24 Amazing Basement Ideas For A Better Productive Space

AMAZING BASEMENT IDEAS – Your home deserves to be perfect down to the very last corner, and that includes your basement. Too often these important rooms are forgotten about in money and effort, and your home will never really get that finished look that you’re going for.

Here to help you find your way to a better and more productive space is this list of images. Each one shows a basement in perfect form that is going to help you see that these spaces can always be used in the most productive and fashionable way. You just simply need to know where to get it, and how.

1. Entertainment Space

Amazing basement room color ideas
Image Credit: Michael Weinstein

With bright colours, fun furniture and contrasting schemes, this is a wide open space that is going to be fun to make into a hub for entertainment.

Whether it’s a movie night, game night, or any combination of those ideas, this is a fun way to use this space. Notice, too, that the bright colours really help the room look light and airy even though it’s in a basement.

2. Caveman Style

Beautiful basement room ideas photos
Image Credit: Alan Jackson

If you’re more interested in keeping the space primitive and using it for whatever purpose, simply look at giving it a more rustic decor scheme.

In this one, you can see how the wood panels are modern but still basic, throwing together a relaxed cabin feel with ease. This is a great option to think about for not having to do too much to define the space, too.

3. Recreational Basement Room

Cool basement room colors
Image Credit: Benchmark Homes

Not the kind that you’re thinking about at a kid’s daycare center, either. This is a plush and modern area that puts together the right pull of big open space and lots of area for gaming.

You can put together a video game console, traditional games like air hockey or ping pong. The point is to make this into a fun space and it’ll become a part of the home that is all about fun and games while looking amazing, too.

4. Comfortable And Warm

Awesome basement room dividers
Image Credit: Libbie Holmes

Another option is to simply make the basement an extension of your home. You can choose a warm colour and furnish it with lots of warm and comfortable couches and blankets.

Make it a living area that will be perfect for using as an extra part of your home. This is great for when teens have friends over or you want a large space for enjoying time with a large crowd.

5. Bar In The Basement

Inspiring basement rooms ideas
Image Credit: Dream House Studios

A classic man-cave-like design is a bar in the basement. This is a fantastic option to consider for when you are looking for a space for the guys to hang out, especially on game night.

It’ll be away from the rest of the house and its residents, and it’ll be a place of pride for the runner of it. Great for parties and a relaxing night in, this is a great spot.

6. Make It Into Something

Great basement room for rent
Image Credit: William Lesch

You can take a basement and make it into anything you want – which is the point of this whole article – and one of the best options to consider is a guest bathroom.

Since you don’t want to share your bathroom with guests, you can take a corner of your basement and turn it into a luxury full bathroom for everyone to enjoy in their own way.

7. Color

The best basement room design
Image Credit: The Consulting House

Whether you want to make it into a bathroom, a bedroom, a rec room or whatever, a basement is always going to be darker than the rest of the house, so you’ll want to make sure that you put the time and focus into the idea of making it brighter with paint.

Consider a bright accent wall, or make the whole room huge and full of light. Whatever feels the best for the space.

8. Full of Tiles

Check basement ideas for storage
Image Credit: Stellar Cellar

In the bathroom that you have down there (or a kitchen, or anywhere else like that), you can add some bright, plain tiles into the space to make the light reflect all the more.

You can consider fun designs with neat shapes, or go for a pop of colour. Pick something that is going to feel right in the spot of choice and don’t be afraid to customize it.

9. Bring It Stone And Wood

These basement ideas unfinished
Image Credit: Master Suit

You can create a fun combination of rustic and classic by bringing stone tones and wood as well.

Whether it’s an existing brick wall, or adding in some tiled stonework yourself, it can add some fun and depth to the area while still keeping it subdued in the colour scheme.

A great way to freshen up the space and still keep it unique. Fun and easily changed when needed.

10. Open Concept

Simple basement ideas playroom
Image Credit: Greg Hadley

If you have a big, wide open space, you can make it into a multipurpose space pretty easily. Design each component of the room, such as this example, so that it is wide open space, but each part of it serves a purpose.

It will make sure that it’s all used space, but it will also ensure that it is going to be one wide open one that will let and keep as much light as possible.

11. A Modern Work Room

Image Credit: J. Larry Golfer Photography

Whether a family member is interested in woodworking, carpentry, or anything else. A basement is a great way to make it into a workspace.

You can still furnish it and make it enjoyable, but you can give it an industrial feel so that it is comfortable as a work space for those who want to use it. A great use of space that will be well-loved and away from the rest of the house.

12. Industrial

Image Credit: JR Custom Living, Inc.

Create a modern and cool space with industrial design. This can use open concept in terms of ductwork and piping, and stick with neutral colours like you can see here.

