23 DIY Corner Desk Ideas

Corner desk is required in homes and offices. To achieve, one needs to have a special design in mind. This will not reduce the stress of thinking which one to choose. Provided the materials required are available, you can lay your hands on any form of DIY corner desk.

We have provided some durable, and easy to achieve corner desk in this article. You can choose anyone that fits into your offices or homes.

1. Wooden-Aluminum Corner Desk

corner desk furniture

Sometimes people to believe combining metals and wood to construct a desk makes it more durable and have longer life span. This brought about the idea of using aluminum and wood in constructing a DIY Corner desk known as Wooden-Aluminum corner desk.

The table is designed with a wide top to accommodate more things simultaneously. The wide spread top where things are kept is made from a well-polished wooden material which makes it attractive.

It faces are covered by an aluminum material, while the legs are also made from a well-polished wooden material. The desk is most useful for home or work and other places that is needed.

Knotting the table together, a nail or screw is required, while knotting the wooden surface and aluminum together, a stainless screws is need to prevents it from rusting.

2. L-Shaped Wooden-Steel Corner Desk

simple diy corner desk

The L-shaped corner desk is made from a steel and wooden material. It is designed to extend from one side of the wall to another. The angle where the table makes L shape forms 90 degrees, when placed closed to the wall, it is parallel to the wall.

The table is mostly used at work places as varieties of things ranging from laptops, stationeries and more can be placed on it.

The steel and wooden material are used in constructing the desk by using wood to construct the top while the steel pipe which stands vertically on the floor perpendicularly to prevent it from being unstable is used in making the table foot.

The L-shaped is designed by creating two wooden tops that are combined by cutting the side of the woods is to be joined together at 45 degrees. This makes the woods to be properly aligned.

For better durability and long life span of the desk, the steel pipe is used to brace each sides of the table.

3. Modern Hanging Corner Desk


One would hardly believe that such a Beautiful desk could be a DIY desk. The Modern Hanging Corner Desk is such a desk that is easy to build and does not require much space.

The desk, which is known as modern DIY corner desk, has more use than the space it accommodates as it allows the user to keep some materials in the opened space designed beneath it.

The space can be described as a temporary storage space where material used while working could be kept. Due to the colorful characteristics of the desk, which makes it to fit in various environment, the table is regarded as a modern one.

Unlike the other corner desk described above, the Modern hanging corner desk does not have legs, it is made from more than one material and it has two colors. The major material used in constructing the corner desk is wood while Formica is used as a finishing material used to beautify it.

The Formica material used makes it possible for the table to have two colors, although this may depend on the choice of the user.

Just like the L-Shaped wooden-steel corner desk, it is also L shaped with two woods joined together at angle 45 degrees and it parallel to the wall. Instead of having legs, the desk is braced to the wall with a bracing metal and screw. The bracing makes it possible to be hanged on the wall.

4. Dual Layer Floating Corner Desk

diy floatingcorner desk

A DIY corner desk could be as simple as possible, example of such a simple one is the Dual layer floating corner desk. It is very easy to construct and can serve various purposes as it has double layer. The desk, which is made from a well-polished wooden material, has each layer consisting of two woods.

The desk, just like Modern hanging corner desk is clamped to the wall with a bracing metal and screw. For better durability, the bracing metal is placed at the end of each wood and at the middle.

The dual layer floating corner desk is also L-shaped corner desk, which is formed by joining the two wooden materials together perpendicularly. The double layer nature of the desk gives room for permanent storage of things at the bottom layer while the upper layer gives room for temporary storage of things such as books, pen, and other working materials while working.

Designing the desk, a round hole is created at the upper layer that allows the passage of wire, to prevent clustering. Another important feature of the desk is the ability to construct the desk to a suitable height.

5. Elbow Shaped Corner Desk

fail diy corner desk wkwk

In designing some home furniture, human body part can be used to design the framework. In this DIY corner desk, the human elbow is used to design the desk, just as the human elbow has a curved inner part and a sharp 90-degree outer edge; the elbow shaped corner desk has a similar design.

The desk, which has it top and legs made from wooden material, is joined together with either screw or nail. The desk has its legs well distributed in six different places with five placed at the vertex while the other one is used to support the longer side of the table to allow stability and durability.

Based on the characteristics of the table, which only gives room for placing of things on the tops and does not allow storage of things, it is regarded to be one of the most useful at homes but can be used in some offices.

