40 ATTIC ROOM IDEAS – Closet / Flooring / Storage / Bathroom

Attic Room Storage

Feel you have excessive stuff and too little area? Kids toys, outdoor camping equipment, extra clothing, sports equipment, documentation and files,. where can it go?

When the response might be right above you, why pay for lock up storage. An attic storage area is a clever and affordable solution that adds worth to your home. With over 40 years experience we offer a total end to end service starting with a totally free consultation through to professional installation.

Attic Storage Is Easy

Developing your valuable attic storage is simple for you – we have done it for countless families.

We come and measure your attic area at no cost. We discuss your storage requires, climb up into your roofing area, evaluate and measure the area and determine the best access point. We will comprehend your requirements and provide the very best attic ladder for you. We’ supply in-depth suggestions and answer all your questions so you can quickly make the best choice for your home.

Roofing system spaces might contain risks pre-conversion so it is important to obtain an attic expert to inspect the location for you. With over four years of experience and 40,000 attic conversions behind us we are the initial attic specialists!

The Options

The alternatives offered to you are Basic Storage, Tidy Storage and Premium Storage. Each kind of restoration has its own advantages and you can even opt to include skylights or roofing system windows, need to you wish to let more natural light into the area.

Standard Storage involves installing an attic ladder, adding battens throughout ceiling joists in the roofing system cavity and laying the particle board floor covering. If you want a simple to gain access to and economical attic storage and most jobs are done in one day, it’s a great alternative.

Tidy Storage Numerous consumers opt to include dust-proofing. We line the attic storage with an insulated white blood cell product which guarantees your storage products are kept clean. With approximately 30% of the area in your home in your roof space a dust-proof room can add considerable space and worth to your home.This tidy storage solution usually takes 2-3 days to instal with very little disturbance to your house.

A popular demand is making use of the attic for more home. A Premium Storeroom can be utilized as a workplace or other occasional-use space and is accessed through an attic ladder. The Premium Storage flooring is structurally engineered and is independent of the existing ceiling joists, ensuring stability for furnishings and regular foot traffic.

Our award winning Attic Living department can develop an attic conversion complete with internal staircase if you would like a bed room or bathroom.

Time And Budget plan

Our fully qualified carpenters can install your Attic Ladder in half a day and complete your dust-proof room tidy storage task in just two or 3 days. Premium storage and living areas need certification.

As a spending plan guide, our attic ladders, totally installed, begin with $845 for a fully installed Optistep or $1,145 for an Attic Studio. Including flooring and dust-proofing you ought to spending plan a general project expense of $5-$12K depending on the size of your project and whether you want to consist of skylights and ventilation. For a Premium Storage option, allow $30-40K.

An attic storage area is a wise and economical option that includes value to your house. We line the attic storage with an insulated white cell material which ensures your storage items are kept clean. A Premium Storage Room can be utilized as an office or other occasional-use space and is accessed via an attic ladder.

Our completely certified carpenters can install your Attic Ladder in half a day and finish your dust-proof room tidy storage task in just two or 3 days. As a budget guide, our attic ladders, fully set up, start from $845 for a completely set up Optistep or $1,145 for an Attic Studio.

Storage Ideas

Berikut ini adalah gambar yang bisa kamu jadikan inspirasi bahwa attic room bisa kamu jadikan sebagai ruang penyimpanan barang, tapi tetap terlihat indah dan rapi.

1. Loft

attic bedroom storage on top
Image Source: memorabledecor.com

Elegant attic should not be always dominated by brown color and wood pattern, but white color combined with tosca and abstract pattern gives the impression of beautiful and lovely, as well as a more cheerful.

This simple loft does not need much effort for maintenance. Being able to create wide spaces, it even provides a lot of comfort and convenience.

Classic painting, white table lamp, and square-shape pillows give the impression of relaxed but stylish. Don’t forget to give a touch of light blue to deliver the sense of soft and calm.

2. Kids Room

attic colorful closet ideas
Image Source: suncityvillas.com

Kids room is usually decorated with bright and colorful wall and floor to represent the cheerfulness of the kids. However, brown wall and brick pattern floor can be a smart choice to feature the impression of neat and clean.

The augment of white color in all of the furnitures add the feel of classic and elegant. The scenery of the outdoor from the large window equipped with the lantern-style lamp connects the imprisoned-like loft with the outside environment, granting the camping atmosphere.

In addition, multilevel and open cabines placed along the wall are brilliant idea to put a lot of things in limited space but still look classy.

3. Simply White

attic contemporary closet ideas
Image Source: td-universe.com

The simplest way to furnish blank loft is to create clean crisp wall, complete with all white furnitures. Plain multilevel cupboards and chairs perfect the “all white in the blank” concept.

It is harmoniously contrasted with textured wood base. The disposition of white plain pillows in the corner strengthens the impression of emptiness and simplicity.

It is a great idea to add decorative plants either on the floor or on the cupboard to provide the impression of life to this restful place. Natural lighting from the top make this modest attic the best area in the house to clear and calm the mind. A place where brilliant ideas can emerge from simplicity.

