60 Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas Around The World

KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS – Your kitchen is a spot that most people want to look “just so”. This is because it is definitely one of the main rooms in the home..

..and you’ll want to make sure that it looks perfect and gives you what you’re looking for in functionality, comfort, practicality, and style.

We have choose 60 best kitchen island ideas that you can learn, so you can make your island better. Hope can help. Here you go..

1. Clean Island

kitchen cabinets and islands
Image Source: jerikoegel.com

For a full and comfortable kitchen without it feeling as though everything is all cluttered together, take a look at what this first great island can offer.

A sink, a grill, minimal seating, and a clean and open expanse that can be used for just about anything and everything.

It’s slim, quiet in terms of its construction, and easily blended in with majority of options out there that need to be worked into play. This is a great idea for anyone who needs something that will blend in perfectly to the kitchen.

WAIT A SECOND: We have a video that will show you how to DIY movable kitchen island.

2. Food Prep

kitchen eating island
Image Source: designsnw.com

If you are someone who spends a lot of time doing food prep, you’ll want to consider this island for your uses. It’s got a stainless steep top which is great for cleaning and sanitizing between meals, and it is perfectly sized to give you lots of space for cooking and food prep.

On wheels and attached chairs this is a great small sized island is great for entertaining while you prepare a meal for your guests. It’s perfect for all kitchens due to its small size and easy maneuverability throughout the entire time you have it.

3. Long and Handy

freestanding island kitchen units
Image Source: copperbrookhomes.com

Do you, essentially need extra space in your kitchen but don’t have any more space at all in your existing kitchen? This island is long and narrow, making it ideal for tight spaces, and it’s got a built in grill, cupboard space, shelf space, and lots of room for seating, too.

This can easily double as a a table for when you are entertaining, so everything stays in one room. This is great for any of those that are looking for something that can do multiple things. This is especially true for the plain white table surface.

4. Modern and Sleek

modern kitchen island design ideas
Keep glasses handy by installing a hanging shelf. Source: interiorsbydarrenjames.com.au

For the chef that wants to have a truly impressive island space that can serve as a great option for entertaining, there is this fantastic and enviable modern island that is mid-size and great for storage and food prep, not to mention that you can eat along it as a bar top and you won’t be losing anything at all in terms of comfort and a great fit.

It’s meant for those who need modern living and don’t need anything other than a statement piece to fill a large room out. Great for any part of the eating experience.

5. Homey

thin kitchen island
Image Source: stantoninteriors.ca

For anyone that is looking for a touch of home and family,this granite top island is perfect for anyone that is searching for a safe small space where everyone can cling together and enjoy their lives while also making sure that they are taking care of their kitchen space.

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The closed cupboard at the end of the island is a great touch, too, for shoving little nicknacks away and making it a great option for recipe books or other odds and ends that you will need in the kitchen at some point.

6. Antique And Quaint

island for small kitchen ideas
Get additional seating without giving up much space. (source: kitchenlabdesign.com)

If you need a space that is great for decoration or food prep, but you need it to match the cute and antique look of your kitchen, you’ll love this. With a high quality grey base that is perfect for blending in with most tones of the spaces available, you’ll be able to get a full look with maximum colour or quiet tones, whichever you’d prefer.

It’s great for really getting a neat look that makes you see your worth on something as bold as an island for your centerpiece in your room. You can whatever you want with it, too.

7. Modern And Fresh

movable kitchen island with storage
Storage Island Neutrals. Image Source: jacksondesignandremodeling.com

For all of your needs from outlets to storage drawers and cupboards, this is a great island that will really help you see just how much it can transform a space. You’ll be getting all of the needs you have covered and it will still look impressive in its touch and feel as far as clutter and usage goes.

You’re going to be ready to really show the world what you’ve got to offer as far as style and comfort when you entertain guests. All with ease and modern comfort. A match made in culinary heaven.

8. Unique And Fun

small kitchen island with wheels
Showcase a matching pot selection by hanging them above the island. interiorsbydarrenjames.com.au

You don’t have to be stuck in the world of cold shapes and sizes when you have all sorts of options to help you out in this island. You’ll see a great mirrored shelving option and you’ll also really appreciate the round capsule for all of the needs that you have.

With a big expanse that is perfect for helping you transform your world into a stylish and refined one, this is a great, large island that will perfectly tie into the look that you are trying to create for your space.

