42 Bathrooms Storage Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Life

If you are tired of your bathroom looking untidy and dreary then the time has come to roll out an improvement and investigate some inventive bathroom stockpiling thoughts. Washrooms more often than not need storage room and wind up looking untidy as things, for example, make up and toiletries and other such things lay on the ledges.

Generally the cabinets under the wash bowl are likewise pressed to limit including can cleaners to latrine rolls. Nonetheless, I’ve thought of some impressive bathroom storage thoughts that are financially savvy and cutting edge.

In spite of the shape and size of your bathroom you will probably wish to have a bigger size without any substantial amount for remodeling and many other maintenance activities. With this write up you will be able to achieve this with the 42 unique and helpful bathroom storage hacks and solution to keep the cost at bay.

Try as much as possible to try them out and look how your bathroom will transform beyond your imagination into a well arranged and neat spacious spa, where everything is within the arms reach.

If you are the type who has stick him or herself into the old candle stick , tissue boxes , bottle caps and door knob , this is the time to get them out of your way and get a neat bathroom you’ve always deserve.

Read each point that is stated in these 42 hacks because each of them will contribute in transforming your bathroom to the bathroom you always dream of.


1. Develop Your Storage Shelve Right In The Space Between Studs

Image Source: donnadufresnedesign.com

The space between studs is always left unused but to properly manage your bathroom that will be the best place to allocate for your storage shelves. This average size of the studs’ space is 16 inches which you can use for anything you like.

A recessed cabinet build inside this space will free some space in your bathroom. What is more awesome than using this free space than leaving it with no usage?

2. Suspend Baskets On The Wall

Image Source: makespace.com

Suspending your basket on the wall can be pretty strange but it always creates more space in bathrooms yet gives the bathroom more aesthetic touch.

Most bathroom basket are left on the floor or sitting on the closet and this makes bathroom to look a little bit jam-packed and rough that is why hanging it on the wall is one of the perfect solution to solve this all.

All you need is a few washer and screw to anchor them in place. Note that wire basket is most preferable and tissue paper and your towel can now sit comfortable in your hanged basket

3. Suspend a wall of baskets


Wall of baskets will definitely sound so weird to you but on actual note is something that is practical and can easily be achieve.

In other to bring the idea of wall of baskets to live, suspend two parallel towel bars and cut the basket in such a way that some ribbon and thread is put aside and then tied them to suspended bars.

Then you can now put all the bathroom supplies that are keeping your cabinet crowded up into   new mini storage unit you just build yourself.

4. Design a tower of buckets


The bathroom storage hacks comes with different design from different perspective. The buckets we are talking about here are some pretty pastel.

Once you get hold of the bucket all you need to do is to knot on all coastline on the side of the bucket in such in such a way that there will be 8 inches between each bucket.

On getting to the last bucket Double-Knot the clothesline and cut of the remaining portion of the bucket the storage system is now hanged from a single hook on the wall or the door. Some simple equipment and material can now be placed inside them and that leave you with enough space in your bathroom

5. The DIY Hair Tools Organizer

Image Source: nelliebellie.com

This hack will not only make your bathroom spacious it will also make everything organized. The hair tool organizer is fabricated with vertical wood plank and aluminum sheet.

They are designed in such a way that the aluminum is used to cover the wood surface and brightly colored tape is affix at the edges then aluminum slots is then attached along the plank so that it can be used to hold most air tool equipment. Note that PVC is used in fabricating some.

6. Rap Around Shelf For Your Pedestal Sink


Most pedestal sink are of great quality and also sophisticated, nevertheless they have little or no space to even stash a bar of soap.

In other to enhance the functionality of your sink then you can invest in a rap around shelve that will be built around the shelve with this you can store some material inside the shelve and yet your sink still function to its full potential

7. Or Dress You Sink With Skirt And Hide Basket Behind

Image Source: onekingslane.com

This might sounds pretty weird or un-cool but nevertheless it is pretty amazing and will keep your bathroom in a good form.

