28 Creative DIY Computer Desks That Truly Enhance Your Room

A DIY computer desk is often needful to do useful work with the computer and its accessories. Even if you own a laptop, you will find computer desks necessary to increase your efficiency.

There are different types of computer desk designs and each of them comes with its unique properties and benefits. It may be needful for you to get more than one type of computer desk depending on how often you are on it and the nature of your job.

Two-Drawer Computer Desk

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The Two-drawer computer desk is an easy DIY desk that is also not very expensive as one can get it for less than $200. It has a moderate weight so that one can easily carry it about from one point to the other in the house. It can fit into any available space. It is great for home and office use.

The DIY computer desk with two drawers will always add elegance and make your apartment look more gorgeous. Place a laptop or a desktop computer on it and you will be glad you never missed it. It is easy to assemble and you can even do it by yourself. It is designed with a grommet hole to aid easy passage of cables and to prevent them from disturbing you while you work.

It has a tray for placing the keyboard which measures around 9.5 inches. It’s large enough to accommodate any size of keyboard and maintain it in the right position as the user works with it. The double drawer comes with an extra interior shelf where you can keep the files you are working on.

Three-Drawer Computer Desk

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The three-drawer computer desk is designed to accommodate more items in a very economical way. It has the ability to withstand much pressure from weights placed on it because it is made of very hard materials.

You can make yours with either wood or metal depending on how much you want to invest into it and the conditions of your environment. Obviously, the metal frames will last longer and should be able to carry more load than the wooden type.

However, this does not mean that the wooden ones don’t have their own value. In fact, they are recommendable for their ease of pulling around. If you decide to buy the DIY three-drawer computer desk, you should be able to fix the parts by yourself without calling an expert.

The desk can be easily cleaned with a dry material. Its height is fair enough to support its user and prevent development of bad posture or curved spine. The three-drawer desk comes in different styles, shapes and designs.

DIY Corner Computer Desk

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The corner computer desk is a great idea for those who have limited space in the home or office and need to maximize a corner at the wall. Because of its great flexibility, it gains wider applications than just keeping your computers and their accessories.

They come in different shapes such as L-shape, U-Shape, and many more. It is useful in computer centers and cyber cafes where space is to be maximized for optimum benefits. U-shaped computer desks even give more beauty and shape to the home or office where they are fixed.

As more space is maximized, it is an opportunity to equip your room with more gadgets. Space is also created under the desk so that the user can have more items to place there and since the desk is around the corner of the room, additional items placed under it cannot be easily noticed by visitors.

L-Shaped DIY Computer Desk

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This L-Shaped DIY computer desk is very unique with shelves underneath where you can place other items. One purchase of the item can even lead you to buying another one within weeks.

If you are looking at improving your office appearance and making it appear more attractive than others in your neighborhood, then you are advised to purchase this one. The desk top is large to accommodate more than three desktop computers conveniently and their weights can be up to a 45 kilograms.

There are two grommets on the top for more effective arrangement of your cords and to prevent tripping when cords are allowed to lay on the ground. One good thing about the desk is that you don’t have to buy a new one if something wrong occurs to it since you can easily find the parts around.

However, one can use it for several years before experiencing any fault because its component materials are very hard. You can order for a customized color or get a readymade one in dark russet cherry and black ebony ash. It weighs about 34 kilograms so it will be best for two people to carry it around after purchase.

Open Storage Two-Drawer Computer Desks

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The Open storage DIY computer desk creates great flexibility in arranging your office items. With shelves on the top and directly the point where you can place your laptop or desk top, you can easily reach out for any item you want to use.

There are spaces for files and there are two drawers too where confidential items can be kept. If you have kids at home, the drawer can be used and locked up to hide anything you would not want them to see while they use the computer.

The computer desk is designed to give you two tops; one above the computer and the other at the same level of the computer. This also improves its utility. The top shelf is adjustable so you can arrange it into any height you want.

