10 Fun Features to Bring Your Landscape to Life

Decorating your garden or other available landscape is as important as decorating the inside of your home, but it can sometimes be tricky to do when you are looking at doing something the right way.

There are so many options for landscape design, but how do you choose which one is going to look best for your home?

Here are some great ideas to pull from so that your search is as simple as taking a loot at some of the best options for fun landscape designs.

1. Bean Tepee

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CREDITS: Maria Hickey & Associates Landscapes

Growing beans has to be done in neat rows with a proper trellis and other structuring to make sure that they are maintained as they grow. But who ever said that they actually have to be done in neat rows? Why not take those trellis’ and make them into a teepee?

You’ll be able to have the same structure that you need to keep your beans growing properly, you just don’t need to deal with getting those rows perfectly even. You can use the teepee idea, or design your own structure that will be sweet, practical, and fun.

2. Gnome Tree

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CREDITS: plantersgarden.com

A what? Yes, you heard that right. Built from all natural materials, you can create a sweet centrepiece for garden design that is going to be great for those little imaginations as well.

With lots of character to be added in tis large mushroom-style top and trunk, you can make this into a playstation but still make sure that it’s going to be a design element above all else. Great for masking a playset or swings or even a hollow trunk, there’s lots to be done with this fun option.

3. Outdoor Windows

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CREDITS: Slater Associates Landscape Architects

A fun and flashy option – literally – this is going to be a great way to dress up a garden shed or other building that could use some love and attention.

The windows that you see are actually mirrors that are in a window frame and shuttered. This is fun and really a great way to add some decor to a building without it being too over the top or difficult in making it work.

4. Art Boulders

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CREDITS: GARDENIA-Sharly & Tanya Illuz

There’s nothing quite like a big rock to draw the eye in garden design, so use this idea when you’re designing your space. It could be a series of smaller ones, a medium-sized one, or a large one.

But make it work for you and focus on bringing it into the design. Doesn’t fit? Try making it a statement pieces with paint or other dyes! It can really be a fun option to dress up the space and it’ll be great for the whole family to enjoy as well.

5. Bench With a View

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CREDITS: GARDENIA-Sharly & Tanya Illuz

There’s no doubt that a garden is not complete without a bench, so make sure that you add one into your design and make sure that it is overlooking the best view out there so that it can be a great piece of furniture with a purpose.

6. Bring In The Bridge

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CREDITS: Erik Block Design Build LLC

This is fun and a great way to reuse some old wood and other materials. If you have a small creek in your yard, even one that is easily passable with a hop, add a bridge for aesthetic. It’ll be a great way for you to get the kids involved, too, and it can be as custom as you want it to be. It adds definition to the space, too.

7. Consider a Zen Feel

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CREDITS: Greenworks Design

You can add a moon gate to your space and find out that it’ll quickly become a great additive to a zen sort of feel to your space. It’s fun, unique, and sure to get people talking – in a good way, that is!

8. Birdhouse And Bee House Tuteurs

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CREDITS: TerraTrellis

Feed the birds with a great feeder at the top, and make sure you feed the bees with lots of floral arrangements. Both can be done at once and will offer a great way to spruce up the decor and make a difference, too.

9. Hanging Birdbath

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CREDITS: Sustainable Garden Design Perth

You can never go wrong with a quintessential birdbath, so hang one up in a spot that could use some love and you’ll be able to really enjoy how it will spice the place up. Whether you want to colour it or leave it at its neutral shade, this is going to be perfect for all of your needs.

10. Colorful Trellis

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CREDITS: TerraTrellis

Too often, a trellis is intended to fade into the background, but make them part of your style deliberately by painting them a contrasting colour and making them shine on their own. They’re a part of your garden, so allow them to do their own thing!


These ideas will help you get the inspiration you need to make both your garden and your overall landscape a roaring success.

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