Morning Nook Tips for Sleepyheads to Get Up and Goers

Start your morning on the right note by crafting a space that lifts your spirits and fills you with vitality for the day ahead. Whether you want to be energized to get moving, or you crave a gentler awakening, the first step is to set up a special corner that supports your purpose. Morning sunshine is the key ingredient, so search all around your house to find the spot with the best light during the early hours. While it’s natural to gravitate to the kitchen in the morning, if another room has better morning light, you may consider setting up a sitting area there as well.

Soak in the light of lengthening days with a cozy corner or an entire room. From sunporches and breakfast nooks to window seats and more, let your imagination be sparked by these sun-kissed spaces.

Use all of the senses to bring your space to life

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Ethos Interiors

Take it outside

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If You Crave a Cozy Spot for Sipping Coffee, Reading or Chatting

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Cristin Priest {Simplified Bee}

A private oasis

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Schwartz and Architecture

When you want to add on

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Siobhan Loates Design Ltd

If You Crave an Energizing Space That Will Lift Your Mood

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Elms Interior Design

If You Crave a Private Nook Where You Can Awaken Slowly

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R Brant Design

Spruce up your sunporch

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Frank Shirley Architects

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