10 Breathtaking Swimming Pool Design Ideas

For those of us donning hefty coats and also covering scarfs snuggly right into our collars, swimming may be the last point on our minds. Nonetheless, some people from the Southern Hemisphere are happily frolicking in their concrete fish ponds as their summer season solstice happens.

Below are 10 superb pool by the Melbourne area landscape design company C.O.S. Design. From smart product mixes to difficult uses of space, every one highlights exactly how thoughtful style could develop a special outside location worthy of year-round visual pleasure, whatever the temperature level is. Let us all take a virtual vacation and imagine drifting carefree in these wonderful swimming pools as well as value just what makes each one of these developments so remarkable.


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C.O.S Design

Entry and also leave factors could be excellent places for smart style aspects. Notification the action in the water here. At left there are two actions down before it levels off. After that, prior to the next two actions, that degree continues along the remaining left line of the swimming pool’s edge. Though the concept is to swim, it is really nice to merely soak while resting on these undersea benches. They additionally give another area to climb in or from the water.

Limited room

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The little size of this pool area creates a wonderful sense of affection, which makes this room even more inviting. Think about that you really need only one method right into the water. The dense bush works as a border and also assists to specify this as an exterior area.

An outside shower backed by a contrasting colored floor tile wall at the back is reflected in the detail for the water fountain at facility right within the swimming pool. The staying bright white pool floor tiles let the water tackle the soothing aqua shade with which swimming pools are connected.


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C.O.S Design

Several smartly positioned elements in this landscape enhance the simplicity of the lengthy as well as slim lap pool. At the back, in plain contrast, a placed sculptural branch provides a focal point and also delicately breaks the airplane of the wall surface on which it is applied. A tiny protected structure to the left gives an area where to run away the sun on the swimming pool side of the virtually invisible safety fence.

Predicting into the foreground, a rectilinear tiled planter climbs from the water to hold a long and narrow bed, holding sculptural agaves to embellish the pool’s edge. A scooped water fountain, set at the central axis to the house and also patio area, eases the sharp angles of the style as well as spills a mild ribbon of water right into the pool. Another installed sculpture at far left in the picture, this time around convex, lines up with the fountain and also punctuates the theme.


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C.O.S Design

Though the water is exactly what we wish to see, both ascending blockish kinds produce a background that accentuates the luminance of the swimming pool. In addition, these types offer a position on which to include much more rate of interest. Notification the aesthetic equilibrium achieved among the various rectilinear kinds. The swimming pool itself is simply a simple form.

Overlapping components

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The overlapping planes of the swimming pool as well as the style right here merge the 3 distinctive areas of your house, water, as well as pool. This idea is performed with the timber system, as if it drifts above the water, and the minor offset of the health facility at the back. The pool steps likewise overlap the form of the medspa. The overhang of the swimming pool home makes an aesthetic connection to the edge of the pool and also shields the patio area.


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C.O.S Design

This swimming pool’s components show the modern lines of this home’s style. The information in the bordering planter stresses the straight airplane of the roofline and of the wood decking, which appears to float over the surface area of the water. The lines give visual circulation and also confident meaning, assisting to highlight the degree of the swimming pool itself.


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C.O.S Design

Lights adds an additional complicated measurement to spaces. Pools get added interest because water could be so stunning to brighten. Much more time is spent seeing the pool compared to being in it, so giving the lights cautious interest will assist you to value the financial investment into the evening.

Not just exists bountiful light in this swimming pool, however the surrounding hardscape as well as landscape are kindly lit. Particular plants are stressed, and also the textures and also shades of products are flaunted.


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C.O.S Design

Whether a swimming pool straightens with an accessory framework or the major house, an axis gives a great partnership amongst these rooms. Here the pool residence provides the space emphasis as well as elaborates the easy rectangular shape of the water. The wood decking delicately actions down from the patio and also abuts the swimming pool, developing a balanced out axis to the house. Notice that the outdoor decking is repeated straight on the other side of the swimming pool, helping to emphasize this feature.

Combined products

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A clever combination of products obstructed right into rectilinear sections defines this pool. Mixtures achieve success when their position and also kind make good sense to the scheme.

The white plaster wall surface functions as an expansion of the white walls of your house, giving a background to the water. The stone covers planters that accent the wall surface and also give comparison. The timber deck shows up to float over the water. The planter at the appropriate side near completion climbs from the water with the exact same product as the pool as well as holds more plants.

Three dimensions

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C.O.S Design

Though pools have deepness, obviously, it is easy to think about them as two-dimensional because we see the shape of the swimming pool and its surface area. Elements that extend upwards from the style of the swimming pool itself, as in previous examples as well as this set, add a feeling of personal privacy that is usually preferable.

The inset granite information here functions as a significant water fountain. Its elevation aids with privacy while supplying a much more complicated aesthetic measurement. Notification that the bench concept is utilized once again under this fountain. That would certainly not intend to swim to this location?

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