70 Girls Room Design and Decorating Ideas

Having a girl child is something most people desire so if you are fortunate to get one, you are encouraged to do anything possible to make her happy. Your girl will feel much more valuable to you when you try to make her special.

This does not connote that you must be an artist or an award winner in interior decoration because there are thousands of girls room decorating ideas from which you can pick from.

In case you are left with no choice on what to do, this article presents at least ten ways by which you can surprise your little girl and make her feel that she means more than a million pounds to you.

Wall Decorated with a Hobby

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This fantastic design is very easy to make. In fact, you can do it for your child even if you have nothing. Find out what your little girl cherishes the most and include it in her room. For example, if she likes basketball, you can either get basketball wallpapers or real basketballs hanging at strategic points in her room.

Since they are just there for fancy, you may choose to paint them in different colors. On the other hand, if your girl is in love with skateboards as she may have seen quite a lot of them on the television during sporting events, you can hang about three or four of them in different colors.

One good thing about this kind of design is that it encourages your teen to grow up living her dreams. If you can show her that you are mindful about her future as tender as she is, she will put more effort to make you proud as she grows up.

Canopy Bed Design


Making your child sleep in a bed that looks quite different from the ones she sees in her friend’s house can go a long way in showing an extra level of love and care towards her.

Because the bed design is itself unique in appearance, your teen girl begins to learn at her early age how to maintain things that are special to avoid them from getting damaged. The canopy bed design also improves her way of thinking, creativity and design.

As she wakes up from bed each morning, you will see that sign of gratitude as she greets you with a beam of smile. Just in case you think your lovely little daughter isn’t yet fond of you, try the canopy bed design today and notice the change in her.

The canopy bed design is easy to do as all you need may be just a few pieces of aprons. You will only have to make one or two changes to a conventional room design.

Decorative Box Charge Station


It is not compulsory to come up with any unique design. There are other ways to augment for it and one of them is by purchasing a box charging station. If your teen girl is permitted to use a phone, you can make each charging experience for her more enticing by adding a box charging station to her room.

This is not just like any other box as it is decorative and can contain her phones and their accessories. One benefit she will find out about this is the fact that the box station can hide her phones to prevent theft.

You can make the room look more unique by deciding to add an inscription to it saying something like “dad and mum love you” or make an image of her on the box. If you wish, make a picture of her on it in her professional clothes.

If she wants to be a lawyer, put a picture of her in her wigs on the body of the box. This will make her always conscious of her academics instead of using her phones for irrelevant purposes.

White and Black Curtain Rooms


A simple decoration and a trick with colors are just enough to make a girl child fall much more in love with her parents. Instead of going too expensive and ending up with color combinations that riot, it will be easier for you and the girl to have a simple design like white and black.

Having white and black spotted curtain and pillow in her room propels her instinct for nature and peace. It also makes her to be more careful and increases her awareness about cleanliness since she becomes aware of the fact that the color can easily attract dust and become stained

If you already have a curtain hanging, you may switch the idea of making a curtain to buying a carpet with white and black spots. Make a few other things hanging on the wall to be of the same color. For instance, her picture frames may also go with the color combination.

Purple Color Design


Apart from white and black, girls in their teens love purple colored items. This is why many of them now go for the purple attachments and hair extensions.

Imagine bringing that color closer to her such that she lives in it; her imagination of how much valued she is will most likely increase by a hundred percent. Decorating her room with purple also makes her feel like her queen and it is be an illustrative way to let her know that she is more than a queen to you.

Items you may decide to make purple in the room include the curtains, her lamp shades and her pillow case. Everything must not be purple actually. Having a mixture of white in between purple colors is just alluring.

Holly Golightly Charm


The Holly Golightly charm will work best for your child if she is growing up to become a model, a singer, a TV presenter or any other kind of familiar figure. The design brings to the forefront, the image of Holly Golightly.

If you can paint this, that will be okay. However, be reminded that this has to do with your wall and it may cost you much more in the end if you fail to design it properly at first. Some people are masters in creating this image and you know that the effect is most felt when the design is perfect.

The picture goes with other things in the room that depict the time of the famous icon. Having an old bed and painting the room in the same color as the picture will create a long lasting effect. You might have a wall paper instead if painting the wall is expensive.

If you want this, it will be fun to buy a gigantic one and something much thicker than the ordinary ones. It will be better to go for the design if it is available on a board.

Canopy Tent Reading Nook


The canopy tent reading nook is a great way of motivating your child to read while you still make her feel special with a cute decoration. The reading nook makes her come home early enough at least to enjoy some time with her books instead of playing with her friends after school hours.

With this, she has an early understanding that reading is fun and should not be termed tedious as most of her mates do. She stands a higher chance to make her mark at the beginning of her life and lead others through the path of excellence.

This design is not difficult to make if you have white aprons and some flowers. A pink or purple flower in the nook should be enough to do the magic. A bulb should hang inside the nook and a reading lamp should be made available in the same color with the design if possible.

The Zigzag Design


Introducing some zigzag designs on the wall can make your child enticed. She may have probably not seen anything like this in her entire life as they are quite rare to find. It requires a little bit of patience and hard work for the designer to succeed in its charm.

Some color combinations are a must though it depends on what the girl wants. If blue, black and white are her right colors, these three combinations on the wall forming wavelike images with sharp tops and bottoms will be her favorite in years to come.

A more inspiring design is to make her bed color match with that on the wall and placing them close to each other. A white bed sheet and a blue pillow case will improve the appearance.

Shared Room Dorm Design


The shared room design is perfect if you have more than one daughter. Let’s say you have an identical twin; the shared room design may be the most fancied type for them. Everything on one bed is completely reproduced on the other bed to show that you love them equally and that they should always want to share things in common.

The common design for twins will make more sense if the interior decoration is made in their best colors and appropriately mixed. The advantage of this design is that one half of the room is just like a mirror image of the other half.

The only distinguishing factor may be the pictures of the children at their respective beds. A standing box may be placed near each of the beds to improve the interior decoration or to help the kids climb to their beds if there are still very young.

Bunk Room Design


Another option for girls’ room decorating ideas is to have a bunk room design. The bed room can be made to look much more different from what the girls have in their dormitories by concealing it in beautifully colored and designed drapes to make them have the feeling of being in a self contained apartment.

This is indeed an excellent option for parents who have more than a girl and lack the finance to build two separate beds.

Besides, staying together on the same bunk is nice for them as it improves their interaction and sense of togetherness. It is a great idea for twins too and a good substitute for the shared room dorm design.

The bunk room design is accompanied with a small ladder for the other child to climb to her bed. It will be nice to make the drapes designed in zigzag lines of white and black to match a blue wall. Nevertheless, it all depends on what the girls want.


Because girls are delicate and should be well nurtured, it is important to make sure that you have an eye on them so that they can have someone to talk to when they are in need of something or your attention.

One of the ways of doing so is by making their bedrooms look unique. Girls love designs and color and it may matter to them more than you even think. To have a perfect idea of what to do, you may have to contact an experienced interior decorator and one who has been into making exclusive girl room designs for a good number of years.

They will help you decide on the furniture and color of gadgets that will match the things within. Sometimes, instead of insisting on a particular choice, it is better to allow them handle the entire work for you.

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