All you need to do is to sew a skirt that fit in with your bathroom color combination and then hooked it your pedestal sink. With this you can now stack storage underneath with ease.

8. Stick Organizer To Your Medicine Cabinet

Plitt Original Design Systems

For a token of $11 you will be able to get up to 3 packs of Stick-On-Pods which are small adhesive like material that are designed to store nail polish tips and the likes.

Attached the Stick-On-Pods to your medicine cabinet door and neatly place some of your material insides. This little change can make your bathrooms looks neat and spacious.

9. Bottle Caps Into Toothbrush Holder


This hack will not only make your bathroom spacious and well organized it will also help in making use of bottle caps instead of recycling them and spending your gain on tooth brush holder.

The bottle cap needed here is 20L bottle cap that is plastic. What is done is that a small notch is made on the cap with a box cutter and some Velcro is snapped on it back and then attached to the wall, and then there is a new home for the toothbrush.

10. Fix An IKEA Picture Above Your Bathrooms Sink

Image Source: yasamstil.com

A slender picture form IKEA is not just to hold frame pictures. Fixing them in an appropriate place within the bathroom will help in keeping your favorites cologne, lotion, soap and scented candle and other hair product in other to achieve this place the IKEA picture ledge between the bathroom mirror and sink.

11. Install Divided Box Above The Sink


If ledge picture is too small to handle your bathroom needs then try installing a divided storage box above the sink.

12. Magnetic Make Up Storage


Cosmetics itself can easily dominate your entire cabinet if care is not taken. But magnetic make up storage have solve it all. An old picture frame work with a metal sheet and colorful fabrics and a few supplies from home will help you in achieving this storage design the most of your cosmetic can be easily fixed on with ease.

13. Installation Of Second Shower Rod

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you don’t have any ledge space to place your shampoo then second shower is an option to keep this kind of material in place.

Installation of second shower rod with different design hooks then there is now storage space for shampoo and other different materials like shower caps, caddies

14. Shower Wall Recessed Shelf


If you are the type who is not afraid of circular saw, the creation of a shelf in your shower for storing soap and other toiletries is something that can be done. So try building one today keep your bathroom in place and neat.

15. Shampoo, Body Wash And Other Material To Your Wall


This bathroom hack is one of the easiest and affordable hacks .In other to achieve this all you need to do is to first tie a rope around suction cups. Then the suction cups then fixed to the shower wall. The shampoo, body wash and other material are then placed in the suction cups.

16. Razor Holster Affixed To The Shower Caddy

Image Source: pinterest.com

One of those things that commonly happen is when your razor slips of the shower caddy thereby causing harm to the feet. This hack will try as much as possible to give the exact location where the razor is needed to locate to prevent such injury.

To achieve and prevent razor cut a 1 inch diameter PVC pipe is to be inserted into 3 inch long piece then a 1/8 wide notches is then cut into the pipe. After this the pipe is now strap to the shower caddy by fastening of plastic tie strap around the pipes notches

17. Storing Bathroom Toys In An Out Step Tools


Kids love playing and that make them active even at times in bathroom. In other to prevent your kids from interfering with the aesthetic of your bathroom; the indigenous step tool that makes your kids to reach the top is the right solution because it has a hollow space for your kids to keep their duckiest, ships etc.

18. Mounting Of Beauty Product On Cake Stand


Instead of leaving you cake stand in the store why not using as stylish storage for your beauty product that is lying around the bathroom.

19. Or Create A Cake Stand Yourself

Image Source: myuniquehome.co.uk

If you don’t own a cake stand, you can also make one yourself. Just take out two plates and a candlestick and let’s get the job started.

20. Multiple Towel Rack Installation


Another way to keep your bathroom neat is to install multiple towel racks at the back of the bathroom door. With this you can hang up to five towels in a time.

