8 Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Creating a home that has all of the right design perks going for it can sometimes seem like a tall order, but all it actually means is making sure that you’re using the best information to start you out in the right direction. When all of the proper pieces come together, you’ll be able to see how effective that space really is.

A common part that is often neglected is the bathroom mirror, so here are some great ideas to help you out in making sure that it creates the look and feel that you are craving.

1. In Front of a Window

Amazing bathroom mirror above vanity
Image Source: LDa Architecture & Interiors

A fresh twist on a mirror, this is a fun way to add some light. It will be centered in the middle of the window and it will create a really interesting twist in terms of the way it lights up your reflection.

It won’t block light, it’ll reflect it and make it warmer. The key is to get it not too big for the window, and not too small so that it isn’t effective in its reflection.

2. Try It In The Middle of The Room

Beautiful bathroom mirror art
Image Source: HighCraft Builder

Using suspension wires, bump it out from the wall and consider using a free standing sink. This adds dimension and makes the mirror seem a lot more fresh and modern, even if it’s simplistic in its overall design.

Suspension is a great option for opening of the space more, too so that it can be airy and light. Try it in a few spots and get the height right!

3. Design A Wrap-Around Style

Cool bathroom mirror art deco
Image Source: Celia James

Often seen in posh hotels, you can create a pretty fancy looking wrap-around mirror for yourself by simply applying small mirrors to either side of the wall connecting to the mirror.

It’s great for applying makeup and creating hairstyles, and it can be added to your existing mirror already. It will really bump up your overall design and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! It’s simple to do and cost-effective as well.

4. Pivotting

Awesome bathroom mirror australia
Image Source: Change Your Bathroom, Inc

You can get mirrors that tilt up and down on the wall, so consider putting one of those into place. Not only is it convenient, it can also offer a flattering view of whoever is using it and will provide some definition in its status on the wall, too.

Large, medium, small, just get one that can tilt and make use of it to throw light around the room as you need to.

5. Split

Inspiring bathroom mirror adelaide
Image Source: Ctnthia Driscoll Interiors

This mirror is really incredible in that it uses shapes and frames to add some definition and form to itself.

You can see here that the frame it still picturesque and subtle, but it’s going to really offer a lot of added fun to the style, It makes it classic, unique and fresh. You can see, here, that it’s a simple addition to the already existing style and it really makes a positive impression.

6. Create A Mirrored Wall

Great bathroom mirror above sink
Image Source: TY Larkins Interiors

You can never, ever go wrong with a floor to ceiling mirror design. Whether you want to do it with a sheet of mirror, look at reflecting mirror tiles instead to add definition to it, or any combination of the two, this is certainly going to lighten up the space and make it modern and fun. You can really enjoy, too, the way that it will make the room unique from how it looked before.

7. Built-in Medicine Cabinet

The best bathroom mirror and storage
Image Source: CWB Architecs

Mirrors can hide medicine cabinets behind them and this one is a great way to show just how you are going to do that while still enjoying a flush scene.

You can use a borderless mirror, a bordered one, or anything else that you’re interested in. This is perfect for space saving, too.

8. Multiple Mirrors

Check bathroom mirror and sink
Image Source: OSR Interiors & Building Design

This mirror combines shapes and features to make it a fresh breath of air with your mirror design.

The spacing between them is a great option, and the unique shapes between them entertains the eye and shows it just how to admire the space properly without anything drastic. It really is modern and fun at the same time.

9. Match It To The Room

Image Source: The Accidental Decorator

It may seem simple, but it’s effective. If you have a design scheme, match the mirror to it with its touch and feel.

You can match industrial to industrial, as they’ve done here, or you can match colourful to control, or wood to wood. The point is to make the mirror part of the scheme intentionally so that it is really effective and comfortable in the room’s feel.

10. Allow It To Contrast In Metal Tones

Image Source: randyhellerdesign.com

See how the metal contrasts in this example? This shows off the mirror’s shape intentionally and helps you to really show off the room and the mirror’s edges for a modern shape and style.

The metal tones are fun and the mirror’s shape looks really complex and innovative even though it doesn’t actually have to be that way in reality.

11. Add A Twin

Image Source: Ligneous Designs

When in doubt, add another mirror. This will bring more light and it will make the room look symmetrical as long as it’s put together in the right form and design.

You don’t need to have a double sink, just add in another identical mirror and let it do its magic!

12. Farmhouse Style

Image Source: Park and Oak Design

Much like we talked about, if you have a classic design, you want to match it with a classic mirror.

Contrast is great, but there’s something to be said for a classic meets classic design that makes it homely and comfortable. This example shows how it all comes together for this room in a classic way.

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