10 Japanese Interior Designs That Are Going To Transform Your World

JAPANESE INTERIOR DESIGN – As you get ready to transform the world around you in one form or another, you need to find the best way to take on the things that are going to transform your world for the better.

If can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, but if you are looking for a way to make your room look a thousand times better, consider it by putting in Japanese style themes.

This is a fun and flashy way to totally transform your world for the better and it will give you a lot of growth and comfort in the idea of spiritual and emotional development.

Regardless as to the reasons that you are looking to bring Japanese influences into your interior design, you’ll find a lot of reasons to keep you satisfied with the decisions that you’ve made about your home.

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Here are 10 ways to put those Japanese themes into your interior design that are going to be easy, accessible, effective, and will give you some great touches of foreign culture and minimalism that is going to help you get your life in order.

1. Embrace Nature in Japanese Style Interiors

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When you are starting out the process of bringing Japanese style into your home, you can easy find a starting point in embracing all things in regards to nature.

The Japanese see nature as the core of life, so bring some nature into your space with the plants that you can use to help you, such as bamboo. By bringing plants into your home, you’ll find that nature is brought into your home as well.

Since nature is where we all come from in one way or another, this will keep us in touch with our roots (pun intended).

Many find that that when they put nature into their world, they become more grounded and more comprehensive in what they want to do with their goals.

Their life has more purpose and they will find that they are able to figure out how to get to that stage of mental clarity. It may seem a little far fetched, but nature really does a lot to revitalize you.

2. Soaking Tubs Are A Must In Japanese Style

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Believing that rest and relaxation are critical for a happy and successful life, you need to consider the option of some kind of soaking tub.

This will help you find that calm moment in your life, but will also give you a space to breathe and find serenity in your world, not to mention that it makes a great accent to your home. It can be a hot tub, or a simple soaker tub. Just use it wisely.

Taking the time to rest for a moment and find that inner peace is going to enable you to more forward with your life and see why the things that are bugging you are, in fact bugging you. It’s a space for your mental and emotional growth to occur, not to mention that it will rest your physical body, too.

3. Japanese Sliding Doors

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You need to embrace tones of Japanese culture in how your home is constructed too. One good example is in the sliding doors that they use to create a safe and comfortable space.

These are easily installed, give you great space storage (in terms of space needed for swinging doors) and give your home some great character that is bound to get you some positive attention before too long.

You can get them in varying sizes and looks. Always look for one that uses wood and natural colours and themes to stick with the Japanese appeal.

These look great with modern homes, too, as they really work to open up a space, and you can give the space open (helping bring in the Japanese concept even more), or you can close yourself off into a room when you need the mental space.

They really do a lot for anyone that is looking for a way to change how their home reflects their needs.

4. Use Wood Freely

amazing japanese living room style
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Much like we just talked about, the Japanese style of living relies a lot of natural grains such as wood. You need to bring wood into your home in a big way, through window frames, accents, doorways, etc.

Wood touches and finishes are a great way to bring the natural world into your home and you can get all sorts of options that are going to bring you happiness and peace in your life.

If you are having flashbacks to the 70s and 80s where wood-based panelling was all the rage, don’t worry. You will be able to see that this looks very different, though the idea is the same.

The wood hues will be naturally coloured and it will be all about getting in touch with the light colours of the wood so that you can reflect the natural light coming into your home (see below). It’ll be natural you almost won’t even notice it.

5. Transform Your Entryway

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As far as a focus are is concerned, dedicate some attention to your entryway. Traditionally, stone is used to give a natural and comfortable feeling to an entryway. This, or stone tile should be on the floor.

Also make sure that you have a wood-based shoe platform for people to put their boots and shoes. Otherwise make sure the entryway is clutter-free and calming at first glance.

While you may not think of it this way, your entryway determines the first impression of a home, so you need to make sure that it is calming and full of a clean and sophisticated feel both for you and your guest.

So, despite how you want to feel about it, you need to make sure that your entryway is clutter-free and all about the natural tones and elements that you can pull into it.