9. Bigger Is Better

seated kitchen island
Appliance island multi level via redrockdevelopmentllc.com

Multi-level islands are totally all the rage right now and they’re great for those who are looking to spend some time and space in the kitchen with guests.

These areas are all perfectly designed to help you create comfortable seating space for everyone who needs a spot to relax in comfort, and the shelving of the lower half is going to give you all of the needs that you have for your books and other kitchen must-haves.

Better yet is the built in deep sink that is great for food prep as well as washing your dishes in comfort and peace and quiet. A great option to consider.

10. Clean and Dark

small kitchen island with seating for 2
Storage Island Black And White. Image Source: brayerdesign.co.uk

Great for those quiet kitchens that show off their style with simplicity, this island is the perfect combination of a dark counter top that speaks to a great style as well as a series of storage space on the outside of it so that you are going to be able to really explore whatever world you want to with fun and games that will help you move into a new world of style. Great for cleaning and food prep, it’s perfect for all spaces.

11. Country Fresh Kitchen

open kitchen island ideas
Seating Island Low Profile. Image Source: sutroarchitects.com

If you need some home and comfort when you are choosing a kitchen island that is going to never fail to impress, this is definitely something to look at.

It’s got a large space for food prep, chairs that can go all around it to transform it into an eating area, closed and open storage make it great for serving guests, and there is even a spot to hold wine and other must-haves for entertaining.

Great for someone who wants homey and modern in the same go. Warm and fresh and perfect for large groups coming together.

12. Soothing and Sweet

portable kitchen island table
Space Above Island Hanging Shelf. Image Source: wolferizor.com

Great for anyone that is looking for seating, storage space, and usage, this is a great island that will offer a lot to those who are searching for the perfect combination of storage space, food preparation and eating space.

It’s great for big kitchens with an open floor plan, or smaller ones that could use a little extra space in them as far as their needs are concerned. With lots of leg space when the time comes to enjoy a meal, this is great for small crowds or just a traditional family dinner.

13. Bold and Fresh Kitchen Island

island small kitchen
Desc: White island counter tops make both the black countertops and stainless steel appliances pop.

A great world of cool colours and minimal spacing, you’ll be able to really get the most out of the your kitchen area with a great large island that as a lot of counter space for anything that you are trying to work on.

It’ll present a really great option for all those that want to explore the world of comfort and fit, but it only means that you need to do it in small ways.

This has a lot of options, but it’s comfortable in what it supplies and offers each homeowner specifically. It’s all about transforming it into what you need for it.

14. Storage-Friendly

small kitchen island with seating and storage
Putting the stove top across from bar seating creates an environment where guests can socialize with the chef.

For the person who is working hard at making sure they are transforming their space into the best options possible as far as storage goes, this is a great option that really presents a cool and fresh look that is going to help everyone who is looking to change their lives, much happier.

The extra cupboards and drawer space are great for those who need everything arranged just so, and the sink built in is great for the comfort necessity when you are making a big meal and need all of the space you can get to do the job right.

15. Simple and Useful Kitchen

kitchen island black
Image Source: kitchensbyclay.com

For those who need a look at how they can make the room as simple and minimalist as possible, this is a great look into the world that is going to give them everything they need.

The double sink, the sleek food platform that is great for those who needs to clean everything up the right way, the storage spaces, cupboards and drawers, it’s all important to give everything you need in the look and feel that you need for your neutral kitchen. Great for anyone who needs to step up their game.

16. Chef’s Perfection

beautiful kitchens with islands
Space Above Island White Stainless. Image Source: lorihenleinteriors.com

A dark surface with all of the bells and whistles, this is a great look and feel for those who are searching for the right way to get the job done the right way.

This has a grill, a large counter top perfect for getting the meals ready, lots of storage space, and all of this arrange perfectly in the look and feel that you need to get everything done right.

It’s one of those options that gives you things you didn’t even know you were going to need, all of which will help you really create the look and feel of a true kitchen that any master would be proud of.

17. Back to Basics

kitchen island table on wheels
Countertop Island Brown. Image Source: oakleyhomebuilders.com

In homes that already have everything they need, sometimes all that needs to be used is a simple wooden top with some clean and easy to use storage underneath that will really give you a full look and feel.

It just gives you a little something extra but makes sure that you are comfortable and taken care of when it comes to the idea that you need to use simplicity as your strongest weapon.

