28 Simply Awesome Pipe Table and Desk Ideas

PIPE TABLE DESK IDEAS – Keeping your home as good as new, decorating it with latest things and installing new technologies is a hobby of some people. Everyone wants their home to be different from others yet give a calm and comfortable feeling.

Renovating your home does not necessarily means stuffing it with extra items. Be wise when it comes to decorating your homes. Go with a theme for every room and chose your decorations accordingly. Having a dining room in your house is important but some houses are too small to support this idea. What can you do then?

You can easily find tables that utilize less space, matches the theme of your house and have comfortable chairs to sit. Similarly fancy and interesting study tables can develop children’s interest in studying as they would want to spend more and more time in that corner.

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Choose from wooden or marbles tables, it is your choice. There are hundreds of designs and ideas available for improving the beauty of your room just by placing a single table with few chairs.

The right choice will make your room lively and lighten it and bad choice will ruin its overall look. So be intelligent when it comes to renovating and decorating your home.

1. The Tree Trunk Table

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If you like decorating your house with simple things, then go for a plain, wooden dining table. Do not cover the table with sheets or drawings so that the natural pattern of wood enhances its beauty.

Use simple pipes for the legs to hold it and have comfortable chairs with elegant covers to go along with the rugged look of your dining room.

2. The Single Table

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If you’re leading a bachelor’s life and living in a small apartment, then be intelligent in choosing a dining table for yourself. Get a plain piece of wood, get it shaped in form of an able and chose a wall where you can place it in your apartment.

Buy a small chair to go along with it and have drawers attached underneath the table so that you can use it as a study or dining table and keep your stuff safe at one place. A smaller table will help you save a lot of space in your congested single’s den.

3. Pipe Coffee Table

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Upgrade your home’s look and create an experience reflecting a café’s environment simply by adjusting your dining table and chairs.

Choose a corner in your dining room and get your table hooked to the wall. Compliment it with wooden benches standing on pipes to create a full café’s styled themed room. Invite guests and let them be entertained by the new look of your house.

4. Get It Hooked

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Are your monitors, lamps and study tables taking too much space in your room, making it crowded? It is time to revamp it.

Buy a long table; attach it to the wall while the pipes beneath it still provide it support. Have small drawers made under the table to store little things and place all of your electronic items on the table? The 2 in 1 study and storage table is ready to be used and pair it up with small stools for sitting on.

5. Sleek And Stylish Interior

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Enhance the beauty of your kitchen with a new and modern looking dining table. Get inspiration from the tables at the bar which uses less space and gives a stylish look to the entire place.

Buy a metal table, small in size with round stools and place it in the middle of your sleek, stylish and modern kitchen to give it an even better look.

6. Save Your Space

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If your find accommodating things because the shortage of space then uses a dining table and chair set wisely.

Customize your wooden table with shelves made on top of it so that you can put your things in one place and use the table for both dining and studying purposes. This wooden piece of furniture will support your taste for old, antique look for your home.

7. Good Old Days

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If you miss your college days and cafeteria where you used to hang out with your friends, than relive those moments and incorporate that style for in your dining table.

Set a long, plain and simple table in the room, supported by metal pipes and compliment it with similarly designed plain benches with no back. It is a good place to hang out with your friends and recalling old times.

8. Big Shelf With A Table

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If you want your kids not to mess around and forget their things then build a huge shelf on the wall for them along with a study table.

Hire a carpenter and get a wooden shelf hooked on the wall supported by thick pipes. And below it place a study table so that the kids can place their books and study easily.

9. The Black Beauty

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The idea of big dining tables and chairs is so old school and out dated. People are now installing tables that are smaller in size and use less space.

Give your house a new look buy getting a smaller sized table that is standing on just two legs made of thin metal rods. Don’t go for dull and traditional colors. Choose more modern colors like black and pair it up with a movable chair for your comfort.

10. Exciting Study Room

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Upgrade the look of your study room with beautiful racks and lights so that the kids get excited to enter it and spend some time there engrossed in their books.

Buy a small piece of wood, get it trimmed into a shape of a table and place a frame under it made of metal rods. Have wheels attached on all the four corners of the frame so that the table can be moved around easily. And make you self comfortable on a sofa-come-chair while reading books.

11. The Underground Study Room

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If you are a computer freak and want to spend time alone in testing your crazy ideas, then having an underground study room is best for you.

Get inspired from movies and make a huge rack on a wall with a small study table places in the middle. Place your books on these shelves so that while conducting research on the computer, you can easily get your hands on the desired book with having to leave your seat and break concentration.

12. Comfy Meeting Room

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Use stylish lights and wooden frames for your room where you can carry out meetings, study for your exams or even have dinner with your family.

Create a comfy and warm environment with a wooden table supported on metal pipes placed near the windows. Enjoy the cold breeze while sitting on easy chairs and completing your tasks.

13. Keep It Small And Simple

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If you hate stuffing your home with things and like fewer decoration items, then this idea will definitely make you happy.

