge ourselves, yet it is also a place that is mostly ignored as it is your personal space in the house. We put a lot of effort to make our house looks attractive and chic but often neglect the bedroom.

Your sleeping place should be stylish and breathtakingly beautiful because you come to regain your peace of mind here.

There are a number of bedroom designs available for you to choose from according to your needs whether you want a contemporary design, a rustic interior, traditional or a minimalistic look for your bedroom. Here are some great romantic and modern designs for you.

1. Shabby-Chic Style


2. Sweet Color

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3. Add A Valance

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4. Urban Glam

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Taken from the nit and grit of city life along with charming and romantic elements comes Urban Glam. All the way down to the color we have shown what can be when you combine two very opposite styles into one.

5. Keep It Warm

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6. Soft Romantic

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7. Make it simple bedroom but elegant

Amazing romantic attic bedroom ideas #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room design (Via mixandchic.com)

This design satisfies modern elegance with the multipurpose use of furniture and space. It is something that is perfect for your romantic movie night with your partner.

With the Tv in front and a changeable sofa that can be used as both sofa and a bed, this design is perfect for everyone who loves to lounge.

This design is multipurpose and can be transformed from a living room to a modern bedroom. The light colors of the walls and the sofa adds a soothing effect to the room and the beautiful full-size vase with pink flowers bring a touch of color and grace to it.

8. Get creative with some colors in bedroom

Beautiful romantic attic bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic blue bed room design (Via homemydesign.com)

If you are looking for romantic and elegant bedroom then this beautiful all white dreamy boudoir is for you. Add style and romance to your bedroom by opting all white pretty furniture which fills the bedroom with light.

Unique and stylish white half tester bed is sophisticated and is the most beautiful element of this bedroom. The classy and chic crystal chandelier is perfect to light up this amazing romantic bedroom design.

9. Let in some light and air to your bedroom

Cool romantic ambiance bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room adorning for wedding ceremony (Via homemydesign.com)

This design offers an amazing and romantic view of outside and allows the refreshing fresh air and sunlight into the room. This is perfect for a wedding bedroom because of the extravagant and luxurious view it offers.

Have a look at the beautiful drapings and the traditional arrangement that gives this room a look of it’s own. Complete with a traditional canopy style bed, a comfy white sofa and a unique wooden table, this design is a luxurious and comfortable choice for the newlyweds.

10. Blend earthy colors for a soothing look

Awesome romantic anniversary bedroom ideas #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room design with inexperienced shade scheme (Via homemydesign.com)

Add tranquillity and peace to your sleeping place by opting this unique color scheme for the walls. The combination of green and white looks peaceful and comfy and makes your sleeping place look close to nature.

Add this stylish green sofa with matching comfy cushions in order to make most of the space of your room. The cute little table with flower vase adds a hint of color and freshness to this design.

11. Channel your roots

Inspiring romantic atmosphere bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room design with rustic concepts (Via homemydesign.com)

This comfy and romantic bedroom is great for people who like rustic and earthy design concepts. It brings you close to nature just by looking at it. What with the earthy backdrop, the brick floor, everything speaks of a vintage room giving an instant nature like feel.

This cute little bedroom design looks great as the major piece of attraction is the huge white bed with sheer canopy curtains and tall side tables. The style of this bedroom is natural, romantic and casual and the brick style flooring adds individuality to it.

12. Experiment with drapes

Great a romantic bedroom pictures #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room concepts with purple themes (Via homemydesign.com)

This romantic bedroom with a light purple wall is so serene and elegant. Complete with a lot of nude net curtains and an iron rod table, this romantic bedroom is picture-perfect to relax.

The huge window with blinds also adds a nice touch to the overall look of the room. The white and light purple color scheme of the walls is modern and chic as well as soothing for the eyes.

13. Go minimalistic

The best romantic colors for a bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room adorning concepts (Via es.paperblog.com)

This beautiful design features minimal furnishings with beige sofas and wooden walls. The room has an earthy and neutral color palette that enhances the clean and crisp look.

The design and lighting arrangement on the ceiling is also very modern and chic. Moreover, the corner tall lamp and the refreshing green plant flawlessly completes the look of this room. We think it’s a great choice for modern citizens who prefer the sleek look.

