13 Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Winter, at least for those in chilly climates, is a time when the garden lies dormant … which also means it’s the perfect time to sit in the cozy house and plan. Would you like to add edibles, a water feature, a flower garden, a new deck or an entire series of outdoor rooms?

Take some time dreaming up a new garden plan this winter, steaming mug of tea in hand, and you’ll be ready to go when spring arrives. Mull over these ideas, then dream up your own and share them in the Comments.

1. Sketch out your ideas on paper

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The Brickman Group, Ltd

2. Make a seating area feel more private

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Froglet Moss

3. Enhance an urban yard with a unique water feature

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Huettl Landscape Architecture

4. Go wild with flowers

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The Aldrich Company – Landscape Design

5. Consider steps and pathways between outdoor rooms

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risa boyer architecture

6. Add evening ambience

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Boekel Tuinen

7. Get more function out of a small space with well-defined zones

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Aloe Designs

8. Redraw your beds

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Aloe Designs

9. Add edibles

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Aloe Designs

10. Get more out of secondary areas

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Giulietti Schouten Architects

11. Consider doing away with the lawn

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12. Think of your yard as a series of outdoor rooms

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austin outdoor design

13. Extend your indoor living space with a deck

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Feldman Architecture, Inc.

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