Choose a wall of your room. Place a little wooden table there with a small round stool for sitting down. No need to cover the table with fancy sheets or hanging too paintings on the wall. Keep it simple.

14. All Tiles And Marbles

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Marbles give your house a fancy look. The shine that these give your floor, lights up the entire room.

To complement marbled flooring, get a table made out of thick stone or marble too. Have this heavy table attached to a wall with small pipes for support. Place chairs of your choice, and your marbled room is ready to be showed off to friends and family.

15. The Chic Look

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You have all the modern and latest things installed in your house so why ruin it with the old dining table set?

Get a table according to the size of your room, preferably a small one. Have it painted and textured in a wooden, rusty look and pairs it up with chairs of your choice. You can decorate your room further with new lamps and follow a color themed to give it a chic look.

16. Sitting In The Corner

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If you don’t have separate dining rooms then do not worry because you can now utilize the space in your sitting area for dining too.

Buy a wooden table that would be able to support all of your family members and sits on strong, metal pipes. Grab chairs that are comfortable and wide so that even an overweight person could easily it into it. Follow the color theme of the room and place the table in one corner. You dining and sitting room has now been upgraded.

17. Black And Brown Theme

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Black and brown colors make a great combination. Black color gives your house a modern and stylish looks and pairing it up with brown, is just a killer combination.

Buy a simple wooden table, get it polished with brown color and place it in the room where you think it will look good. Put chairs around it and hang lights above the table to light the room up.

18. Open Kitchen

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The idea of open kitchen with fixed table and chairs is getting famous day by day. So why not use it for renovating your home?

If you have small house and open kitchen, than get a table made out of marble slab fixed in front of the kitchen and pair it up with fancy stools and entertain your guests with hot, sizzling food then there.

19. Table for Accressories

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Sometimes you find it difficult to find space for putting your things and hiding them away from your kids.

Solve your problem and get a table with drawers for your kitchen so that you can place you utensils in one place while chopping up some veggies. Also place a plain table in one corner where you can put plants or other things for decoration and freshen up the room’s atmosphere.

20. Cottage Styled Room

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Sometimes you just want to sit near a fireplace and enjoy some peace and calm around you. So rather than planning a stay at some cottage, give your room the same look.

Buy a small wooden table supported by simple metal frames that have wheels attached to it and place it in front of the fire place, near the windows. Place a chair or small bean bags to give it a more casual look and enjoy your alone time.

21. Under The Staircase

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Some homes don’t have enough space for setting up a proper dining or study room. So what can the owner do?

The best idea is to utilize the space under the staircase and set up a table there. Make shelves on the wall so that you can use that space for your things and place a wooden table underneath it that goes along with the shelf. Now you can study without any disturbance and have everything at your disposal.

22. Playroom

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Combine the play and study room for your kids so that whenever they get exhausted while studying, they can play with their toys for some time and go back to their books.

Decorate the walls with posters and hang colorful stuff. Under those things, hook a piece of wooden slab to the wall so that that is supported by two pipes. Place your computer, pencil cases and books on it for your study time.

23. The Silent Corner

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Want peace and quiet so that you can concentrate on your work and studies? Here is what you can do.

Pick a corner of the room of your choice, place a small table that matches the color of the wall and chose a chair that is comfortable to sit in. Your study corner is already for use.

24. The Antique Look

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If you are a huge fan of old and traditional look, love antique mirrors and furniture than this idea will make you happy.

Get a piece of wooden slab, do not polish it or polish it and attach a rods beneath it for support. Place it in front a wall of your choice and buy a chair which is comfortable to sit on.

25. Conference Room

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If you are one of those people who love bringing their office work at home, then you need a separate conference room too.

Buy a big table with a wooden slab and strong support so it does not fall if weight is put on it. Get a movable chair for it so that you can work comfortably without straining your back. Call your colleagues and conduct meetings as many as you like.

26. Shelves And Table

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If your kids are too messy and always lose their things, it is a great idea to combine shelves and study table for your time.

By using pipes and wood, get shelves fixed on the wall and below it lay out a single piece of wood for the table. Now your kids can place all their belongings in these shelves so that they don’t misplace it and continue their studies without any disturbance.

27. The Books Fan

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If you are a big book worm and used up all your room space then this idea will give your room a new look.

Choose a wall, and get a wooden frame made that has multiple shelves and cabinets along with a table. It will act as a study table and you can easily place your new books in those cabinets. Take out the books, read them while sitting at the table and when finished, put it back then and there.

28. Rustic

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Having a simple room filled with wooden items gives it a unique look. Wooden furniture escalates the look of the room and makes it beautiful.

If you are a huge fan of rustic look, then get your hands on a wooden table with metal rods for support. Place it in one corner of the room and have a shelf build above it, that also a wooden one. To compliment the wooden table, have a wooden chair made and some drawers attached to the table will prove to be beneficial.

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