28 Elegant Kids Room Ideas, Full Of Colors

KIDS ROOM IDEAS – In a world governed by pink and blue, dare to be different when it comes to the decor of your child’s room.

It can be incredibly tempting to go with these colours because they are the most accepted ones, but can definitely do your own, neutral thing and still make your child’s room completely fantastic.

Here are 28 great ideas:

Open Books

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Children’s books have bright covers that light up the room, so put them on full display and allow your child’s room to pop with colour in the books.

Removable Wallpaper

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Removable wallpaper is a really bold move that will allow the person to change their room as they get older, and you won’t have to constantly be repainting and tweaking.

Accent Pieces

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To pull a room together, pick a theme and stick with it. You’ll be able to find that your child appreciates it, and you will be able to see it as cute child’s room with room to grow alongside your child.

Neutral and Pop Accents

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If you are someone who simply has to have those bright colour’s in your child’s room, do it with accents options. These will vary with age depending on your child’s interest, and you can get away with changing them every few years .


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If you have a growing child, you can spice up their room with patterned accents such as throw pillows or comforters. This gives the room a mature touch without it being too mature.

Colour Theme

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For the adventurer looking to pick something to link the room together, make it a colour theme and you’ll have what you’re looking for in terms of cohesiveness.

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Go Bold With a True Theme

kids bedroom decor
Image Source: holderdesignassociates.com

If you liked what you saw there, but are looking for something a little more childish, go with an actual childish theme, like a tea party or sports. Then pull it into your child’s room in any way that you can think of.

Try Clashing, Similar Patterns

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If you want a modern look, fun-printed geometric patterns are great, but make sure that they are clashing in such a way that they all stand out to everyone. Great for re-purposing, too.

Give It Some Shape

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If you want to do your changing on a budget, you can do it by making sure that you add some physical shapes to the room and allowing them to draw the eye to them. These can be bright or neutral.

Go With Likes

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Image Source: artspaceinteriors.co.uk

Whether it be a color, an activity, a shape, etc, you can bring in accents that all fit together with a child room and they’re all work together. Find a linking source.

Behold the Accents

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Did you know that you can have everything neutral in a room and then bring all of the different parts together with a simple accent piece? Whether it’s a throw, or a pillow… it all works.

Room For A Guest

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For all of those sleepover years, consider building in an extra bed into the room that can be removed, and this will be perfect for those long giggling nights with minimal work from you.

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Hey Kids, Go Fun!

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When it doubt, go fun. You can still start with the neutral colours, but you can make sure that you have a child’s needs in mind with fun themes that are easily infused into the room.

Pillows Are Great

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It’s a child’s room, remember, they want to have fun. So give them lots of fun pillows and they’ll actually want to have nap time.

Small Matters

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If you have potential accent options that present what you need, but they’re delicate, put them in anyway. Small pieces of decor go a long way.

Neutral Kids Room With Flair

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For the room that wants bright colour, bring it in through bedspreads and window treatments, leaving the room wall bare so that you can repurpose it later on.

Patterned Garland

kids room furniture

While you may not have thought of it as an option, consider patterned garland for your child’s room. It offers great versatility and you can even make it yourself if you want to.

Wallpaper Is Your Best Kids Room’s Friend

girls beds

In a room that you are looking to keep neutral, a neutral or coloured wallpaper can help you a lot of fun and flair out of the potentials of the room. Take a look at the minimalist designs as well as the biggest ones.

Cottage Look And Feel

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Image Source: hidesleep.com.au

Rustic is always in style, so take a look at what you can find as far as classic themes are concerned. You’ll be able to put a lot of random pieces together, too.

Create A Child-Themed Statement Wall

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Image Source: artfuldays.io

You will be able to pull in the young themes with a statement wall that is going work for anyone who is looking for a way to explore art and crafts with their child.


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You can get a lot of things done if you need to with the decals that are going to be going in place on a wall. These are fun, cute, and can easily come on and off. Plus, they’re simple ways to decorate.

Toy Time

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If you are a child that loves to play, allow them to proudly display their toys and then you won’t have to try and hide them. Toy boxes are great for that.

Bookshelf wall as your child ages, bookshelves on a wall can be repurposed, but they’re great to play around with as far as decorations are concerned,

Girl Room Classic White And Colour

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Image Source: billbocken.com

As you work to make sure that you are playing the colours right, use white walls as a background for decor. It’ll all come together nicely.

Gender Equality Theme In the Kids Room

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Image Source: alexfindlater.com

Gender-based rooms are great, and you can do it without getting too pink and blue. Worth a look.

Nature Is Great Kids Room

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Image Source: petitevintageinteriors.com.au

It can also be great for decor. Go with nature themed colours and accents, it’s great for parents and child both.

Kids Room With Minimalist Detailing

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If you need to, keep the detail to a minimum and throw in a few touches of colour and pattern everywhere.

Fun Is Good For Your Kids Room

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Remember, this is a child’s room. Use colour and bright patterns to bring in the childish part of it.

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