14 Bedrooms That Grow With Kids

More classic furniture combined with bright color

The thing about babies is that they grow up. Really fast. One minute they are nestled down in their cribs staring up at the birdie mobile, and the next minute they’re hanging Metallica posters over their beds. One minute they are playing princess; the next minute, it’s spin the bottle. Which, of course, means that … Read more

10 Polished Looks for a Bedroom Makeover

Dapper gent

The new year is prime time for home makeovers, and what better place to start than the bedroom? It is so often neglected, as we tend to spend our energy fixing up the more public spaces in our homes. But we spend so much time in our bedrooms, and the state they are in can … Read more

14 Stylish Ways to Accent a Bedroom Wall

bedroom accent wall

Creating a bedroom that is stylish by your own hand can often take a lot of effort, but when you take the time to put it together properly, it’s a style that is going to be able to stick with you forever, or until you move. Much like fashion, when you have a style that … Read more