21. Turn Old Drawer Into Wall Mounted Mini Storage

Image Source: thenester.com

Old drawer from dresser and the likes can be a unique housing unit for your bathroom where some of the equipment can be kept. Clean it up and get it mounted on the wall and everything will come with ease.

22. Fabricate A Full Length Cabinet


If your cabinet is not working as you want then you can upgrade it to a full length but slim cabinet which might make it work as you have wished. It will provide you with a full length view of your body with the affixed mirror to its door and that eliminate running back to bedroom when dressing up.

23. Store Some Of The Face Cleanser, Brush And More Like Shoes


All you need to do is to get a plastic shoe hanger on your wall and keep all the needed material there and you are good to go.

24. Make Towel Rack Out Of Rope


Some towel rack might cost you some money but a rope will virtually provide the same work towel rack can do and can look neat at times if it is neatly arranged.

25. Or Used You Old Wine Rack To Hold Towels

Image Source: homedit.com

Instead of you going for rope, If you are fortunate to have a wine rack that you are not using then you can easily turn it into a towel rack in few seconds.

26. Or Mount Retro Knobs To Hang Towel

Image Source: notjustahousewife.net

Door knobs are like hook, yet they can function well.

27. Or Up Cycle Tin Can Into Towel Storage


If you are crafty enough you can turn tin can into towel storage cubes

28. Wooden Hangers As Towel Hooks


If you find it difficult to use any other method in storing your towel then this method is preferable.

29. Bathroom Counter

Image Source: Infobarrel.com

Enough counter space for it. Sometimes waste are left rifting through our cabinet

30. Fix An Expandable Organizer Under The Sink


Thanks to the maker of sliding shelves. A wired organizer like this can easily fit around any types of pipe and gives nice shelves to store your bathroom supplies.

31. Corner Shelves

Image Source: pinterest.com

This are mostly small but corner shelves can be very useful in long way bathrooms and also try repurposing with old shutters

32. Build A Storage Box From Old Sweater And Box


This types of box is made up of sweater, diaper box and a nice lace altogether.

33. Build An Enclosed Shelves That Can Be Installed Behind The Sink


Follow the step by step hack to install enclosed shelves behind the sink. Such shelves might involve some technicality yet it will be unique. All you need to do is to screw the shelves into the cabinet of bathroom.

34. Spend Your Money On A Strategic Skinny Bathroom Cabinet




If your bathroom sizes forces you to shop for a slender cabinet be selective about it. Choose the one that gives you receptive storage space.

35. Fit Shelve Over A Porcelain Throne

Image Source: desertdomicile.com

Wasting a storage space is something terrible especially when the right space is right in front of you that are why you have to choose wisely in getting one yourself .

36. Wedge A Small Table Over Toilet Roll Holder


This hacks don’t allows wasting of space and time that is the reason why the right table can be located right at the top of TP holder and provide perfect space for something else in the bathroom.

37. Keep Plastic Bags In Tissue Box

Image Source: trusper.com

For individuals who save plastic bag that uses them to lines trash can and the likes. Instead of letting the bag scatter across the sink space, instead bunch them and send to recycling centres


38. Store Back Up TP In An Oat Meal Canister


Instead of throwing away oat meal canister after use, you can use it to store TP paper .Most of the oatmeal canister has been redesign in terms of aesthetics to fit in the storage of TP paper

39. Store More TP Paper With Fabrics Holder


This will make people to understand the fact that TP holder can also be designed to hold other toilet paper at the same time

40. Store Magazines On A Hanger

Image Source: bhg.com

Instead of leaving you magazines loitering around why don’t you just hang them with a hanger and place it to most convenient knob in your bathroom.

41. Keep Some Things At The Side Of Your Tube


The tube has many spaces besides it will be the best if some part of the tube is used to store some general material for bathing.

42. Make Space

The last of the hacks is to ensure that each hack provide a space for your bathroom.

Whether you want to get another house or redo the old one, bathroom storage room is one component that requires due thought for a slick and delightful washroom where you can loosen up and unwind.

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