9 Reasons to Plant a Great Tree

What better way to celebrate Arbor Day than by planting a tree in your garden or on a neighborhood street? Trees help mitigate heat-island effects by providing shade for streets and parking areas, add to the value of a property, provide habitat, cool the air and absorb carbon dioxide. Of course, they also provide beauty and can help mark the seasons.

Knowing your site will help you decide if you can plant a small tree, such as a dogwood, redbud or hawthorne, or if your yard can accommodate a large oak, pine or pecan. The function of the tree is also important to consider: Will it be multifunctional by providing screening, shade, noise reduction, cover for wildlife, erosion control or food? Discover below how you can place trees in the landscape to benefit both your home and the environment.

1. Promote privacy

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2. Block winter winds

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3. Cool the neighborhood

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Mina Brinkey

4. Shade the house

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5. Funnel breezes through your property

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6. Create a habitat

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7. Green up the city

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8. Create leafy curtains

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9. Think “Right tree, right place.”

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