Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

A pedestal storage sink is a sink that is raised quite high above the ground with its own foot called the pedestal. It can serve the purpose of a sink and also as a storage device for cups, toothpaste and tooth brush.

Pedestal storage sinks are useful in most areas of the home including the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet. When buying a storage sink, it is important to do a thorough check to ensure that you have the best quality. If you have never done this before, this article serves as a guide for knowing some of the most demanded storage sinks and their features.

Herbeau Monarque Washbasin


The Monarque pedestal sink is typically designed for washing hands and performing some other little chores such as brushing the teeth, keeping your soaps, toiletries, toothpaste and toothbrush for the next time you have to use them.

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The Monarque washbasin is made of clean white lines, stepped rims and an angular backsplash. Anyone would be proud to have this because of its sturdy and attractive look.

It comes with three holes and has three taps as well. However, you can make a demand for two holes or just a single hole if you are on a lower budget.

Large Porcelain Pedestal Sink


The rectangular pedestal sink is an addition to any home that should look expensive. It stands tall with an approximate height of 36 inches and a width of 22 inches. It is white in color but can be ordered in a customized color.

The depth and width of the sink are large enough to accommodate items for toilets and bathrooms. It serves the most when installing near the toilet or bathroom and can stand there for donkey years as long as no deliberate attempt is made at knocking it down.

Because of its hard nature, it will be expected for parents to guide their children away from it until they come of age. It makes brushing and washing very easy and comfortable too.

Kacy Porcelain Pedestal Sink

The Kacy Porcelain Pedestal sink is quite affordable. Anyone who wishes to own a sink that is of low cost can go for this option and still enjoy a long lasting experience. It is neat and beautiful to behold. It comes with three taps and you can add a flower to the top to improve its appearance and that of the surrounding.

It has a rectangular shape with an overflow hole to make draining much faster. Kacy Porcelain pedestal sink can fit well in any home design. It is easy to wash and will take just a few minutes to make it sparkle again.

Because of its delicate nature (like all sinks are), it is advisable to call an expert to do the assembly for you assuming you have never done it before. The item comes with specific instructions to follow and even an experienced plumber is encouraged to follow the guidelines strictly while fixing the article.

It can be placed on any side of the room but should be more beneficial beside the convenience rooms.

Archer Pedestal Sink

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The Archer Pedestal sink has a broad range of colors which you may want to take advantage of if you are considering buying more than one of it. It is made up of three holes at the top for easy installation of taps where water can be supplied for washing of hands, face or brushing the teeth.

The finished colors include white, cashmere, dune, ice grey, sand bar, Mexican sand, almond, biscuit, black and thunder grey. Purchasing more than one of it comes with a discount so you can team up with some friends to enjoy this benefit. It is likely that even in years to come, the design of the Archer pedestal sink will still be in vogue.

The Archer product can be distinguished from other similar ones with its beveled edges. There is no need to avoid buying the product since you will be enjoying some warranty. As long as you don’t contribute to any fault it has on the purchase; you can be sure that the item will be replaced for you if returned.

Cadet 24-inch Pedestal Sink

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This pedestal bathroom sink is built to American standard. Right now, it is sold at less than $160 with an option of monthly installments of $14 per month. It has an overall weight of 56 pounds, so it is not very hard for an average weight man to lift or install it alone.

There are some unique features about this product, and they include an overflow at the rear, an accessory ledge, a single hole and an increased space. When you order the item, you will find the sink, the pedestal leg and a mounting kit for hanging your towel. The whole body is made of vitreous china.

Herbeau Charles Washbasin

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This is a wash basin also made of Vitreous china. It comes with three holes, and each of them measures 8 inches in diameter.

Its width, depth and height are a little more than 22, 17 and 36 inches respectively.

It has a pedestal and a backsplash too. A new one comes along with a decorative basket where items for use at the sink can be placed safely.

It has plain white and other colors which can be made available upon request.

Portsmouth Pedestal Bathroom Sink Set

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Portsmouth Pedestal Sink storage is a useful item for homes and serves the same purpose as other sinks. With its discount price of $219.99, it is surely a product that many people will love to buy for the New Year. Its products are white and linen.

