20+ Mudroom Locker Storage Design Ideas

MUDROOM STORAGE IDEAS – Here you can find one of the most interesting collections that includes around 21 of the very best mudroom lockers on the market. These are varied, so you can find decorative lockers, shoe storage, wood lockers and so on!

Some time ago, I saw an interesting mudroom design that opened my eyes. At first, it was pretty much a disaster, but the lockers managed to tidy up the room nicely. And thanks to that, I managed to go ahead and come up with a nice set of mudroom ideas that brought in front more storage and better results.

Types Of Mudroom Storages

  1. The simple 2 cubicle unit is suitable for the mudrooms that are smaller in size and it has 2 sections in total. Plus, you can get 2 units like this and use them on your walls.
  2. The 5 cubicle units are obviously larger, they tend to provide you with lots of space for the entire family. It’s not a bad idea, since you can find something new to store in your mudroom.
  3. Kid or adult sized cubby locker. Parents that have young children should consider a shorter storage unit, as this allows kids to reach any hooks. If possible, keep these lockers at around 50.5” in height. You can go up to 70” for adults.

Features To Keep In Mind

  • Do you need benches? Some mudrooms can bring you some more storage space for shoes this way, so it can be a nice idea.
  • Decorative or simple? You don’t have to opt for a decorative model, but it will look better and it will bring a better design. It all comes down to you to pick the right one.
  • While shelves and drawers are not exactly a necessity, there are models that include this sort of thing at the bottom.
  • Hooks are necessary since they help you keep your hats and coats. If you can add more hooks, that’s a great and helpful feature.
  • Material: many times, they will be made out of wood, but there are some mudrooms made out of metal. Usually, wood is a lot better and friendlier for home users.
  • Does it have shoe storage? Not all mudrooms do, but it’s a good idea to get one that has shoe storage, because it’s just helpful overall.

21 Useful and Appealing Mudroom Storage Units

Here you go..

1. Lockers With 3 Separate Units

Mudroom locker with 3 units
Image Source: sawdustcitycustom.com

Here you can find a dedicated mudroom locker system that includes 3 units. It’s a very good model that allows you to easily configure or modify your mudroom in any way you want. They also did a very good job with the colors.

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It’s nice to have a color variety and in the end the visual experience is very good. It’s a wood based mudroom, one that offers a lot of durability and value, with great quality being delivered here as well.

If you want a great mudroom, this is one of the best products out there. Plus, it’s a nice design that seamlessly integrates in your home.

2. Simple Cubicles

Wooden lockers designed for home
Image Source: jacekpartyka.com

This mudroom design is a lot simpler and it has 5 cubicles in it. The great thing is that the costs are extremely low and because of that you won’t have to worry about any issues with it.

It’s pretty durable, it’s made out of wood and it has a great feature in the form of a bench. Not a lot of models have something like this, so it does show that this particular product is quite desirable and well worth the investment, if you want to get something like it.

3. Hybrid Mudroom

mudroom board ideas
Image Source: crisparchitects.com

It’s nice to have such a hybrid unit just because it seamlessly manages to bring in front a storage cabinet as well as a great locker. If you want something that’s functional and has 4 units, this model can be more than ok. It’s quite tall, since it has 74.5 inches, but it’s still a very good purchase and one that will impress you with its efficiency. It does a stellar job with storage and that’s what matters the most in the end. It’s all plywood based, which is a plus!

4. Tiny Mudroom

A mudroom doesn't have to be located at the back or front of a home
Image Source: terracottaproperties.com

What makes this product amazing is that it’s the only one in this particular set we showcase here that can actually offer free standing. It doesn’t require a lot of space, but it still provides you with large section.

However, you will not be able to line this to the wall. That doesn’t seem to be that much of a problem though, because the value you receive as a whole is extremely good either way, so you will be quite impressed with the results and experience as a whole.

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If you pay attention, you will see that it comes with 2 double hooks. This means you have a ton of storage and that’s very helpful for sure.

5. Cheap Mudroom Unit

diy mudroom unit
Image Source: ana-white.com

The model shown here is rather simple and it might not impress that much. However, this is as simple as it gets.

You have a simple mudroom locker that costs less than $100, which is really easy to use, even if it has only a single large section and dedicated lower storage. You should totally check it out for that reason alone.

Plus, it comes with a single color. It may not bring in front the ultimate visual experience, but it looks amazing and in the end that’s what matters the most.

6. Mudroom For Kids

mudroom for kids double storage

Just like the visuals suggest, this mudroom is great for kids and the combination of white and purple is delightful. The purple borders bring that sense of playfulness and fun, something that you certainly want to have all the time.

The product has 50.5 inches in height. As a result, it’s perfect for kids. You get 3 levels and 2 sections in total, more than ok for kids. The design is great, the performance is good and you just don’t have to ask for more.

7. With Shoe Storage

mudroom provides shoe storage
Image Source: decorpad.com

With this model you have 3 sections and 4 levels. It’s very good since it delivers shoe storage, coat storage as well as many other interesting features. It also has a very interesting upper level storage function, even though this is rather small.

