28 Baseboard Ideas, Make Your Home Great Again!

Here are 28 images of the best baseboard around the world. Enjoy it.

1. Soft Bedroom

contemporary-bedroom baseboard ideas
Image Source: olympicdevelopments.com

A bedroom needs to have a regal yet modern look to it, which is why a wide, plain white baseboard is a fantastic way to get everything working together as it should. It promotes the idea that the space is welcome to interpretation.

You can make the decor scheme elegant, modern, rustic, clean, complex. It all works together to give you a refreshing look at the way that a baseboard is going to help transform the room for the better. It’s best to use a light colour, or perhaps a hint of cream. Match it to the walls, but don’t be too worried about it.

2. Entry Room

contemporary-entry baseboard ideas
Image Sourceawsawest.net

There’s nothing quite as refreshing and and rejuvenating as an entryway full of light and decor, but all done in a quiet and toned way. This is done by a quality baseboard, of course. It livens up the floor. It brings out the light colours in the wood grains nearby, and it helps finish off the look simply and quietly.

The best part about having a cream white, medium entryway baseboard is that it really helps pull together every part of the space. Even if it wasn’t intended to “all come together”, this finishes the look off. A great focal point.

3. Dinning Room Baseboard Ideas

dining-room baseboard ideas
Image Source: livejournal.com

When you are creating the right kind of professional looking dining room, you’re going for quite a few different kinds of things. First and foremost, you need to remember the importance that goes into creating a space that is going to be functional, yet decorative.

In a modern dining room, you’re going to have to make sure that you use the same colour from the baseboard as you do on the walls.  This gives it a minimalist appearance, it also allows it to be a statement piece. When you want a put together space, this is exactly how it should look.

4. Electic Entry

eclectic-entry baseboard ideas
Image Sourceczmcam.org

If you’re aiming to have an entryway that is more focused on the artwork, the best idea is to use a baseboard that is relatively small and also simple in its cut and edging.

Remember in this situation that the baseboard is simply meant to act as a frame for the wall, and you want to make sure that is much emphasis is on the artwork as possible.

Therefore, you can match the colour of the baseboard with the wall, and it will create a modern and sophisticated look. A modern entry is all about making sure that you create a welcoming space without being too overwhelming.

5. Farmhouse Style

farmhouse baseboard ideas
Image Source: homelivingdecor.com

If you’re looking to replicate farmhouse look and feel, you’ll often find that there is not much baseboard to be found.

This is partially because it does not match the farmhouse style, but when you are trying to put together a modern farmhouse look and feel, you can easily make that work by putting together a baseboard on top of the wall already there.

It has the texture to it that will make it a lot more impressive than you would think. This is perfect for somebody who wants a low maintenance style with character and an easy addition to what is already there.

6. Farmhouse Hall

farmhouse-hall baseboard ideas
Image Source: irastar.com

If you want another look at the farmhouse look and feeling with baseboard, this is the perfect example of one that uses colour contrast to make it effective.

The rich white baseboard is modern yet classic and it’s perfect if you’re looking to combine elegant and classic, not to mention practical needs.

The trick to making sure that you’re using the right look is to go with an overly wide baseboard that will add some depth to the bottom of your wall. This creates a simple colour contrast definition that really helps you to work with what you’ve already got going.

7. Fireplace

fireplace baseboard ideas
Image Source: kujiale.com

When you’re working to carefully put together the living room with the fireplace in the wall like this one, you have to make sure that you use baseboard to give a careful and thin definition that is going to attract the eye.

The point is to make sure that it completes the room, like all baseboard should, but that it won’t take away from the focal point, which is, in this case, the fireplace. It can be tricky to get this right in all situations, but you can see here how it uses a thin line at the top of the baseboard to finish the look off without being too loud.

8. Kids Room

kids-room baseboard ideas
Image Source: czmcam.org

Every parent has their own idea of how they’re going to create the right kid’s room. One of the most important things that you can look at is the idea of going with the classic, get modern, baseboard. The best way to explain this is simply by taking a look at how it uses colour contrast.

If you’re using a bright colour on the wall, you need to make sure that you put together a cream or white colour for the baseboard. It’s best to choose a thin line in terms of its depth as well. Simple, yet not understated in the slightest and is perfect for both parent and child.

9. Ledge Hall

ledge-hall baseboard ideas
Image Source: lda-architects.com

When creating a room that is all about the idea of using baseboard, you need to make sure that you put a lot of focus into the height of the baseboard that you choose. That is, you’re going to want to make sure that you carefully together a baseboard that is modern, wide, and has depth to it.

It’s tricky sometimes to understand quite how to do that, but the best way is to use a baseboard that is wide and slanted. This will attract the eye without going over-the-top. Use a similar colour to the wall, or mimic it entirely (use the same colour).

10. Mediterranean Bathroom

mediterranean-bathroom baseboard ideas
Image Source: yellowhome.ru

If you are somebody that loves texture and colour, the modern baseboard is definitely for you, especially when it comes to putting it in the bathroom. You can see in this example that they go with the texture that suits the colour, and also that wants of the person that is looking to enjoy it.

A modern bathroom is not complete without a textured baseboard. You can go with the geometric shape, or something a little different depending on what you’re looking for. The trick is to really make sure that you enjoy it and focus on all of the best parts.

11. Chateau Hall Baseboard

mediterranean-chateau-hall baseboard ideas
Image Source: designtrends.com

Bold baseboard has a lot going for it, and when you look at this example of modern baseboard, you can see that it really does give a lot of great perks to all those who are looking for a high contrast look.

