20 Outstanding Outdoor Living Rooms

Making the most out of your living space is a great idea. After all, it’s your home and you want it to go to good use, so take the time and effort to make sure that each part of it is going to be read to impress, even the outside parts.

Speaking of which, when you’re outside, have you ever thought about making it into an outdoor living room? Sure, maybe it’s not a technical room since it doesn’t have a roof, but you can absolutely make it into a productive and stylish living area.

All you need to do is just focus on your goal. Here are some tips to get you there.

Add In Some Furniture

Furniture is going to be a blessing in an outdoor space. Bring in some cushions and couches and make it feel like your home does.

You don’t need to match a particular colour scheme, but all of your pieces should work together to create a room. You can start with armchairs and then throw in a love seat or a couch.

Bring In The Curtains

Image Source: Margie Grace/Grace Design Associates

If you have a partially enclosed space with archways, you can make it feel softer and more comfortable with curtains.

This creates the illusion of a room while still enjoying the great outdoors that is appealing. You can use opaque ones, or semi-sheer ones, however you want to enjoy the space that is available to you.

Embrace Bright Fabric

Image Source: Gregg Hodson Interior Design

Since you’re outside, you can work with the colours around you. Or, you can enjoy some bright sunshine fabrics like lime green and lemon yellow.

Go bold and transform it into a bright space. You can use these in big or small pieces. When it doubt, use neutrals on the bigger pieces and pop them out with bright coloured accessories.

Create Some Exotic Flair

Image Source: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

From colours to patterns, don’t be afraid to really bring in some fun and games with the flair that you’ll find here.

The colours and orientation of how they blend together is going to make it feel like a tropical paradise, which is exactly your outdoor space should be.

Add Some Artificial Light

Image Source: Wendi Young Design

In order to make it feel like a safe spot, you should look at adding in some artificial light. This can be done overhead or with lamps on tables.

This will allow you to enjoy it at all hours and make it feel comfortable to spend lots of time out there.

Plus, you’ll appreciate it even on rainy day when you want to read or chat outside but don’t have comfortable lighting.

Grab A Rug And Coffee Furniture

Image Source: COCOCOZY

When we say “coffee furniture”, it refers to a coffee table and comfortable chairs and sofas that are ideal for enjoying coffee with guests.

The rug is a great way to make it feel cozy and lived-in so that it is all of the things that you love about your living room but it’s outside instead.

Add Some Tile Work

Image Source: Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

Whether it’s bench or a table or a walking path to your little oasis, tile work can make the entire space feel like it’s more accessible and recreational, sort of like you’re at a resort.

You’ll be able to really enjoy the spot a lot more and the cool tile will be nice to enjoy when you want somewhere comfortable in the heat.

You can use neutral tile or go big with a really sweet pattern. The choice is yours and you need to make it into a personal spot.

Try A Vaulted Ceiling

Image Source: Paul Oosthuizen Architects

If there is a ceiling in your outdoor space, look at vaulting it. You can do it with glass or wood, or even brick. You’ll be able to enjoy the fact that this is going to offer some comforts and it’ll add colour and tone to it, too.

A great option that is really going to make it a unique spot. You’ll find that it will really open it up, too, so that you can enjoy the space in a crowd and it’ll still feel like there’s plenty of room.

Make It Homey

Image Source: True Residence

From decor to comfortable blankets, you need to make this space as homey and satisfying as the inside of your home.

It should be a place where you can relax and read a book or talk with a friend. It needs to be organized in a way that you’ll actually use it regularly.

Use It As An Extension

Image Source: Summerour Architects

If you aren’t sure how you want to do the decor, treat it as an extension of your home. You can try to match it with your scheme inside, or you can even bring your favourite pieces of furniture out to this spot in particular so that it will have the same creature comforts that you love about your house.

Use Neutrals

When you’re not sure how to do the decor, go neutral. Use browns and greys and tone it in with the stone and brick around you.

This will help make the space feel more fluid and you can enjoy it a little more in terms of its feel. You can then pop everything out with a few choice accents if you want to.

Add A TV For Your Outdoor Living Space

Image Source: Platinum Series/Mark Molthan

If you want a TV to make it feel like a relaxation area, add a TV. You can get as much use out of this as a regular living area, after all, so don’t be afraid to go on out there and enjoy the fine life with a TV if that is what you’re going for.

Tie In The Outside Colours

Image Source: Krista + Home Design

When you to bring the inside, outdoors, and the outside, indoors, you can blend it all together with colour.

If you have a pool, add some blue cushions and accents to your outdoor living space. This brings both themes together in an accessible way.

Make It Into A Kitchen

Image Source: K West Images, Interior and Garden Photography

To really get a lot of out of our area, you can add an outdoor kitchen and make it into a wine and dine spot so that it continues to be an effective area that is going to be comfortable for dining parties and more.

This can be don by a few choice pieces thrown together, or a full renovation, however you’d like to do it to be the most effective for you.

Add In Some Gates

Image Source: The Consulting House Inc

If you want to define the space as a comfortable area that is separate from your backyard, you can add in some gates and fences so that it will feel more closed in and comfortable to enjoy your free time. This can be wrought iron or a small garden fence, or anything else that feels better.

Bring In An Air Of Swagger

Image Source: Fusch Architects, Inc.

Yes, seriously. You can make this a comfortable space by putting in some swanky style and making it more formal.

This will show itself off as something other than your traditional picnic area, which is what you don’t want. This is something to think about and make your own in terms of its definition.

Add A Pergola

Image Source: Hayneedle

A pergola is a great way to enjoy a spot while still keeping it comfortable in the sun. You’ll be able to really put this spot to use in all kinds of weather in that way, which is going to be the goal, clearly.

This can be done easily and will really transform the space with all of its touches.

Go Classic

Image Source: Bruce Clodfelter and Associates

Classic design is never going to hurt, so if you’re unsure of what you want, just throw in some comfortable wicker furniture with throws and even a bench swing (padded for more comfort) and you’ll be able to put that space to use with a design that will be enjoyable for those who want to stay minimal and comfortable in their decor scheme.

Use Wood To Your Advantage

Image Source: ZAK Architecture

If you have wood anywhere around you, pull it into the outdoor spot. This will make it more comfortable and welcoming, and the sun is going to pull the natural colours out on this wood grains to make it warmer.

Wooden furniture is always a great idea for an outdoor space, anyway. The key is to make sure that it ties in with the wood around your home on the outside.

If there is no wood on your home outside, you won’t find this will blend in…unless that’s what you’re going for, of course.

Keep Crisp Lines

Image Source: Crisp Architects

Above all else, you can polish this space up by using clean lines and comfortable accents that keep a clear distinction.

You’ll find that it will dress the space up in no time so that you’re free to put it to use and really get the most out of it.

When it looks dignified, it looks loved. And that, of course, is the whole point to an outdoor living room.

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