6. Japanese Design Use Lower Furniture

calm japanese bedroom idea
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The Japanese always enjoy having furniture that is lower to the ground (or entirely on the ground), so if you want to make sure your interior design matches up nicely with those themes, you need to find yourself some low furniture.

You’ll also find this beneficial in the way that you live your life because your bed and couch will be close to the floor instead of raised from it. It creates a more comfortable area.

If you really want to get crazy about it, you should consider the idea of a low coffee table with floor cushions that will really bring in the themes of Japanese culture and lifestyle.

You’ll be able to really get in touch with the idea that being low to the ground gives you a lot of peace in your life. It will essentially help you connect with your possessions some more and make you appreciate them in your life.

7. Cut the Clutter

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Clutter is distracting emotionally and mentally, so create smart storage spaces with full covers so that you can create a smooth and comfortable space that allows you to make sense of the physical world around you.

This will help you in a number of ways and will give to you more than you think right now. Make sure you don’t underestimate its important presence in your life.

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When you have a design that is about closing off what clutter you do have, you’ll see pretty quickly that it has an important place in your life.

It is all about getting in touch with the things that mean the most to you and hiding away the things that don’t matter at all to you. It really helps you to figure out what deserves a place in your rooms and and what doesn’t.

8. Natural Lighting Should be Enhanced

amazing japanese living room style
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This is something that is going to give you a lot of benefit in terms of your happiness level as well as keep you feeling as though you are really pulling in those Japanese interior design.

The Japanese use natural light as their strongest weapon and you will find that you are going to be able to really benefit from it if you use it to your benefit.

Natural light will make you feel as though you are always light and happy, even on the dark days, so use it as a great aid in your life.

This is part of connecting with nature in a way that benefits your spiritual and emotional health as well as the quality of your home.

As mentioned earlier, the wood themes that you put into your home will pick up the light and enhance it even more so that you feel as though your home is absolutely radiating with light.

9. Go with Natural, General Colours

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When it comes to painting your rooms and picking colour schemes, try to go with natural colours. This is true to the Japanese style and will also help you find a sense of self.

You need to make sure that you are embracing all of the great things in life that are coming your way due to a strong connection with the natural elements.

You can get some great ideas by looking online for colours and you’ll find that most options are all about looking at how to soften an area up and make it much more homey.

The colour schemes are all about making your home much more accessible to yourself in terms of your inner peace.

10. Japanese Have A Meditation Area

calm japanese bedroom idea
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While you are transforming your physical space, you need to take into mind the idea of a meditation area. This is one of the best ways that you can conquer a lot of the negative spaces that modern homes have, and it’ll bring into effect the full themes of the Japanese interior design that means so much to you.

This is the last touch that you can add to your home so that it reflects the image that you are trying to hard to create.

This is an element to bringing Japanese culture into your life that most people forget about for one reason or another.

The thing is, it’s just as important as the rest of the elements, because you are transforming your space in order to make it more emotionally accessible to yourself.

One of the key elements to that is finding time and a safe place to get in tune with what you are looking for in your life in terms of it physically and emotionally.

So, make sure you form a space for yourself that you can go to when you need a moment connect with yourself and figure out what you’re looking for in your life.


You are doing great work in making your home into something that means something to you. It doesn’t matter why you want to bring Japanese influences into your home, it just matters that you are finding the advice here that you need to make the right change for you.

Your home is your safe space full of qualities that matter to you. Make it even better with the Japanese themes that can easily be put into your world. It will bring you a lot of great happiness with little effort required from you.

You will love all of the things that it brings to your life and to your home, too. Plus, your guests will enjoy it all, and soon they’ll be looking to you for renovation ideas when it comes to their own homes and ideas.

Before you know it, you’re the voice of reason. These 10 ideas are simple but effective for your goal of bringing in Japanese interior design to your interior design. Embrace them, tweak them to mean something in your life, and enjoy all that your world has to offer you and your fantastic modern home.

You’ll see pretty soon that this was the make over that you needed to help make your home into something that made you happy from the second that you walked through the door.

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