14. Add some florals to the bedroom

Check romantic couple at bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic white and purple bed room adorning concepts (Via es.paperblog.com)

This white cottage style design brings a peaceful and regal look to a bedroom. This design has all the elements of style you need for a romantic and feminine bedroom especially the red and white pillows on the bed.

The pure and crisp white adds a calming effect to the room while splashes of red, the pretty chair and the lamp with floral patterns brings a feminine touch to this bedroom.

15. Combine vintage elements with a theme

These romantic kiss at bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic white bed room adorning concepts (Via es.paperblog.com)

The dreamy bedroom has all white walls and ceiling that goes great with the neutral palette of the carpet and windows. The white ceiling looks complete with a beautiful ceiling fan.

The bed is also stylishly unique and the white curtains brings a romantic feel to it.

The regal-looking silver table with a tall lamp on it makes the room look so luxurious and pretty. A great design to try for yourself if you are someone who loves minimalist fashion.

16. Delve in wooden ornaments and architecture

Simple romantic pics at bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room design with flowers and purple shade scheme (Via Pinterest)

This bedroom is perfect for the newlyweds and honeymoon couples as it is an earthy and contemporary design. It has everything one could ask for, a beautiful square bed with white curtains around it, soft hues and delicate fabric of the bed that illustrate a romantic style.

The bedroom is divided by a glass door and the sofa set and the center table are placed outside with champagne and candles on it. This can be a dream of any couple who is in love. The trail of candles and velvety rose petals on the floor defiantly add romance and love to this design.

17. Create a themed bedroom

Elegant hot romantic at bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic bed room ornament with inexperienced theme (Via Pinterest)

This is a contemporary and fashionable design that is mostly white with a refreshing and energizing splash of aqua green in it. The ornament style light on the ceiling is pretty and modern as it provides the hint of color and style to the room.

The wall with a pretty little corner bookshelf is sweet and elegant. However, the major attraction and eye candy of this room are the aqua green curtains that flawlessly complements the light color scheme of the room and adds a kick to it.

18. Patterns are a great look

Stunning romantic scenes at bedroom #romantic #bedroom
Candy and romantic White-Gold bed room design (Via mixandchic.com)

The color scheme of white and gold looks amazing together. The white and brown theme can also be seen in the pretty curtain which enhances the beauty of this room to a great extent. The furniture also has beige, gold and brown colors which intensify the exquisiteness of the room.

The glorious lamp and pink flowers brings the much-needed color to this bedroom while the artistic picture of cherry blossoms on the wall seamlessly complete the look of this romantic bedroom.

19. Introduce some expensive bedroom detailing

These create romantic bedroom atmosphere #romantic #bedroom
Inventive candy and romantic bed room design (Via dekosh.com)

If you want your sleeping place to be warm, royal and extravagant, this is the design for you. The beautiful white bed looks flawless with the neutral palette used to decorate this room.

Soft hues and golden-brown rug create a unified look in combination with each other and the majestic chandelier provides soft lighting to the bedroom.

This design is romantic as well as luxurious which catches everyone’s eye. The pretty and sophisticated draperies bring an exclusive touch essential for a romantic design.

20. Simple but Playful

Let's take a look romantic bedroom wall art #romantic #bedroom
Candy Romantic Bed room Design (via weheartit)

This small and pretty bedroom represents cottage style interior design. It gives a rustic and farmhouse type of chic look which is super charming and cute. It can be a great choice for people with the minimalistic approach as there is not much space to clutter the room.

The small space of the room only allows the important pieces of furniture such as a bed and a table in this design. The unique window design is also quite charming and brings out the rustic look of the design.

21. Play with trendy tones

I have a great romantic bedroom arrangement #romantic #bedroom
Candy and Romantic Bed room Design Concepts (via weheartit)

An eye candy for the people who like soft colors, this design features a combination of sky blue and baby pink which is a delightful combination. The soothing blue walls and the matching bed is so dreamy and comforting which goes well with the wooden flooring.

The silver vase looks elegant and exquisite on the side of the bed and the ornamental small chandelier hanging from the ceiling looks so romantic surrounded by the beautiful blue drapes.

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