11 Bedroom Styling Tricks Anyone Can Do

Keeping your home looking its best means that every inch has to be properly and perfectly styled. To help you on your way to getting it looking fresh and comfortable, you need to start with your bedroom.

This is one of the most important rooms in your home simply because it’s easy to neglect. It is the place that you go to in order to escape, so make sure you keep it an oasis. Here are some tips to help you out so that it’ll look just as charming and comfortable as every other part of your home.

1. Throw Some Elements Together

Amazing boudoir bedroom style
Image Source: Eclectic Bedroom

You don’t have to have anything looking “just so”. Create a lived in look like this example has done, putting together contrasting and mis-matched themes with additives that make it look loved and enjoyed in terms of the use of space.

Throws stretched out and a couple touches like these make it a great space to enjoy fully. This is the ideal option for homey designs that need to flow and stay warm.

2. Create An Art-based Headboard

Beautiful bachelor bedroom style
Image Source: Greenwood’s Home

While there are some who allow the headboard to speak for itself, you can also make some fun out of the look by creating one out of artwork.

You can match it to your room’s theme, or just combine some of your favourite pieces together and transform it into a really unique headboard. This is great for modern beds especially that don’t have a headboard to begin with, or it’s very simple.

3. Create an End Zone

Cool best bedroom style
Image Source: Hunting For George

Keep clean lines: In all that you’re doing, you want to make sure that your room looks sophisticated, not just a random spot. So, keep crisp lines such as in this example.

It doesn’t need to be plain, but it should be a functional space so that you can see is practical and grown up. This will make it refined, no matter what scheme that you’re looking to create. The key is to keep it all crisp.

4. Style The Nightstand

Awesome boutique bedroom style
Image Source: Nanette Wong

No matter the size, add some decor elements to your nightstands. This will help make it into a really important piece, whether you buy them especially to show everything off, or work with what you’ve got.

Create a realistic but well-put-together space using these tables to do it. You don’t need to match it all up, either. Allow the contrast to spill into the table and tie it together with accessories.

5. Choose Oversized Artwork

Inspiring new style bedroom bed design
Image Source: The Eclectic Creative Studio

If you are looking at the headboard idea but want to keep it more simplistic, you need to take a look at a large piece of art for its headboard that is going to liven the spot up.

You’ll have to careful in this selection, of course, but you can make sure that you get it right, it can create that headboard with a large piece of art to do it instead of smaller pieces that you need to match up.

6. Have Fun With Colour Matching

Great blythe bedroom style set
Image Source: The Eclectic Creative Studio

Speaking of matching, don’t be afraid to match up colours from paintings and decor to your furnishings. This will create a professional and put together look that helps create the right kind of attitude that you’re looking for that is adult and comfortable.

Go big or go home, and this is the attitude to take on while matching.

7. Pick a Color Scheme

The best bedroom furniture beach style
Image Source: The Eclectic Creative Studio

In terms of a decor scheme, you can really allow it to come forward in a bedroom.

You can see in this photo how the theme moves from one end to the other and this is what you want to create with your own space so that it looks its best and feels great in terms of its overall look and feel. You don’t need to allow it to be a stark contrast, it can work together as a theme and it’ll transform properly.

8. Blend It All Together

Check bedroom slippers ballet style
Image Source: The Eclectic Creative Studio

While you want contrast in terms of your look, you don’t want random. So, pull everything together using common colour themes or comfortable soft plushes and other additions.

The room should feel complete and comfortable without it being too over the top in matchy-matchey. There is certainly a fine line to walk here, and when it’s done properly, it’ll really create a great finished effect.

9. Explore a Feature Wall

These french style bedroom bench
Image Source: The Room Illuminated

New and fresh, feature walls make for a really neat twist on a space and can really work well in the bedroom.

The feature wall typically goes in with some wallpaper or other accents behind the bed to draw the eye. It’ll work with the scheme you’ve got going but it will be the focal point of the room, which is the point.

10. Play With Contrast

Simple bedroom balinese style

This example is a really neat twist on the idea of matching. While it uses matching elements, overall, this is going to be a contrasted style that helps create a crisp look that will be hard to find anywhere else. Refreshing and really modern, you can do this if you’re feeling bold and want something really neat in your bedroom. It’s not hard to do and can be really dramatic.

11. Enjoy An Ornamental Design

Elegant bedroom british style
Image Source: Houzz

You can put yourself into a really great spot by using ornamental touches here and there to finish it off. This will really complete the style that you’ve got going without it being cold or awkward or strange in how it feels.

As far as creating the right kind of design touches, you can go bold with ornaments, or do it in a wall design like you can see sitting for you here. The point is to make it your own.

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