Jump-Start Your Kitchen With These Minimalist Essentials

Whether you’re setting up your kitchen for the first time, downsizing or just aiming to simplify your life with a more minimalist kitchen setup, this guide is a good place to begin. If you own only the 17 items on this list (we’ll assume you’re starting with a can opener) you’ll be in good shape to tackle everything from pancakes to roast chicken.

What you won’t find here: cake pans, a turkey-size roasting pan, a food processor or any highly specialized tools and appliances. If and when your cooking life requires any of these items, you’ll know.

1. Cutting board

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Current Interiors

2. Baking sheet

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Kathy Marshall Design

3. Skillet

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4. Baking dish

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Space Craft Joinery

5. Dutch oven

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Chris Snook

6. Ladle

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NEAT Method

7. Whisk

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Space Craft Joinery

8. Vegetable peeler

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Space Craft Joinery

9. Measuring cups and spoons

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NEAT Method

10. Honing steel

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NEAT Method SF

11. Paring knife

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Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

12. Stock pot

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13. Grater

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Glenvale Kitchens

14. Serrated knife

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Canyon Construction

15. Chef’s knife

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BergHOFF International Inc

16. Mixing bowls

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Dura Supreme Cabinetry

17. Saucepan

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The Home Depot

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