19 Unusual Fish Tank Ideas, The Ultimate Stress Killer

Are you insomniac, have high blood pressure or is your life full of stressful work? Well why not get an aquarium and relax. Many studies have shown that just by watching a fish do their daily business can help you relax and relieve you from your worries.

An aquarium can be a beautiful accessory to your home. An aquarium not only adorns your living room but also gives you a companion that you need to look after. There are many creative aquarium designs that you can utilize to make your living room look fresh and lively.

1. Balancing Fishbowl

The Balancing fishbowl also known as Bubble Tank is designed by Psalt. When you look at this aquarium you will feel nostalgic as that tank looks like it’s about to fall. The Bubble Tank is designed as an inspiration from a water drop that was ready to flow over the edge on which the drop was resting.

You can feel the discomfort crawling through your mind as you look at the tank, looking as if it’s going to flow down. Rest assured the bubble tank is extremely stable and intact. The balancing fishing bowl can be an aesthetic addition to your drawing room.

2. Pipeline Fish Tank

Now, what can be more fun than seeing fishes floating above you in a pipeline? The Pipeline Fish Tank is connected two tanks with the help or a glass pipe.

In this way, the fish tank not only provides an aesthetically beautiful and refreshing environment but also give the fish wider environment where they can swim from one tank to the other.

The tank is built with real physics as long as the pipeline is air tight and the water level is maintained throughout the aquarium everything can be sustained properly.

3. Fishescape Fishbowl

The Fishescape fishbowl can be a beautiful home for your fish. Aruliden designed it for Gaia and Gino. The fishescape can hold around 2.5 gallons of water. They also come in different sizes so you can have the fishbowl that suits your needs.

The inside of the bowl has an interior landscape that gives it an aesthetic touch. This unique tank has also won the Red Dot Design award. Each and every bowl is delicately made with great care to make it as unique as possible. It is also suggested that you wash it with hands and handle with great care.

4. Aquarium Sink

An aquarium sink is a highly entertaining accessory that allows you to decorate your sink with either fishes or a Zen garden within your restroom. This will create an artistically beautiful décor for your restroom or where ever your sink is set.

The sink is designed such that the top glass is removable making it easy for you to clean and maintain. If you decide to create an aquarium sink then, you can rest assured that both sides of the sink offer a large space for the fish to swim comfortably.

5. Mason Jar Fish Tank and Vase Shelf

For a fresh and beautiful home, you need to have as many plants as you can. In the modern age, it is not possible to have your own personal garden but worry not there are many DIY projects that you can build for having indoor plants.

The Mason Jar Fish tank and Vase shelf is one such project. The fish tank can serve two purposes at the same time. You can set the shelf in your drawing room or where ever you want in your home and create a mini aquarium with flowers.

The hole in the jar offers enough oxygen for the fish to breathe. The setup is incredibly easy to maintain as the jars can easily unscrew from the bottom of the shelf making it easy to clean and fill.

6. Fish Tank Coffee Table

A coffee table is where all the crowd gathers whenever there is a party at home. So why have a fish tank for a coffee table? This coffee table is a fully functional aquarium where your fishes will be living at the base, and you can place anything you please without disturbing the fish.

The table has a two inch opening at the top of the table from where you can feed your fish. The entire top glass can be lifted easily in case you want to clean, redecorate, or add more fish. Why have an ordinary coffee table when you can have this amazing aquarium for a coffee table!!

7. Poor Little Fish

“Poor Little Fish,” is an unusual and unique approach designed by Yan Lu, for saving water. The approach is having a small fish in a basin where the water level goes down when you use the basin and you are prompted to think about your water consumption. Mind you the water level does go down but does not drain out.

The water level is maintained by two separate pipelines connected to the basin, which fills the tank back to its usual measure once the water stops running the water. The best thing about the basin is that the water is pure as the pipe to the tap does not connect to the bowl.

8. Duplex Aquarium / Bird Cage

Have you ever seen a bird and a fish living together in the same cage? No? I knew it! Well, you can not only see this extraordinary phenomenon but also have it in your home.

Yes, in your home, this Duplex Aquarium plus a bird cage is an improbable encounter between a fish and a bird. Constance Guisset creates this unique design.

The thermoformed aquarium creates a space where the bird can fly at the same level as the fish; this allows you to see both the birds and the fishes as if they are living together.

9. Hanging Fish Tank

The Hanging Fish Tank is an unusual accessory for your drawing room or office. The fish tank has a copper stand with the glass aquarium hanging from the stand like a glass bulb.

The aquarium has a LED light at the top which lightens in moon white. Although the lights are at the head of the aquarium but are built in such a way that they do not shine on the fish. The hanging fish tank has its feeding holes at the top of the tank.