The natural wood base does a lot for it, and the moulding at the top of the baseboard really does help out the look to finish it off.

Contrasted here with a gentle white, this is a modern take on baseboard that is sent for a grand entrance like you see here. It really does the room justice and gives it presence.

12. Little Kitchen

modern kitchen baseboard ideas
Image Source: walldecorateideas.com

Big baseboard can belong in a lot of spaces, though many people seem to think otherwise. Take  a look at this look in the modern, sleek kitchen and you’ll understand just how versatile it can be. It will offer a put-together look that is all about getting the right effect for this important room.

It gently contrasts with the grey of the wall and the thick white baseboard is great for adding presence and modern decor to this simple room and its designed purpose. It will always work to capture the eye without being too overwhelming in the process.

13. Modern Office

modern-home-office baseboard ideas
Image Source: usualhouse.com

In an office, the point is to breathe, fine your own use for your space, and keep yourself centred on whatever it is that you are working on. As such, you need to make sure the space is going to reflect that focus.

In terms of baseboard, you’ll want to enjoy a soft, matched baseboard that will melt into the background like you can see here, while still making sure that you have a completed look that is important for bringing the room all together in a unified look and feel. With a modern white and a clean look to the baseboard design, simple does great things.

14. Staircase

modern-staircase baseboard ideas
Image Source: architizer.com

When it comes to designing a sleek and modern stairwell, there is a lot of pressure to find a way to do it right. This means that you are going to need to focus more attention on the stairs and allow the baseboard you choose to simply meld into the background.

For those that are looking for always having a put together look, this means you have to match colour, use a small depth, and allow it simply be there without taking up too much presence. When in doubt having to choose, match the baseboard to the wall colour, not the stairwell or flooring colour.

15. Home Office

modern-wood-home-office baseboard ideas
Image Source: houzz.com

For a simplistic and rustic living space that will create the perfect kind of atmosphere to get your jobs done, you are going to have to put some time and attention towards the baseboard of the room.

It really does offer the right (or wrong) finishing touches that you’re looking for, so it should have the right kind of focus to get it done correctly.

In this example, the baseboard is flat to the wall and tall, but minimal in ornamentation. It is simple, modern and great for melding floor and wall together in the right kind of transformational way.

16. Corner Mudroom

mudroom-entry baseboard ideas
Image Source: hinsdaleinteriors.com

While a lot of people won’t spend time on it, designing the right kind of mud room is very important to how your entire home is going to come together.

INTERESTING: 20+ Mudroom Design Ideas

If you’ve got a small space, don’t be afraid to go with a large but simple baseboard so that you make the space larger and much more open in the world that you are creating around you.

You’ll really love the way that it will bring the wall and floor colouring into the area to help you create a fresh taste and look for the space that will last you a while.

17. Rocket Hall

rocket-hallway baseboard ideas
Image Source: blog.rashoncarraway.com

For a twist on the original, take a look at this tall baseboard. There is a gentle moulding on top of it all that is going to be reflecting the right kind of attitude that has to be present in a modern and fun room like this one.

Its is all about transforming the space without being too overwhelming, and this is a great way to see how colour contrast can really work in your favour without being too overwhelming or underwhelming. The cool and quiet grey is warmed up by the long white baseboard and creates a modern presence.

18. Rustic Hall

rustic-hall baseboard ideas
Image Source: jekyllandhydemusical.com

Big wide open spaces like this one mean that you have a lot of great things to take care of in terms of the way that you are going to be transitioning the space from room to room. The baseboard in this example is almost entirely minimal, so much so that unless you’re looking for it specifically, it isn’t going to pop out to you at all.

The thing is, however, it works hand in hand with what the room is trying to do in terms of its transition. The colour contrast on the baseboard along the door frames works well and creates the defined look that you need, but the rest speaks for itself.

19. Rustic And Classic Office

rustic-home-office baseboard ideas
Image Source: lasherkeen.net

When you’re thinking rustic, you’re going to want to go classic and rustic with the baseboard design as well as the overall feel of the room.

The large contrast works well with the wooden grain classic baseboard that is absolutely breathtaking in this kind of situation.

The rustic feel of the wide board and the simple, classic design is really doing a lot to transition this home from being old fashioned to being well designed and thought out in terms of its little pieces. This room really comes together in that respect, and it’s nice too see what a simple baseboard can do when it’s used correctly.

20. Mini Studio

studio-office baseboard ideas
Image Sourcedushijia.com

Creating a studio space (where you work or get your creative energies going) takes a lot of effort that is going to cause a lot of problems when you are trying to do it all the “Right way”.

There isn’t really a perfect way to transform the space, but when you do it using baseboard as your medium, you’ll certainly be on the right path.

You can see here with the gentle crown moulding and definition in the wide board, it does a lot for it. It completes the space and helps you to see it come together in a modern way.

21. Traditional Bathroom

traditional-bathroom baseboard ideas
Image Source: homedit.com

22. Entry Mudroom

traditional-entry baseboard ideas
Image Source: mendetc.com

23. Traditional Hall Baseboard

traditional-hall baseboard ideas
Image Source: furnitureteams.com

24. Kitchen With Island

transitional-kitchen baseboard ideas
Image Source: xiugei.com

25. Unique Fireplace

unique fireplace baseboard ideas
Image Source: de.pumpink.com

26. Elegant Dining Room

wooden dining-room baseboard ideas
Image Source: irastar.com

27. Hall of Fame

wooden-entry baseboard ideas
Image Source: beeyoutifullife.com


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