Escape Into These 11 Dreamy Bedrooms With Farmhouse Touches

The bedroom is an important room in a house where people relax and sleep. As much as this is a private area you would love to give it a fancy look with the fine art of perfection of the modern bedroom styles found in high-end areas and classic resorts.

Yes, you can bring the hotel room right into your house and have the jaw-dropping exotic feeling with no extra charges or check in and checkout hustles. The WISMAHOME crafts have numerous designs of different tastes in which you can adapt your favorite.

1. The Connecticut Bedroom Design

Amazing farmhouse bedroom blog
Image Source: Haver & Skolnick LLC Architects

The bedroom rectangular in shape is fitted with a fireplace between two windows on the far end of the room and close to the door to give you cozy warmth.

The bed is set opposite the main window to give you a clear view to the outside leaving a free area on the middle where a small table can be placed next to the large main window where you can place items like flowers.

2. Wisconsin Bedroom Style

Beautiful farmhouse bedroom bench
Image Source: Phoebe Howard

The bedroom is designed with an upper deck and stair leading to it where the bed is located.

The roof of the upper section is trapezoidal with a lamp hanging low in the middle of the room with a small window fitted on the side of the wall to allow for circulation of fresh air in the room. The bed is placed at the center with table lamps on either side of the room

3. The Maine Design Bedroom

Cool farmhouse attic bedroom
Image Source: Dressing Rooms

Built as a room within a room the design of this kind of bedroom has the interior walls forming an arch. Two windows are fixed with one on the head of the bed and the other on the side wall.

The room has an interior entrance that is not fixed with a door as it is not the main door. The design has a central light and two side lights and though slightly squeezed, it is attractive and more private and has space for an extra armchair.

4. The Door Region Bedroom Style

Awesome farmhouse bedroom wall art
Image Source: Virge Temme Architecture Inc

This bedroom has a white ceiling that is partly inclined right above the bed that is located at the center of the room with the door on the left side of the bed that leads to an outside balcony.

The door is attached to the windows to allow for proper lighting and air flow in the room. The user can also put flowers next to the door for beautification and add a natural touch to the room

5. Factor Reyes, California

Inspiring 3 bedroom farmhouse aberdeenshire
Image Source: Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

With a rectangular shape design, this room is built to ensure the bed occupies most of the space and has large glass frame doors that also open up to an outside balcony. The room has a cool cream color with white ceilings board that keeps the room bright.

The balcony doors give a nice view of the environment outside, which brings a relaxing mood to the user.

6. Woodside, California

Great two-bedroom farmhouse at the il borro estate
Image Source: Meridith Baer Home

The all white structure is built such that the position of the bed allows a person to look outside. The wide garage doors give an unlimited view of the outside while the windows close to the door giving it a more appealing and attractive look.

The ceiling is placed on top of support beams running across the room with a bulb hanging from the middle of the room even without much light the room will be able to radiate due to its white painting.

7. Philadelphia Bedroom Model

The best farmhouse bedroom art
Image Source: Meridith Baer Home

The room to this kind of bedroom is quite wide with the bed placed such that a person lies facing the window that is opposite the bed with the door being on the right side of the door and a cupboard door next to the door.

The room also contains a chimney leading to the outside above the triangularly shaped roofing. The roofing beams are clearly visible below the roofing boards.

8. San Francisco Bedroom Type

Check farmhouse bedroom chandelier
Image Source: Richard Beard Architects

The bedroom is quite spacious with a capacity to accommodate a bed, a set of sofas with a fireplace that is the first thing to be noticed when one enters the room. Full glass framed windows are placed strategically to fill the room with light.

The bed sits next to the wall and is adjacent to the door facing the seats which bring the touch of a living room into the bedroom. The brown roofing is quite high with no ceiling boards and the room is more of a living room than a bedroom.

9. Helena, Montana

These farmhouse bedroom photos
Image Source: Finstad’s Carpet One

The design is more of a hotel room than a house bedroom with the white leather carpet and a classy window that has a space to sit on this room has a modest look that has an inbuilt washroom and kitchen area.

The bed is placed facing the window with two lamps placed on either side of the bed. The large windows allow the room to be well aerated

10. Stockholm

Simple farmhouse bedroom bedding
Image Source: Henrik Nero

The bedroom is built with a cozy fine touch with a breathtaking display the ceiling is curved in a trapezium shape window glass framed windows running around the walls giving the room adequate light.

The bed takes most of the room’s space, leaving limited space for a chair or two. The design infuses a kitchen set up with the presence of cabinets and drawers on the opposite side wall of the bed.

11. Sussex, England

Elegant farmhouse bedroom wall decor
Image Source: Emma Wood Photographer

The bedroom is simple but designed with a fine art that is attractive. The bed is located next to the door and though the room is not big, it has enough space for setting cupboard.

The white walls and ceilings give the room a bright look and this design can be used to construct a children’s bedroom.

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