8 Dreamy Kids’ Bedroom Ceilings to Stir Imagination

As a child, I’d lie on my canopy bed searching for faces in the wood grain slats above me. As I grew older, I continued to focus my imagination upward, standing on tiptoe on a footstool to stick glow-in-the dark stars to my ceiling (the adhesive would later become the bane of my parents’ existence) and helping a friend transform ceiling light cans into a tangle of psychedelic flowers.

Now that I’m thinking about having children of my own, I’m once again turning my gaze skyward as I begin to think about a space for our someday child. There’s one feature that’s a must-have: a magical ceiling to dream to.

Here are eight dreamy ceilings to inspire a child’s paradise.

1. Beautiful

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Hage Creative

2. Planets

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Hobus Homes

3. Tree House

Cool bedroom with ceiling fan and chandelier #bedroom #kidsroom #ceiling

4.  Sky Blue

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Visbeen Architects

5. Evening

Inspiring antique bedroom ceiling lights #bedroom #kidsroom #ceiling
Curated Nest

6. White

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M.J. Whelan Construction

7. Flower

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8. Leaf

Check bedroom with stars as ceiling #bedroom #kidsroom #ceiling
Jaffa Group Design Build

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