6. Hexagon Shaped Corner Desk


When thinking of the office, it is more convenient to use desk that has no drawer or places where things are kept temporarily or permanently apart from the tabletop since different types of shelves where things can be kept can be found at home.

Although such desk can be used in the office, but desk used in offices are mostly required to have drawer or spaces where things are kept because office are not as large as home and there are only few rooms in offices compared to home.

This makes Hexagon shaped corner desk more useful at home than offices. Hexagonal shaped corner desks are made from steel metal pipes used for the legs and a wooden top; the steel pipes are braced together with another pipe connected to each of the pipes with a T-joints.

Similar to the L-Shaped wooden-steel corner desk, the Hexagon shaped corner desk is supported by the steel legs at each vertex of the wooden top designed with hexagon shape.

In most occasions, getting a wood that would be as wide as the surface could be difficult, therefore, each piece of wood are joined together with a nail plate used in connecting woods together with the help of nails. The desk could be placed in any part of the house or office but it is most suitable at the wall edge.

7. Wall Mounted Extendable Desk


Wall mounted extendable desk is a type of corner desk majorly used at home in the reading room or a type of desk where computer are majorly placed; It can also used in offices where little things are kept within.

The desk, which is also a type that can be done by oneself, occupies only very little space and the service it renders is also simple. It is most suitable for the use of a desktop computer as it contains a desk surface where monitor is placed and a space within where little things can be kept, also a small extendable drawer most suitable for the use of keyboard is found beneath the desk surface.

The drawer has a roller, which allows it to be extended when needed and can be readjusted to its normal position when not used.

The Wall Mounted Extendable Desk is easy to construct and cost less, it has no legs but it is stacked to the wall with bracing metal and a screw. The desk is majorly made from a polished wooden material, which is either painted or covered with a Formica material of the user’s color choice.

For easy passage of wire, the desk has a hole where wire can be passed from the socket, keyboard, or other appliances connected to the computer. This prevents clustering or littering of the room with wires.

8. Multifunctional Corner Desk

multifunctional desk

Going by the name, one would easily comprehend that the corner desk serves variety of purpose. The Multifunctional DIY Corner Desk is a type that can be used in various places depending on the service the user wants it to render.

As the name implies, the desk serve various purposes but occupies only few floor space. The desk has various compartment ranging from shelf with two spaces, a drawer, and a desk surface.

The shelf can be used in keeping things such as books temporarily or permanently, the desk surface is can contain material used while working such as computer stationaries and more, while the drawer is used in keeping small things permanently. If desired, the drawer may have a lock to keep things safe.

9. Simple Corner Desk

bautiful corner desk

This design is simply achieved using some thick woods. The woods are joined together with the help of thick plates and some wooden screws. After joining the wood together, it was cleaned with sandpapers and coated with polyurethane to guard against water spills.

The desk is thinly polished, but shining. To construct, the woods are arranged and measured in line with the size of the corner where it is to be placed. The back is made to appear like a V-shape, this will make the joined woods seat appropriately in one corner of the room. Although, this design is for office, but it can be used at home where drawers may not be necessary.

The leg is designed with thick metallic rods joined to the base of the table with screws. For the wood, it is gotten from pallets, so it is thick enough to withstand computer system, flower verse, and some office files.

In this design, there is no drawers, exactly why it is not suitable for offices where protection of files and other vital documents are necessary.

10. Long Corner Desk

wood corner desk

This design is made with thick pallet also. It is then shaped to cover a large span. It fits into a big room but it may not be advisable to use in a small office or room. The desk is not actually painted, but the woods have been previously polished.

To design, nails and some braces are needed. Then, the pallets are measured considering the size of the room. The edges of the desk must be smooth for a perfect design to be achieved.

Lay down the woods and join using braces and thick plates with small but thick nail.

There is no drawer since it is required at home. In case you are considering using this kind of DIY corner desk, you can paint or laminate the surface to make it waterproof. Formica can be placed on top, and glued to make it attractive.

To this end, a good DIY corner desk is known with its look. However, creating one is not simple most especially when you do not have a reliable design in your mind.

The above are well-sourced corner desks you can lay your hands upon anytime you need one. Take note, that the efficiency of your corner desk is dependent on the materials used. If good materials are selected, the desk is certainly going to be durable.

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