It has a weight of 73 pounds so it may be quite heavy to handle alone. The best way to move it about is with a vehicle or with the help of at least two people during maintenance or installation. The product is supplied together with a mounting kit, and it has a front overflow. Vitreous china is its material, and it has a faucet ledge.

Users say that the product is very easy to clean and looks beautiful enough to improve the look of its environment. Manufacturers of the item are always ready to attend to customer problems and will not hesitate to do the fixing for them in their homes or offices.

Boulevard Pedestal Storage Sinks

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Here is a product you would love to have for its strength. It looks solid on the ground and barely responds to harsh weather conditions. The product is packaged as a sink and its pedestal which acts as the support to the ground.

Its design is modern and can compete with some of the very costly ones. It also has a rear overflow and comes with a mounting kit too. Its flat basin makes it useful as both a counter sink and a counter top sink.

Richmond Complete Grande Pedestal Bathroom Sink


The Richmond pedestal sink looks luxurious in its design and outlook. It is a durable sink so one may correctly predict its price to be higher than many other ones.  Based on two reviews so far, the sink has an overall rating of five stars.

Delivery is fast and can be completed with 24 hours within the US. It is an excellent option to consider when reconstructing an old convenience room and make it look more modern. Its rectangular sink means that it can contain several items and can accommodate up to two people at the same time.

One thing you may enjoy about it is its scratch resistant quality. This will make it look new even in years to come. It is easy to clean and install without any elaborate preparations. The height is good enough to create comfort during usage.

You can also find a faucet deck and a rear overflow on it. The Richmond pedestal sink is made of vitreous china material.

Regent Corner Porcelain Pedestal Sink

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This is an ideal sink for maximizing space in the room. It is best used in small rooms and particularly in guest rooms to give visitors an ultimate welcome experience. With an oval shape and two taps, it has just enough facilities for a one-man show.

Hotels will frequently ask for this because of its low cost and utility. It does not come with a faucet but it is equipped with an overflow hole. It comes in white and biscuit colors with heights of approximately 35 and 36.25 inches respectively.

The lengths of the two are 25 and 27 inches respectively, while their widths are 20 and 20.75 inches respectively.

Gaston Corner Porcelain Pedestal Sink

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This is another corner pedestal sink that is manufactured to minimize consumed space in the house.  It ‘s nice to have it in a master bedroom or at a convenient corner near the toilet to serve as a common sink when buying the bigger one is not necessary.

It does not cost much so it may be recommended for students who live in self-contained rooms. The size of the drain is 1.5 inches, while its faucet centers are 4 inches. It is made of porcelain, oval in shape and contains an overflow hole.

It is 33 inches high and this makes it convenient for people to use without bending too much.

Vine Hammered Pedestal Sink

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This pedestal sink is liked by many for its brass pop-up drain the copper material which makes it look quite attractive. It is highly polished and hammered into the shape of a vine. It will indeed be the hope of many who wish to make their homes as attractive as the ones they see in the movies.

Its length is 22 inches, while its height is 38.5 inches.  The basin length and width are approximately 17 and 12.25 inches respectively while the material itself has a width of 19 inches approximately.

There is no faucet and drain included but two soap dishes come with it on the purchase. Plumbing is quite easier on it because of the opening created at the base.


Buying a pedestal sink is just a necessity. However, before buying one, it is important to measure the space where it is meant to occupy to avoid a case where you have one that either cannot enter into the available space or looks tiny in the space available.

Also check the wall where the sink is going to be attached to and be sure that it is strong enough to support it. In case your sink is predrilled, you would also want to be sure that the hole will match with the faucet in your home.

Pedestal sinks are growing more popular now because they are easy to install. They do not cost much and they bring out the beauty in the space they are fixed. Instead of struggling for the bathroom with the rest of the family, one can quickly wash the face and brush your teeth to avoid queuing up.

Besides, it is healthier to brush your teeth in the sink than in the bathroom especially when it is immediately after a bath. Brushing the teeth in the bathroom can make a person predisposed to microorganisms that can impair one’s health.

Besides, individuals who are allergic to soap odor especially in the morning may find it inconvenient to use the bathroom.

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