28 Excellent Coffee Bar Furniture and Table Ideas

If you like coffee, consider adding a coffee bar to your home. Here’s a collection of pictures to get you started. But before you start designing a coffee bar, learn about the history of coffee.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is made from roasted beans, which are seeds from the berries of the Coffea plant. It is native to Madagascar, the Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion, and tropical Africa.

The plant was exported around the world and coffee beans flourished practically everywhere on Earth. After they are harvested, the beans are ground and brewed with boiling water.

The plant was exported around the world and coffee beans flourished practically everywhere on Earth. After they are harvested, the beans are ground and brewed with boiling water.

There are several types of coffee including French Press and espresso. Cafe latte is another type of coffee. Coffee can be served chilled as well. Several stores offer iced coffee.

Instant coffee is another innovation. Instead of brewing coffee beans or powder, instant coffee is dissolved in hot water. This is a fast way to prepare coffee. The origin of instant coffee is canned coffee, which was first introduced in Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Some stores sell bottled coffee drinks.

Coffee has a stimulating effect on the body, mostly due to caffeine. About 40 mg of caffeine are contained in every 100 grams of coffee. In espresso, there’s five times more caffeine. There’s other nutrients as well including magnesium, B vitamins, riboflavin, and niacin.

1. Coffee And Tea Station

Genius work coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
at home coffee bar

Coffee should have its place in the kitchen. It should be next to tea. The coffee and tea station should have everything to prepare a drink including a coffee maker, sugar, milk, spoon, cup, and tray. Once it’s ready, pour a cup and take it with you. Or, fill several cups and use a tray to serve all your guests.

2. Chalkboard Coffee Bar

Gorgeous wood coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
chalkboard coffee bar

One of the most popular types of coffee bars is the chalkboard coffee bar. In this setting, there’s a large chalkboard that displays all the drinks that are available. It usually has two shelves attached to it that hold cups, serving trays, spoons, and other utensils. A cabinet located below the shelves hold the coffee maker and sugar. The milk is stored just a step away.

3. Coffee Corner In Kitchen

Super wood coffee bar #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
the home coffee station

A corner of the kitchen dedicated to coffee is a brilliant idea. In fact, the corner is usually the place to hangout. If anyone’s interested in making a cup of tea, they can do so whenever they like. There’s usually a countertop holding the coffee maker, and drawers beneath that hold the utensils. Cups may be placed above on shelves. The milk is once again stored in the fridge.

4. Brown

Budget-Friendly wedding coffee bar #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
bakers rack coffee station

The perfect color for a coffee bar is brown. Wooden cabinets, shelves, and floors create the perfect ambiance. A contrasting granite countertop and chrome sink completes the coffee bar. On the countertop, there’s a coffee maker, along with sugar, cups, and stirrers. A handy cooler is right next to the sink. The milk is waiting there.

5. Modern Coffee Bar

Unique wedding coffee #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
best home coffee bar

A modern coffee bar is bright. There’s white shelves and black countertops. The coffee bar isn’t noticeable, but it’s there. Everything you need to prepare coffee is within reach, including a serving tray and cups. When the coffee is ready, serve friends waiting at the center island. A hanging light finishes the scene.

6. Corner Stools

Best vintage coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
setting up a coffee bar

Corner stools are the ideal piece of furniture for a coffee bar. Everyone can sit perched on the stools and wait for their drinks. It can be placed near a window or on a patio. The view complements the coffee. You can spend a few minutes here or take a bit longer and enjoy the outdoors.

7. The Cabinet

Pretty vintage coffee shop ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
built in coffee bar in kitchen

A large wooden cabinet is an unusual place for a coffee bar, but if done well, it will attract guests for years. Inside the cabinet, there several shelves and drawers holding every type of coffee-making accessory, including the coffee maker, various brands of coffee, cups, napkins, stirrers, spoons, and trays.

8. Wooden

Amazing vintage coffee bar ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
cabinet for coffee bar

The wooden coffee bar features a countertop with a sink, drawers, and cabinets. The glass-doors above the countertop reveal different types of cups stored in the cabinets. On the countertop, the coffee maker is located, along with more cups. There’s a sink as well. You can prepare coffee and drink it in a few minutes. Guests can wait at the table.

9. Bar Island

Beautiful vinegar machine #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
cafe bar design ideas

The bar island is the place to get coffee. It has a brown, wooden frame, and a gray and yellow countertop. A hidden cooler holds milk and other chilled drinks; it is located below the countertop. On top of the countertop, there’s a pair of coffee makers and a tray holding a pair of mugs.

10. Floating

Cool vietnamese coffee #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
cafe concept ideas

A floating coffee bar has three sections. The top section consists of three cabinets. The center cabinet has a blurred, glass-door. The middle section is separated from the top section by a thin row of cups. The middle section contains the countertop. There’s a coffee maker, tray, cups, sugar, stirrers, and cream. The bottom section features a cooler in the middle. On either side of the cooler, there are drawers.

11. At Work

Awesome used coffee machines #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar at home ideas

If you want coffee close by your workstation, then consider installing an At Work bar. It has a bright, modern style. There’s a large cabinet with hanging glasses. You can prepare the coffee there, or you can place the coffee maker on the countertop near the sink. Either way, this is a solution for those that work in the kitchen.

12. Brick Wall Coffee Bar Interior

Inspiring unique coffee shop ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar cabinet

Brick walls are homely, and they create the perfect environment for a coffee bar. This set up may have a chalkboard, which adds to the ambience. Look for wooden cabinets and drawers below a countertop that stretches the length of the wall and around the next wall. The coffee maker is usually situated at the corner.