4. Bright Wooden

attic craftsman ideas
Image Source: archinect.com

This wooden architecture featured with white glass offers bright and cozy concept of contemporary house. With the provision of sliding window, the residents can get a breathtaking view from the height.

Bright line wood texture is very decorative, especially when combined with glass, broad space, and white plain roof, which able to construct creative interior design. It offers attractive appearance and welcoming invitation of a medium size loft.

Wooden photo frames are inexpensive decorations that have significant effect in making a homey attic. They are also supported by wood ornaments on the roof which insulate the light to specific area of the room.

5. Simply Fun

attic kids room storage ideas
Image Source: shijiee.com

Although the dominance of white color can not be separated from the classical impression, but it can also be brought to an exciting theme.

The playful combination of some bold colors, such as red and violet, convey the feel of fun without many colorful and crowded-pattern decorations, bringing out enthusiasm and energy to this simple kids room. The arrangement of big glass on the roof  not only makes the room looks bright naturally, but also causes the room looks minimalist and stylish at the same time.

Moreover, it offers an incredible sky view by lying on the bed, taking closer to the stars. The idea of creating a half-body gate can also be applied to provide more security to the children, but at the same time add fancy element to this simply fun loft.

6. Kitchen With Good Lightning

attic kitchen storage ideas
Image Source: comforterdecor.com

Replacing some tiles with clear glass provide artless lighting to the kitchen. The addition of warm patina of hanging lamp increases contrast to all the bright colors. The choice to furnish this L-shaped kitchen with light hardwood floors and green leaf wood wall is cool.

It creates the impression of wide, trendy, and shiny farm house’s kitchen. The skeleton and staircase made of brown wood reinforces the atmosphere of the house in the quiet countryside.

The arrangement of structured and presentable kitchen utensils perfects the kitchen’s elegance and atmosphere, such as the placement of an oven overlooking a large area inviting for BBQ.

7. Study Room

attic modern-bedroom storage ideas
Image Source: enwake.me

One of the important factors to support the learning activities is the conducive study space. Not only the tranquility, but also the lighting and design. Simple design without too much color will help to concentrate better.

The concept of wood dominance is the perfect idea to add a calm and comfortable feel. From the lighting aspect, the light brown color will offer the impression of shiny in the room, enhanced by the placement of window near the study table and a stylish learning lamp on the table.

The availability of large shelves, as well as large floor areas support the spirit of learning as it provides the flexibility of study areas and placement of goods.

8. Sliding Cabinet

attic traditional sliding storage ideas
Image Source: donelancontracting.com

The utulization of sliding cabinets is still quite rare, but this cabinet model does not reduce the benefits of the cabinet in general. In fact, sliding cabinet allows to store more goods or larger-size things, so that the remaining area of the room more spacious.

This cabinet gives you the flexibility in using the room area as needed. It can also display different appearance of attic while retaining simple and classic concepts. The selection of semi-circle glass as a window is also quite unique, allowing finite sunlight to enter the room and strengthen the atmosphere of the attic.

9. Multi Level

attic traditional solid closet ideas
Image Source: hotelresidencia.com

Wanna create spacious area in limited-space attic? The use of multilevel cabinets along the the hallway is the best solution. It enables you to place and keep a lot of things without taking up a lot of space.

Moreover, the application of one color in all cabinets offers the impression of classy and beautiful. White color is very harmoniously combined with a light brown wooden style, bringing the atmosphere of antiquity.

Two-way lights placed on top of the cabinet feature the elegance of the cabinet, while the wall lights on the other side of the corridor reinforce the old-fashioned wooden house type.

10. Hallway

attic transitional-kids closet ideas
Image Source: lasherkeen.net

The placement of the alley on the side of the attic, not among the rooms, offers a different atmosphere. The sides of the hallway can be decorated with wooden shelves inside the walls that enhance a neat impression.

The concept of white wooden sofa in the prominent area beside the window allows you to enjoy the outdoor view from the heights. This can be a favorite place to relax or be alone.

The addition of cushion and rug improves the comfort and homey aspects of the hallway. On the other side of the hall, the walls can be decorated with wooden framed paintings to match the cabinet on the opposite side.

Attic Bathroom Ideas

Have you ever thought about to transform your attic into a far-off bathroom area? If not, then you need to see these incredible attic bathrooms styles. You came to the right location to get some motivation if yes.

An attic can be the best area for an extra bath. Exposed beams and skylights can make this bathroom a cool and peaceful retreat. Have a look at all these images and you’ll also see that the bathroom is the great way to make fantastic use of the top floor.

attic bathroom storage levelattic beach-style-bathroom ideasattic contemporary-bathroomattic eclectic-bathroom ideasattic modern-bathroomattic rustic-bathroom ideasattic traditional-bathroomimage of attic bathroom storageimage of attic classic-bathroomimage of attic country style-bathroomimage of attic farmhouse-bathroom

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