10. Labyrinth Aquarium

The Labyrinth Aquarium is one of the rarest and innovative aquariums. The aquarium has six fish tanks connected to each other with the help of glass pipes, this way the fish can swim freely from one tank to another.

The labyrinth aquarium can be a great addition to the aesthetic beauty of your home and office. These tanks are placed on tables that come in three colors black, cherry, and carbon.

The table hides the rare filtration and lighting components for the fish tank. This aquarium is designed for tropical freshwater fish.

11. Fish Bowl

Fishbowls are projected that has fifteen different piece that has fishbowls in fifteen different variations. Each piece is attributed to the different human quality and suggests a different solution.

Each piece has its own name and is suggestive of our attributes. For instance, one of the pieces is named as “Dear Neighbor” indicative of our delicate relation with our neighbors, “Don’t Piss Me Off” tells us about the power we have of deciding between life and death of the fish and the same goes for the other designs as well.

The basic aim of the designer Roger Arquer is to attribute human qualities to the fish and give a solution for certain human dilemma.

12. Sofa Aquarium

“Aquarium Sofa” is not just a name, but there is literally an aquarium in a sofa. This innovative piece of décor is a sofa that has fish tanks on its both sides.

The tank can be decorated with floating weeds and filled with fishes of your choice. Although the sofa is a bit expensive, that is USD 12,000 but the appealing touch it will give your living room is worth it.

If you are a fish fan and love to have fishes all around you, I suggest you get your hands on this fabulous sofa which is not only cozy and comfortable but has your cute little fishes swimming all around you.

13. Infinity Aquarium

The Infinity aquarium is a visual metaphor of life. It is suggestive of how the human life spins around in the same dimensions.

The Infinity Aquarium was presented at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan. As stated above it is a conceptual prototype that illustrates how “swimming around in circles” may look like.

The Infinity aquarium has a repetitive geometrical shape; it has three dimensions that are a representation of the Möbius strip.

The aquarium is handcrafted from cut glass. This metaphorical presentation cuts down the concept of time and space and suggests how mundane human struggle can be. Designed by the BCXSY studio, the Infinity aquarium can be a great addition to your office.

14. Desktop Jellyfish Tank

If you are a jellyfish fan, you know that a jellyfish cannot go into any regular fish tank. Jellyfish gets stuck and sucked by the filtration intakes which kills them. This is why they need their very own especially designed home.

Alex with the help of the Kickstarter donors created a unique Desktop Jellyfish Tank. The tank is easy to maintain same as a regular fish tank. The tank is controlled from the bottom up which is the reason why it is safe for jellyfish.

The desktop jellyfish tank has also won the best new aquarium product for this year’s Global Pet Expo trade show.

15. World Trip Aquarium

Why make your fish swim in a cramped bowl when it can swim around the world? Albeit, a slight version of the world. Designed Takuro Yamamoto Architects, this coffee table aquarium creates a beautiful aquarium for your fish and can become a beautiful part of your living room.

The aquarium is made of clear Lucite, intricately cut in the shape of the continents. The tank gives a much larger space for the fish to swim freely.

16. Aquarium Office Table

You don’t always need a large space to set your aquarium. The way modern technology is evolving; there is innovation in every aspect of our life. If you are a fish lover and have recently shifted to an office where you do not have enough space for your old aquarium worry not as this aquarium office table is a marvelous innovation where your aquarium is integrated into your working table.

In this way not only can you keep your fishes but can always peek at them while working. The aquarium is quite large which gives you greater options in choosing the fish you want.

17. Telephone Booth Aquarium

Telephone booths may be out of use but not for the amazing and innovative designers, Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino. They have transformed a regular phone booth into an incredible aquarium.

This aquarium can keep large fishes as well as small fishes all alike due to its large space. It is a fully functional aquarium. The project was introduced in 2007 for Lyon’s Light Festival held in France.

These water tanks is a way of reinventing the disappearing phone booth due to the rise of the mobile phone. Theses water tanks have been installed in a few cities over the years.

18. Portable Fishbowl

Walk your fish even though it doesn’t have legs in this fantastic portable fishbowl. Designed by Michal Sabtiali the portable fishbowl is meant for kids with divorced parents. Nevertheless, the fish bowl can be of great use for pet shops and for those who are constantly on the move.

You don’t have to keep your fish in a plastic bag and worry about mishaps. You can now take your portable bowl to the pet shop and bring the new fish to your aquarium safe and sound.

19. Old TV Aquarium

Do you remember the old TV set that people used to gather around and watch? Well, check your grandparent’s garage and you might find one but with all the new tech coming into the market there is no place for this vintage TV sets but you can convert it into a fish tank.

There are many DIY projects on YouTube where you can learn how to turn your old retro TV set into a fish tank. It is always great to find a new use for your old stuff, and you don’t have to throw it away.

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