13 Extra-Cool Things to Do With a Backyard

Your backyard doesn’t have to be ordinary like so many other backyards out there. There are several ways by which you can transform your backyard and give it a unique touch that will wow your guests.

In this article, we’ll look at 13 classy ways of bringing your backyard back to life. No matter your taste, there is something that you’ll love.

1. Add a Lava Rock Shower For Your Backyard

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SOURCE: GM Construction, Inc.

Lava rock showers will give your backyard a stony mountain look. There’s nothing better than cooling off under a lava rock shower after a hot, sunny day.

Add plants, nice mermaid paintings and stepping stones for a great outdoor look.  Showering in a lava shower is a beautiful experience that is second to none.

2. Have A Sculptural Fountain In Your Backyard

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SOURCE: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Fountains are not as expensive to build as you may think. You don’t need to go all in for a massive edifice. You can make a simple sculptural fountain like the one in the image above.

You can use a sculpture of a dragon, sphinx, lion or any animal that catches your fancy. Imagine how thrilled your friends will be if they discover that you have a fountain in your backyard.

3. Have A Replica of Ancient Ruins In Your Backyard

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SOURCE: Mayita Dinos Garden Design

Ever wondered why tourists are drawn to ancient ruins? They serve as a reminder of past civilizations and an insight into the history of cities.

You can draw people to your backyard by creating ancient ruins in your backyard. Use a combination of stone urns containing fire, crumbling stone walls, antique fountains etc. You can also add a mini-antique fountain.

4. Have An Outdoor Room

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SOURCE: GARDENIA-Sharly & Tanya Illuz

You could have outdoor rooms in your backyard. Get nice seats and benches. Arrange flower pots between the chairs and the shrubs for a nice blend.

Sprayed wooden furniture will look so good in the outdoor room (split logs of wood could do). Have a fireplace to keep warm on those chilly nights.

You can plant trees to provide shade on sunny days and add natural paintings to make the place come alive. Your backyard will be perfect for dining or just relaxing with friends.

5. Lay Down a Stone Path

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SOURCE: GARDENIA-Sharly & Tanya Illuz

A lot of times, we have to walk on twigs, shrubs and grass to find our way through our backyard. This could cause our shoes and clothes to get stained. But with a stone path, dirt won’t be an issue.

A stone path will also make the way well defined, so people can walk around the backyard without stepping on your flowers and plants. You can use the stone path to direct people around the garden effortlessly.

6. Set Up an Outdoor Tub

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SOURCE: swelldone.com

Imagine how luxurious it would feel to soak in a tub in your backyard while listening to the soothing backyard sounds, enjoying the cool evening breeze on your skin, and sipping some champagne after a hard day work.

You can have a plumber work it out for you. You can use outdoor screens to protect your privacy especially if you can be seen by neighbors.

7. Arrange a Living Room In Your Backyard

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SOURCE: Antonio Martins Interior Design

You could go all in and have a living room in your backyard. Who says you can’t have one there? It’s your call to make. You can use outdoor curtains on a pergola or gazebo to frame the outdoor living room and create a perimeter.

You can also add an arch or a trellis that gives guests the impression of entering a new space or room. Add outdoor carpets, throw pillows and other accessories to make the outdoor living room more complete.

8. Use Colorful Tile

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SOURCE: Marco Antun

Outdoor tiles bring color to a backyard. The tiles could be on a wall or a countered tabletop. You can even use them on ceramic benches and stools in the garden. The tiles could have lovely imprints of flowers, trees and shrubs to complement your backyard better.

9. Plan a secret seating area

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SOURCE: JWT Associates

You could have a reserved, secluded area in your backyard for relaxation, meditation and catching up on some reading.

This will be a hiding place, set apart from other areas of your backyard. The bamboos further help to shelter you away from unwanted prying eyes, and they provide shade for you. The lounge chair will help to keep you well-relaxed.

10. Set Up a Dining Table

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An outdoor dining table could be the perfect place for sharing meals and conversations with friends and family. Why continue to have boring, indoor meals when you could have interesting outdoor meals with those you love? Use dining tables that are not susceptible to damage by the weather.

11. Create a Party Pad That Is Covered With Vine

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SOURCE: Vgzarquitectura Diseño SC

Love hosting parties? Then why don’t you transform your backyard into a party pad for all? Use hanging vines to fence the party pad and string party lights all around the pad for a pleasant effect. Add a fireplace and use beautiful, colorful chairs to highlight the party vibe.

12. Add a Built-in Mosaic Bench

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SOURCE: Clement Desylva

You can get a nicely done mosaic bench for your backyard. Mosaic benches are weather-resistant, so you won’t need to protect them from the weather. Add colorful throw pillows to complement the mosaic bench. This will be a perfect place for hosting guests or just chilling.

13. How About a Surfboard Shower?

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SOURCE: Wilco Bos Design + Remodels

Got any old surfboard that you aren’t using anymore? You can convert it to a surfboard shower. A surfboard shower will look unique in a backyard. It is a surprising touch that serves the dual purpose of decoration and utility.

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  1. Love these great outdoor ideas! Having fun transforming once so ugly and neglected backyard into my own personal sanctuary. My husband and I are both retired and move slow but we’re making changes that give us hope. Thank you very much.

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