17 Bedrooms That Will Make You Feel You Are Still on Vacation

The end of a vacation/holiday brings the blues with it. The realization that you have to get back to routine life and work makes one sad and miss that feeling of relaxation. But it does not have to be that way. You cannot stay on vacation forever. But you can bring the vacation to your home.

More specifically to your bedroom. When you choose a place to stay in for your vacation. You want a space that is comfortable and relaxing. That is the prime purpose of taking a holiday anyway. At the end of a day you would want a cozy place to sleep in. Here are some bedroom ideas that will help you bring your vacation home.

1. Tropical Treat Bedroom

Amazing luxury 1 bedroom birmingham apartments
Image Source: Design Loves Detail

The lush green palm tree wallpaper not only helps you create an impressive statement space. It will also make you feel like you are on vacation in the tropics!

The white bedlinen and checkered cushions provide a stylish addition, while not making the room too busy.

The bedside golden lamps and the round mirror on the wall provide the magical design element to the room. The white color of the bedside tables, helps them stand out against the statement wallpaper and is the perfect furniture fit.

2. Sea Of Calm

Beautiful luxury black bedroom
Image Source: Tracy Lynn Studio

This bedroom uses the white and blue color palette. Both the colors have a calm and soothing effect to them. Keeping the walls white the three blue frames serve as the perfect accessory to the wall behind the bed.

The patterns on the cushion and the bedside lamps complement each other. And the blue bedside tables are a great combination to the white bedframe and walls helping maintain the balance of the room.

3. Modern Charm Bedroom

Cool luxury basement bedroom
Image Source: H&S DÉCO

The black quilted leather headboard and the dandelion printed wallpaper behind it, gives this small bedroom some much needed design character. The basic bedside tables and hanging lights on the headboard provide a minimalistic yet modern charm to the room.

While the plain white bedlinens with pillows in two different colors give texture to the rest of the room. The single black leather cushion stands out and complements the black leather of the headboard.

4. No Cellphone Service Needed

Awesome luxury boat bedroom
Image Source: Alex Dampsey Design

The rough wooden headboard and tree printed pillow will give you the feeling of being in a wooden lodge in the wilderness.

The photo frame on the side adds an emotional touch and the bedside lamps perfect to read a book by right before you doze off. The faux fur throw on the foot of the bed is a stylish addition. It will also keep you cozy in the winter time.

5. Breath of Fresh Air

Inspiring luxury big bedroom
Image Source: Jetton Construction, Inc.

The subtle ambiance of this room is exactly what you need at the end of a busy day. The room plays with the neutral white with soft pink combinations in the headboard and pillow.

You do not need to overload a room with frames and mirrors to make it look stylish. A single statement piece like the mirror on the wall in this room will do the job for you. A plant by your bedside has its benefits too and this cute little guy is the perfect fit.

6. Relaxation In a Box, Wooden Bedroom

Great luxury bachelor bedroom
Image Source: Graystone Custom Builders, Inc

Wooden bed frames are a timeless option that boast ultimate versatility. This statement bed gives the room glamour. The bed linens in the different shades of blue complement the bed frame.

The pillows and cushions with different patterns a beautiful addition. White side lamps and the colorful painting add texture to the theme of the room. The room overall has a welcoming feeling and you will just want to snuggle up and relax in it.

7. Desert Oasis

The best luxury bespoke bedroom furniture
Image Source: Дина Александрова

This room plays with color and texture. The colorful moose painting against the textured wall complement each other. The colorful set of pillows gives a burst of color to the sand colored bed linen.

The cacti decoration pieces beside the bed give an ode to the desert. The log side tables and golden side lamp serve as the perfect pieces for the room. This room will take you back to a holiday in the Californian desert.

8. Pretty With a Touch of Pink

Check luxury baby bedroom furniture
Image Source: The Scientist

There is no set rule that only lighter colors create a relaxing and beautiful space. The bold black theme of this room is both classy and has a comfy tone to it. The statement pink flamingo painting gives the room just the perfect burst of color.

The floral cushions complement the painting. In a room with a dark theme you need as much light as possible.

The huge window on the right and the hanging lights over the bed provide that. The golden bedside tables bring the perfect chic finish to the look of the room.

9. Shabby Chic Rest Bedroom Style

Simple luxury black bedroom furniture
Image Source: The Home

The wooden plank headboard of the bed has a shabby look to it but it complements the overall neutral white tone of the room. The patterned cushions bring texture to the plain white bed linens.

The photo frame gives a sentimental touch. The bedside tables have enough space for your book reading indulgences. The blue throw on the bed provides the burst of color that the room needs.

10. Party, Party, Party

Elegant luxury bedroom beach
Image Source: The Scientist

This super colorful and bright room will make you feel like you are vacationing in a tropical island. The white furniture of the room gives a balance to the overall colorful theme of the room.

The colorful and textured pillows are a joy but the leaf green one serves as the statement piece. The conch on the side table complements the yellow throw pillows. As the room is already bright enough, the lava lamp on the side table is just what you need.

11. Attic Bedroom With Adventures Style

Stunning luxury bedroom brown
Image Source: quintanapartners

This room in the attic makes perfect use of space in a small house. The cupboard at the back of the bed serves as a headboard as well as increases storage capacity. The tan lines print of the bed linen complements the roof.

The rug gives the room an earthy look. The few pieces on the cupboard add a finishing touch to the room. The cushion adds to its charm making it a cozy little space.

12. Boho Bliss

Amazing luxury bedroom blue
Image Source: Homepolish

13. Hotel Glitz

Beautiful luxury bedroom blinds
Image Source: Austin Bean Design Studio

14. Day at The Beach

Cool luxury bedroom bathroom
Image Source: Rincon Rd

15. Nautical Notions

Awesome luxury bedroom bedding
Image Source: Echelon Custom Homes

16. Vintage Vibes

Inspiring luxury bedroom bins
Image Source: Lucy and Company

17. Living Decor

Great luxury bedroom bedding sets
Image Source: Langford Jones Homes

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