15 Bathrooms That Wow With Vivid Color

bathroom with tan, white and pink

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the house, where water and hygiene allow us to wash our body and clean ourselves. The best designers in the world are always at work to create combinations of colors, furnishing accessories and light games to make each bathroom unique. In this article, we have selected … Read more

10 Reasons to Love a Pink Bathroom

Limit it to one feature

Pink bathrooms are having a bit of a minute: A few of the most elegant dining establishment lavatory are taking to candy-colored floor tiles (which look fantastic with brass taps), yet pink bathrooms are additionally a little bit of a throwback, most notably to the midcentury period. Rose-tinted bathrooms in the United States have been … Read more

6 Bathrooms Freshen Up With Farmhouse Style

Say yes to open storage

Farmhouse design has actually made a name for itself in the shower room. You have the claw-foot tub, the natural color palette, as well as the useful shelves and also feces dotted around the area. With each other, these farmhouse-style functions produce a calming, collected-over-time feeling that could make virtually anybody want to sink down … Read more