13 Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Think of your yard as a series of outdoor rooms

Winter, at least for those in chilly climates, is a time when the garden lies dormant … which also means it’s the perfect time to sit in the cozy house and plan. Would you like to add edibles, a water feature, a flower garden, a new deck or an entire series of outdoor rooms? Take … Read more

10 Great Outdoor Chill Zones

Patio hangout

In the warm months, there’s nothing better than coming home and immediately kicking off your shoes, grabbing an ice-cold drink and heading right outside. Sitting outdoors in the fresh air is a great way to loosen up, unwind and let go. Summer may still seem far off, but now is actually a great time to … Read more

13 Extra-Cool Things to Do With a Backyard

Add a built-in mosaic bench

If you’re bored of the typical lawn-and-patio backyard, then maybe it’s time to add some fun to your outdoor living space. From surfboard showers to freestanding bathtubs, here’s how you can put some character back into your backyard. 1. Add a lava rock shower Yes, this outdoor shower is in Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you … Read more

10 Fun Features to Bring Your Landscape to Life

Outdoor windows

Decorating your garden or other available landscape is as important as decorating the inside of your home, but it can sometimes be tricky to do when you are looking at doing something the right way. There are so many options for landscape design, but how do you choose which one is going to look best … Read more