You can place the keyboard in the middle drawer to create more convenience as you work. There are no round legs and the equipment can be obtained at a low cost.

Large 2 Computer Desk

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The large 2 computer desk is a delight for both home and office. This particular DIY computer desk is unmatched with strength and durability and you are sure that buying one of it can take you through a journey of a thousand miles.

It is equipped with a cupboard at the middle of it to enable users to share conveniently and avoid interruptions during work. Instead of buying two separate desks at home or office, this one should be a better option and you are sure to get more value for your money.

Another advantage of using this design is that it helps users to share other objects in the room without stress. Since there is space between the positions for the computers, the desk can be placed close to a plasma TV and you can even place a printer between two systems.

It is obviously a modern design made to ease the burden of working on large projects and to encourage synergy at work.

Standing Computer Desk

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The standing computer desk is one that is designed to make you type while standing and it has several benefits. Typing and standing lowers your risk of gaining weight which is common among many office workers who sit only at a place doing work.

While standing, you lower your risk of gaining weight and being obese. Standing desks also reduces your risk of having high blood sugar levels. If you can type while standing for close to three hours, you will be reducing your chance of having increased blood sugar level by up to 43%.

Instead of going to sit down at your computer after lunch, you may decide to use the standing desk instead. In addition, the standing desk will help you prevent your chances of having heart diseases.

Just like bus conductors who almost stand all day due to the nature of their work, you too will be able to cut down your risk of dying from heart failure. Though it may stress you a bit to use the computer on your feet, it is beneficial and must therefore be encouraged.

Another benefit of this desk is that it helps to reduce back pain. Back pain is often caused by abnormal sitting postures but you can avoid this when you stand instead. It is also necessary to think about this if you want to increase your work speed and stay alert.

Your vigor is sure to increase since your body system is being more active. As your energy increases, you are likely to do more work which can be converted into making more profits for yourself. If there are tight deadlines to meet for clients, obtaining a standing DIY computer desk should do the magic.

Height Adjustable DIY Computer Desk

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The height adjustable computer desk is one with several benefits. Depending on the size, the desk is designed to carry up to two computers. Its adjustable feature makes it easy for one to sit at any preferred height.

This is a strategy for beating fatigue, which is often the case when someone sits at a particular position for a long period of time. You can use this to create more fun during work and reduce boredom.

If you enjoy working with your feet above the ground, this DIY office desk is also for you. At a point during adjustment, a person who is not tall may be convenient to use it as a standing desk.

DIY Foldout Desk for Small Space

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This foldable computer desk creates great flexibility and maximizes space in your room more than any other design. You can fold it to hang on the wall when you are not making use of it to look like any other cupboard or shelf.

It comes with a shelf providing up to three spaces with one big one where you can keep your computer and lock it up. The other spaces would be to keep things like your files, disks and stationery.

Since it hangs on the wall, you can decide to use it on any available space at all. Even if your room is very tight, you may hang it on the wall and shift any surrounding object whenever you are ready to work.

You can then rearrange your room to its original state after your computer desk has been folded. You don’t need extra space to keep the computer since the foldable desk is already provided with a space for it.

Fixing the foldable laptop desk is not difficult and transporting it is also not as stressful as with the other types. In fact, one can do these alone without having any need to employ any other person.

Tabletote DIY Computer Desk

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This laptop/computer stand is one of the easiest and most affordable DIY computer desks costing as low as $28.99 in some stores. It is the most ideal for students and business men/women who travel regularly and need to work with their computers while away from home.

It is strong but light-weight to aid easy movement. Students in dormitories can be allowed to own this one because it consumes less space. The space provided for the laptop can also carry a projector and a mouse as it measures up to 22 inches in length and 10.5 inches in width.

Although it looks small and flexible, the tabletote can be used for more than five years without experiencing any trouble with it. Its mass is only 0.9 kg while its thickness is just about 2 cm, meaning it can be carried in a travel or school bag. The pc tabletote is a multipurpose desk which you can even use for other purposes.

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