13. Rustic

Great unique coffee ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar decor

A rustic coffee bar isn’t a popular choice, but it does have a certain appeal. It may attract certain types of guests, including those that like the outdoors. A rustic coffee bar features a large wooden cabinet with double doors on the top portion and several drawers on the lower section. Two of the double doors open to reveal a coffee maker and accessories.

14. Dark Wood

The best unique coffee bar ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar design layout

The dark wood coffee bar has just the right mix of modern design and stylish cabinets. The wood floors match as well. The coffee area is underneath several shelves, and the bottom most holds cups. The countertop features a sink and a tiled wall. The coffee maker can be placed on the near countertop or the far one.

15. The Furniture

Check trendy coffee shop ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar for kitchen

The cabinets in this coffee bar are offset, and there’s a sink in the middle. Above the countertop is a see-through, mesh cabinet with two doors. The center has an open area that holds cups and other accessories. The coffee maker is placed on the countertop. The back wall of the coffee is are filled with pebbles.

16. Low Light

These tray for coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar furniture

This is one of the cooler-looking coffee bars. It’s high-class, and it’s the perfect setting to hold a party. The sharp lines, white colors, and chrome hanging lights look great. The stylish seats and wall lights add to the mood. The coffee bar is situated behind the counter. You can easily make coffee there and serve the guests there.

17. Living

Simple things needed for a coffee shop #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar in dining room

If you prefer a more family-oriented setting, try the living coffee bar. This setting is bright, open, and friendly. There’s two large shelves hanging on the chalkboard wall with ample space in-between. The countertop has room for a coffee maker and other supplies. It’s designed to serve coffee to a group of people sitting at a table in the dining room.

18. Large

Elegant things in a coffee bar #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar interior design ideas

If you prefer an open coffee bar similar to those at the beach or tropical islands, then checkout this design. There’s a large counter lined with stylish chairs with bold back rests. A rectangular, floor to ceiling block with a cubic counter area cut out of it, sits in the corner of the room. That is where the coffee maker is located.

19. Kitchen Stations

Stunning thanksgiving coffee bar ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar table ideas

Kitchens are getting larger and it’s about time that there’s a separate area for coffee. The coffee bar is stocked in this designed. There are two shelves stocked with all sorts of coffee related drinks. The countertop below have a coffee maker and related items. Below that is a a couple of drawers.

20. Self-Service Coffee Bar

These temperature controlled coffee cup #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar items

A self-service coffee bar is the next great invention. It looks awesome. The bright, white-light-lit back wall has two bright white shelves that hold various types of cups and mugs. Below is a white countertop with a sink.

A brown, wooded frame that extends the length of the wall and from the floor to the ceiling surround the bar. You can make coffee here and serve guests sitting at the nearby table.

21. Coffee Studio

Let's take a look tea coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee bar stand

Another impressive coffee bar has the studio design. It is built with sharp lines and stylish coffee accessories. The dark shelves contrast nicely with the white portion of the cabinet and the white walls. The coffee maker is in one of the compartments, along with cups. The accessories are stored in the compartment next to it.

22. Secret Coffee Station

I have a great tea bar ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
coffee buffet ideas

A secret coffee station is unlike anything you will see. It is hidden inside a large, white cabinet that has various shapes carved into it. The door of the cabinet slides to one side, revealing the coffee maker, cups, glasses, and other coffee-related amenities. The shelves inside are designed with simplicity.

23. Sliding

Genius tea and coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
Image Source: oraruh.com

Another bar with a sliding door is depicted here. The large cabinet is situated in-between two rooms. There’s a door on the cabinet that slides to one side, revealing the contents inside. There’s two shelves inside holding plates and cups and a compartment holding the coffee maker. It is organized well, and it matches the room.

24. Stair Storage Bar

Gorgeous successful coffee shop ideas #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
Image Source: gaurus.com

A staircase storage bar is an innovative idea. There are several compartments hidden behind the staircase. Two shelves slide out of the staircase revealing all the compartments. Some hold paper towels, while others hold utensils. Next to the staircase is a countertop with a coffee maker and sink. Below it are several drawers.

25. Bar In Bath

Super stove top latte #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
Image Source: yukarti.net

The bathroom could have a coffee bar. This picture depicts how it would look. The bar could be just within reach during a warm bath. There’s a granite countertop that sits atop a few drawers. Above the countertop is a glass cabinet with two doors. The coffee maker would sit on the countertop, along with accessories.

26. Mini Cafe

Budget-Friendly station coffee #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
Image Source: pakpucung.org

The mini cafe design looks like a cafe. It looks professional, sharp, and authentic. The wooden floors add to the ambience. Behind the bar, there is a chalkboard with information about the various drinks. The bar is stocked with all sorts of coffee-related items. There’s a long bench for guests to sit at while waiting to be served.

27. Multi Level

Unique small office coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
Image Source: baper.co

A multi-level coffee bar is made of metallic shelves. Each shelve has various coffee-related accessories including plates, mixers, mugs, creamers, and trays. The countertop is metallic as well. This is where the coffee maker would be placed. Spoons are located in a cup that hangs from the shelf.

28. Country

Best small kitchen coffee station #coffeebarideas #diy #coffeebar
Image Source: minggir.com

This is a homely coffee bar design that represents the open frontier of America. There’s a two-door, white cabinet below and above the beige counter space. There’s a glass shelf above the counterspace, which can be used to hold different types of glassware. The counter space holds the coffee maker and other types of drinks.

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