Laundry Room Touches Anyone Can Do

Add a cute rug

Nowhere is the difference between high-end new construction/remodeling and existing homes more clear than in laundry rooms. These once simply utilitarian spaces have become large, decorated rooms that incorporate drying racks, clothing sorters, built-in ironing boards, craft areas, wrapping areas and gleaming machines. For me, I just have to remember that having my own 12-year-old … Read more

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Laundry Room


We spend countless hours in our laundry rooms, scrubbing out stains, pressing our best and even washing the dog. Shouldn’t we make this space as functional and pleasant as possible? Laundry rooms have come a long way from the barren basement rooms so many of us grew up with. Take a few tips from these … Read more

15 Laundry Rooms Packed With Storage Ideas

The laundry room works hard to keep things clean inside a house, but how do you keep the laundry room clean? Houzzers have found these laundry rooms, and their storage solutions, to be the answer. Here are the 15 most popular laundry area photos on Houzz from the past three months, determined by the number … Read more

Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Laundry Room

Tips for basement laundries

Laundry is a chore you likely have to tackle often – and when the laundry room is cluttered and grungy, that task can quickly become something to dread. Whether your washer and dryer are in a spacious room of their own or at the bottom of a rickety flight of stairs in an unfinished basement, … Read more