This will make sure that the space is comfortable and usable and still have a distinct style that can really impress all who come to take a look at it. A welcome sight in a small space, it’s a great distinct look.

13. Hidden Door And Storage

Image Credit: JBottawa

A basement is a place to let loose with design and options, including the idea of hidden storage (fake walls, and a hidden door that looks like a wall, but isn’t.

This is great for making use of every inch of space, and also important for adding some unique pizzazz to the basement. You can go beyond the basic options and they’ll provide you with lots of comfort and customization options.

14. A Home Extension

Image Credit: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Whether you want to make it into a guest quarters or turn it into a secondary living area, you can make your basement an extension of your home by putting in lots of furnishings and entertainment.

You can even consider putting in a bathroom or a kitchen to make that homey feeling totally complete and comfortable for all who want to use it for a long period of time.

15. Under Stair Storage

Image Credit: Earthwood Custom Remodeling, Inc

Since basements have steps, make use of the space underneath them and turn it into smart, built-in storage. This can be colour-contrasted to make it stand out, or painted to match the stairs so that it blends in. However you want to use the space, you’ll get the most out of it with this storage option in place. You can use this as open storage, or close it off if you want a cleaner and more refined look.

16. Kid Friendly

Image Credit: Douglas VanderHorn Architects

If you don’t have room for a guest room, but want to make sure that you have the space for some additional small beds for sleepovers, you can use sliding barn doors to hide slot beds that are built right into the wall like built in shelves. This is a great use of space and is going to look really fantastic when colour coded to match the rest of the home.

17. Playroom

Image Credit: Woodland Road Design, LLC

A basement is a great open space that can be really useful as a playroom for your child. Fill it full of great kid-friendly furniture and pillows so that both kid and adult can feel the warmth and comfort in this room.

It can still be an effective space and won’t take any major construction to get it going properly for everyone to be able to enjoy. This is a great way to make use of the playroom.

18. Add Carpet For Warmth

Image Credit: Bradshaw Photography, LLC

It’s no secret that a lot of basements are cold. No matter how bright the paint and warm the furnishings, somethings you just need to add in some thick, plush carpet for warmth.

This will bring in a cozy feel to the basement itself and will help make it into a spot where everyone can enjoy the warmth and homey feel for themselves. The trick is to find a carpet colour that is light but still plenty warm for those cold feet.

19. Minimalist Design

Image Credit: JPG Media

Consider making the basement bare, if you aren’t sure how you want to use it. Maybe put a table or an armchair in. Make it look lived-in, but don’t go into a decor scheme until you’re entirely sure how you want to use it.

This picture shows how a more minimalist approach can still make it look comfortable, but it keeps it sleek and basic, too. IT can be fun and informative and can be changed when you know what you want to do.

20. Family Area

Image Credit: Leslie Goodwin Photography

Make a space entirely family friendly so that you can use it regularly. Whether it’s movie night or game night, you can enjoy the space and each member of the family will have a comfortable spot to enjoy it in their own way. Perfect for families who want to change the design as the children age, too.

21. Accent Doors

Image Credit: Case Design/Remodeling Indy

When entering the basement, you know it’s a basement. So, make that entrance obvious by using a unique door style to point it out.

A sliding barn door is a great idea, or you can do with a pocket door, or a bright coloured doorway with a curtain. There are many way to show off the entrance properly so that it looks like you’re doing it right.

22. Bookshelves

Image Credit: Susan Fisher Photography

Add bookshelves: Whether you’re a big reader or not, having a ceiling to floor bookshelf is a great idea for adding some storage and modern options to a space. It can be fun and bright coloured, or more neutral in the white zone area.

There’s a lot of refreshing ways to use it, and if you don’t want to use it for books, you can put decorations up or toys from kids. There are a lot of ways to transform the area and it’ll present some charm and useful space for everyone to enjoy.

23. Warm And Inviting Basement

Image Credit: Renew Properties

Whether the space is used for a kid’s sleepover, guests, or just as a place to hang out, a basement should always be warm and inviting so that it is comfortable to spend time in.

Put in lots of warm colours, fabrics and light so that the space doesn’t even feel like a basement when you are enjoying the room itself. You can see in this example that it almost doesn’t even feel like a basement at all. That’s how you work with the space to get it to work.

24. Pool And Spa

Image Credit: Trevor Richards

If you have the time and inclination, you can take your unused basement and add in a lap pool, a hot tub and other spa treatment options to make this a true spot to enjoy for lots of time to come.

There is so much that can be done to make it a peaceful spot for some alone time, so it’s important to consider it for all of the right reasons. A great and unique option to consider for your home to make it an oasis away from the world.

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