15 Bathrooms That Wow With Vivid Color

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the house, where water and hygiene allow us to wash our body and clean ourselves. The best designers in the world are always at work to create combinations of colors, furnishing accessories and light games to make each bathroom unique.

In this article, we have selected the best new proposals created by internationally renowned designers who play with colors to create unique sensations.

In fact, the colors reflect the personality of the people and allow you to try different sensations. A warm tone can warm the hearts; a cold one is more suitable for specific environments.

1. Bold Purple

Amazing bathroom color schemes ideas
Image Source: Black Lacquer Design

Purple is a sacred color, used in religious ceremonies, and what better color to emphasize the importance of the toilet?

“Purple Rain” is a purple colored rain in the bathroom, which covers the walls and creates a healthy, almost “sacred” and uncontaminated environment, where it is not possible to be contaminated.

The color is warm and enveloping and creates a beautiful contrast with the white of the sanitary fixtures creating a combination of colors perhaps audacious, but without a doubt shadow very fascinating.

2. A Deep Pink

Beautiful bathroom colors with bronze fixtures
Image Source: Agnieszka Jakubowicz DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Pink is the color of the flesh, it is the color of the skin and our body, and in the bathroom, it is color capable of creating a delicate and relaxing atmosphere.

In this design, the rose can give an order to each piece of furniture. Each object has its place and its location; it is impossible to find something out of place. Pink is a perfect color for the warped people and conveys a wonderful feeling of security.

3. Aqua Tiles

Cool bathroom colors with gray tile
Image Source: JWT Associates

A beautiful water-green color that makes the bathroom delicate and welcoming. This color can calm our senses and prepare us for a relaxing bath or a make-up session in the best way and to relax our body and spirit after a long day at work.

The reflection of the water in the bathtub creates the beautiful play of light with water-green tiles making this bathroom a real eye-catcher and a masterpiece of design.

4. Bright and Deep Red

Awesome bathroom colors with white tile
Image Source: Katrina Stumbos Interior Design

Red is the color of passion, energy, and fire. This bathroom is full of power, and the red tiles make this room perfect to recharge and get ready to face every task of our day clean, fragrant and in the best way possible, with a burning desire to reach success.

Gorgeous lamps that create a unique atmosphere mixing with the red of the tiles, creating a halo of energy suggestive.

5. Golden Oil

Inspiring bathroom colors for a small bathroom
Image Source: Trigg-Smith Architects

This design is indeed a masterpiece regarding lighting effects and the use of colors. The dominant colors are gold and olive.

Gold immediately makes this room “precious” while the olive adds a delicate and natural tone, creating the illusion of a “quiet richness,” a place where you can relax and wash without any haste and in the best way possible. A golden experience and soft like olive oil.

6. Orange and Blue

Great bathroom color combination
Image Source: Eberlein Design Consultants Ltd

The designers are always looking for changes and the best way to create furnishings that differ significantly from all that has already been created.

In this bathroom, with simple orange and blue lines, it was possible to create a new design, alive and young, that uses two colors that can relax each person.

The furniture is completed in orange, a beautiful color note in contrast with the white of the furniture.

7. The Salmon House

The best bathroom color ideas with oak cabinets
Image Source: Hamilton Wills Design

Salmon is a very precious fish and used in the kitchen for the goodness of its meat. This design is a tribute to the beauty of salmon and what room could accommodate this tribute if not the bathroom, where water is the owner of the environment?

A beautiful salmon pink dominates the room, making it delicate and beautiful on sunny days. A color that warms hearts, sensitive and strong at the same time.

8. Forest Green

Check bathroom color schemes grey
Image Source: Henrik Nero

Walking barefoot on a lawn is an incredible feeling, able to eliminate the stress of a day and this design tries to reproduce that feeling in the bathroom.

The floor is created with tiles of different shades of green to reproduce the feeling of walking on a lawn inside a millenary forest, and the white of the walls is a beautiful contrast. A beautiful game of illusions, a tribute to ecology and the environment.

9. White

These bathroom colors blue
Image Source: Philip Gorrivan Design

White is the color of cleanliness and perfection. A white room is synonymous with beauty, hygiene and purity, and which room in the house reflects these concepts in the best way if not the bathroom?

A delicate and shiny white, with delicate tiles and a beautiful white mirror and the only color note in a blue bedside table, almost to symbolize the sky and the clouds. A delicate design, perfect for a small and intimate bathroom.

10. Orange

Simple bathroom color ideas pinterest
Image Source: АБ Андрея Стубе

An apparently cold and technological design that, however, hides only order and precision. Orange is a warm color and cold gray, which mixed create a beautiful contrast that is amplified by the prints reproduced on gray tiles, with a travel theme, a way to travel with the imagination while immersed in hot water.

A seemingly mechanical design, but in reality, it is precise and meticulous.

11. White and Cheery Pink

Elegant undefined
Image Source: Black Lacquer Design

An extremely delicate and sensitive design, which mixes white and cherry pink creating a beautiful “muffled” effect perfect for the bathrooms of young and cute girls.

The colors are delicate and warm, which send a message full of the joy of life and hope, a note of positive energy against the pain of the world.

The colors are mixed in the best way, highlighting the merits and hiding the defects, an example of behavior for all of us.

12. Primary Colors

Stunning bathroom color designs
Image Source: ????KADO????????

13. Celery Green

Amazing bathroom colors behr
Image Source: PROforma ????????? ??????

14. Tan, White and Pink

Beautiful bathroom color idea
Image Source: Harnish Properties

15. Blue, Grays and Whites

Cool bathroom color paint
Image Source: Collar City Collective

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