7 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Room More

Hanging out in a backyard haven is a wonderful way to savor warm weather. But what about those less-than-pleasant aspects of outdoor time, like bugs, rain and blazing-hot sun? Here are 10 tips to help make the time you spend in your outdoor rooms more comfortable. 1.┬áDeal with bugs 2.┬áDefine what you really want from … Read more

10 Top New Outdoor Spaces That Win With Containers

Blended in

Gardens, decks, patios and balconies – no matter their size – always have room for a potted plant. The following 10 outdoor spaces, pulled from the most popular photos uploaded to Wisma Home since Jan. 1, show the multitude of ways potted plants and containers can enliven any outdoor space – and may even inspire … Read more

9 Reasons to Plant a Great Tree

Shade the house.

What better way to celebrate Arbor Day than by planting a tree in your garden or on a neighborhood street? Trees help mitigate heat-island effects by providing shade for streets and parking areas, add to the value of a property, provide habitat, cool the air and absorb carbon dioxide. Of course, they also provide beauty … Read more

20 Outstanding Outdoor Living Rooms

Making the most out of your living space is a great idea. After all, it’s your home and you want it to go to good use, so take the time and effort to make sure that each part of it is going to be read to impress, even the outside parts. Speaking of which, when … Read more