18. Really Basic Island

stainless steel portable kitchen island
Countertop Island Wheels. Image Source: kerrconstruction.ca

For the homes that simply need space to cook and clean, or even grab a meal, this is definitely the piece for you. It’s got bold red beams, a sitting area, a thick slab top that is perfect for the chef that wants a clean and comfortable wooden tabletop that is really going to help you get the most out of your kitchen area.

This is a great idea for anyone that needs something a little different and as comfortable as possible for their spaces. It’s easily moved around as needed and has something for everyone out there.

19. Modern and Simple Kitchen Island

modern kitchen designs with island
Space Above Island Wood. Image Source: harrell-remodeling.com

A great touch in the direction of all of the things it offers, this island is wood and black, which really gives everyone a look into the idea that they can have a clean and simple kitchen with this to help them out.

The chairs are great for entertaining while still making sure the chef has all of the space that s/he needs to make sure that job is done right.

This is truly great for anyone that needs a comfortable look at their work-based space that is going to make them feel better about what they’re doing.

20. All Wooden Kitchen Island

best kitchen islands with seating
Space Above Island Light Wood. Image Source: awarchitect.com

Perfect for the person who has an entirely wooden are in their kitchen, or a desire to use simply features to make their spaces as safe as possible, this wooden island with its storage and clean look, is really great for anyone who needs some help and support in all of the best features of the kitchen.

Easy to clean and use, this wood grain is going to really warm up any space you put it into, whether it matches the wood tones already set up here, or it simply contrasts the clean look you’ve got going already.

How to Rework your Kitchen

That’s a lot of pressure to put on one room, but it’s something that a lot of people can achieve simply by following a few tips to help you get past the first hurdles of “where do I start?” when it comes to an island that you’ve had just installed.

Maximize Your Counter Space

island design kitchen
Image Source: freshome.com

No matter how big or small the island is, it all comes down to the fact that you really need to maximize the counter space that you have. Be careful not to clutter it up right away with a bunch of options.

Use the counters around the rest of the kitchen to store supplies and storage, so that you can see the island as a clear space that you can build up to help you out. It may seem strange, but if you start from a blank slate, you have many options waiting for you to make it into whatever it is you are looking for.

Add In Seating

kitchen blocks island kitchen
Image Source: mbuh.com

While it may be tempting to save this space all for yourself, put in seating where you can manage it. You will be able to really make this into an inviting space where your friends and family can hang out with you and make sure that you are part of the get together when you are in the kitchen.

It also makes the island as a cozy spot where everyone is going to come together and create the right environment for all involved.

Consider A Few Appliances

kitchen aisle table
Image Source: akuyoraruhje.com

When it comes time to actually add some things to your bare island, choose appliances wisely. A great one to consider is a stovetop, or some other grill options that will stay flat and minimal, but will make this a usable surface.

This is great for those that are looking for a way to make their living areas more comfortable and open to use. It isn’t all just about having a pretty face, after all, is it? Another popular option is a sink and cleaning station, or perhaps even a mini bar if you really have nothing else to add into the space.

Both the sink and the grill top make excellent options, as it will leave the rest of your room free in terms of counter space. It also means that the grill and sink and both easily accessible for whatever your needs are, shared or alone.

Add Storage

movable kitchen island with stools
Image Source: jangantanya.net

You can add smart storage space on your island with drawers, cubbies, cabinets, or just baskets. In this way, your space will be used correctly and in a way that will leave you able to have a clean and collected look without spiraling too far into cluttered.

After all, you want the space to look nice but you also need to make sure that it is going to be useful for all of the tasks that you have in mind.

Whenever possible, make sure you carefully use shelving or cupboards, and keep everything as minimalist as possible to give a refined and smart look that is going to make everything comfortable and accessible to everyone.

Consider Adding Something Above And Below

furniture islands kitchen
Image Source: freshome.com

Don’t be afraid to really use the space both above and below the island as well, for storage, design, look, anything. You can really play around with the look and feel of the space by building it up in a practical yet smart way.

The best way to use the space above is as a pot rack, or maybe even as a range hood, if you have a grill in place on your island. Below, use it for storage like we’ve talked about before, and don’t be afraid to user the area as multi levels so that you can have several things going on at the same time if you need to. It’s all amount smart storage and comfort while staying chic.

It seems like there is all sorts of information flying at you, but what it revolves around is that you need to make sure that you are using the inner and outer are of your island properly so that you are going to be drawing people into your kitchen with a put together look.

The island is a gentle centerpiece, so you need to make sure that it always looks its best while also making sure that you are using it for all of your practical needs as well. Your kitchen, done in the way that you need it.

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