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You have 20 inches in width, 15 inches in deepness and 50.5 inches in height for this. Overall, it’s a great product for kids and you should check it out.

8. Easy To Organize

mudroom organize
Image Source: texasdinnercruise.com

The reason why you might want to consider this product is because it has a very good storage bench and it’s just a visually enticing entry hall storage unit. It works for a foyer as well as a mudroom.

Plus, it makes it easier to organize stuff and the value that you get from it, at least from a visual standpoint, is more than rewarding. Overall, it’s a very good purchase and one that you will like quite a bit, especially since it has that storage bench.

9. Mudroom Storage Options

mudroom shoe storage
Image Source: hgtv.com

In case you want a mudroom storage option that’s easier to install and use, you can opt for this floating unit. The shelving options are very good and the hooks are placed below, with the shelves being located above.

It’s nice to have this type of option, so you should totally check it out due to that. It’s a great option for those people that do not have enough space but still want good storage.

10. Decorative Set Of Hooks

mudroom floating shelving with hooks
Image Source: cocontest.com

This particular mudroom locker is designed to be decorative and it works in a foyer as well. It has a decorative set of hooks and large sections.

Some other things to keep in mind about it is that the bottom delivers some great storage options and it’s concealed, so you won’t have to waste a lot of time for that. You get 32 inches in width, 69 inches in height as well as 16 inches in deepness.

11. Mudroom With Natural Wood Storage

mudroom with wooden style
Image Source: doubzer.org

With this model you get an inexpensive, unique option and an exciting visual appeal that will impress you quite a bit. This provides you with a natural wood storage and it even has a small bench.

The addition of a sitting bench at the bottom further manages to take this product to new heights. It’s definitely a stellar purchase for those that want a good mudroom storage option and it’s not that expensive either.

12. Perfect for Children

Image Source: pinimg.com

As you can see from this model’s picture, it has 4 sections and that on its own is very good. You have space for shoes, your clothes and even a bit of storage option above it all.

The 3 levels do a very good job for any child and you don’t have to worry about the height either. It’s simply perfect for children and it’s one of those models that will impress with the quality and value offered there.

13. Fitting The Things

kids space
Image Source: kidspacestuff.com

As you can see from the design, this mudroom storage option is focused on decoration and it looks stunning. It works great for the main entrance hall in your home. It has 69 inches, so it’s pretty tall, but you do get to use it without a problem in just about any home.

It has 2 sections, so you will have no problem fitting the shoes, bags, coats and all the products that you might want. It’s definitely a great purchase and you should check it out especially if you have a lot of items to store.

14. Solid Mudroom

Image Source: housebeautiful.com

This is a very good hall storage unit and it can easily help you customize your mudroom or it will even provide you with storage in the foyer of your home. You do have a bit of storage and the visuals are very good.

You get 3 hooks which are more than ok and the design as a whole is very interesting to say the least. It’s definitely a solid purchase that you should check out.

15. Interesting Storage

Image Source: homebunch.com

This particular unit has 3 sections, it has some interesting defined hooks and the storage option as a whole looks visually stunning.

It’s definitely a good idea if you want to place it in the entry hall and want something aesthetically pleasing without having to worry about any option. Check it out right now and you will be impressed with the value offered here.

16. Wooden Construction

Why should you use this unit? Maybe the best thing about it is that it has a wooden construction and it even has a bench.

The lower levels are actually coming outward. As a result, kids will be able to sit without a problem and they will have a lot of fun using the product. It’s a solid purchase and there’s a lot of quality to be had here, which is what matters the most.

17. Dark Brown Color

You will enjoy this one because it has a stellar painted locker unit. The great thing about it is that it provides you with a dark brown color, pretty different when compared to what you can get nowadays.

Overall, it does bring in front a very good value for your money and the fact that you have 5 storage spaces as well as plenty of interesting visual features does recommend this as a solid purchase. You should check it out now.

This cubby locker is a very basic, inexpensive 5 section mudroom shelving unit with levels in each section.  It’s a good kid’s height at 46.75 inches (lower than many of the 50.5 inch units).

18. Great Visual Appeal

This product is inexpensive and it has two sections. It’s rather small, true, but the fact that it can work for any child is definitely good. It’s a purchase that you want to make if you want mudroom storage for your child.

It’s definitely a one of a kind feature that will impress you with its great features and visual appeal. So, don’t hesitate and check it out right now, you will be able to check it out right now!

19. White Color Scheme

This is a nice charcoal grey unit that has quite a bit of storage. The visuals are enticing, impressive and the white color scheme is particularly interesting for this model.

You will be pretty impressed with the value, and the visuals that you can check out here are rather rewarding. Don’t hesitate and check this right away, it’s surely worth it! It also has 32 inches in width and 69 inches in height, a bit too high but still more than ok.

20. Suitable For Kids

suitable mudroom for kids
Image Source: wallpaperzones.com

Lastly, this is a very interesting and fun locker suitable for kids. Not only is it pretty short, but at the same time it has 5 different sections and it also includes storage spaces and plenty of other features.

It also has different hooks and other cute touches. It’s completely out of wood and it looks amazing too, which is really nice!

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